7 on 7 action today at Ragsdale HS:Do we have others going on today/tonight?

7 on 7’s set today at Ragsdale in Jamestown, at 6pm….

Teams in the 7 on 7 today at Ragsdale:
West Rowan

*****Do we have others that you know of that will be going on today(Wednesday July 17)???*****

15 thoughts on “7 on 7 action today at Ragsdale HS:Do we have others going on today/tonight?

  1. Ready to see how the Eagles are going to look this year under new Coach Fitzpatrick. GO EAGLES!

  2. Page and Southwest played last night at Southwest. Both teams looked good and had their bright spots. A nice showing by fans of both teams as well.

  3. I’ll be glad to see all this two hand touch football end. Lets put on the pads and separate the men from the boys!

  4. Greensboro Page HS has an assistant football coaching position open. Possible teaching areas; Math, Social Studies, Spanish, or English.

    Contact Athletic Director Rusty Lee at leer@gcsnc.com

  5. I went to the Ragsdale 7on7 tonight to seem my old school and I must say Smith looked really good. When they went against West Rowan I think Smith had at least 10 plus ints on defense! The coaches for W.R. were screaming constantly at their QB’s. Then on offense Smith scored on every drive. W.Rowan looked lost and out of place against Smith. When we went up against Reidsville it was more of the same. Reidsville had some good looking players but our corners were all over the Reidsville receivers and came up with several picks. On offense we scored multiple times every 10 plays. The team is looking really good under new Head Coach. I’m going to go out and say that Smith is going to surprise some people this year. Can’t wait till the real games begin! GO EAGLES!!!!!

  6. I saw Smith last night and it was between them and Ragsdale for who looked the best. Reidsville had some good looking players and will be a tough team to beat this year. Their RB is a stud and how bout the center for Reidsville…That kid must be 6’5″ 300. He was huge!!! Good luck to all the kids this season and go get that ring

  7. Some details from a W Rowan supporter.

    “Someone said Smith beat West and Reidsville pretty good in the 7 on 7.”

    Yeah they(Smith) did. This was our (W Rowan) first 40 minute series of the night. We started out real sluggish with Smith by throwing 2 Int’s in our first possessions. We had 3 secondary playmakers who were unable to attend, but it gave the younger players a chance to find out what it’s all about and Smith took advantage of that right from the start. By the time we took on Ragsdale in the 2nd series, our guy’s had settled down a bit and focused. We scored on I think each offensive possession and the defense looked a lot better. When we took on Reidsville in the last series, it was pretty much the same way as with Ragsdale. So overall we went 2-1.
    Overall, the younger players have some learning and work to do. Our QB’s need to keep listening and looking at the field and getting better each day.
    We should be in real good shape when the season begins.

  8. Unbiased. I was there Ragsdale look far better than you guys. You were very small on defense and not as fast as previous years. Offensively, you did look much better your last scrimmage. You were 1-2!!

  9. @ Dude – of course they looked very small and not as fast on defense. They had 3 defensive secondary starters out.

  10. For all those saying Ragsdale doesn’t have a quarterback I was there lastnight and they have 2 guys who stood out and can lead this team

  11. I was at the 7on7 last night too. To say W.Rowan only threw 2 ints is funny. Smith maybe only took two ints back for TD’s but they had about 6 or 7 ints in that 1st 7on7. Then on offense almost every single pass Smith threw was for 10 yards or more. Smith dominated West and Reidsville last night!

  12. You have to remember some teams may have been missing some people. Hopefully Smith is improved, but in a real game I like Reidsville and West over Smith.

  13. The new head coach at Smith is Kirkpatrick not Fitzpatrick…The bottom line is hard work, good leadership and staying focus makes a difference.

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