7 on 7 Football Update with off-season winding down and first day of practice looming

*****Page at Southern Guilford tonight at 6pm*****

From Wednesday night at Ragsdale……Word is Smith looked real good, especially in pass coverage, while on defense and the word coming out of Jamestown last night is that Ragsdale will be just fine this season…SWG and Page met at Southwest a couple of nights back and they had a successful 7 on 7 session….

No word on new 7 on 7’s for today or tonight, but we do know that the Grimsley Whirlies will down at Heritage High School, just outside of Raleigh, for the big 7 on 7 there on Saturday….Lots of teams due at Heritage High on Saturday for the NCPreps.com State Championships….

First Day of ‘Official Practice should be up and ready to roll on July 31…..


  1. Thought the dead period started after Friday practices?? How are teams running 7 on 7 this Saturday?

  2. Good 7 on 7 today at Southern. Saw some good things from both teams. By all accounts this one was pretty even. Page has a young JV receiver coming up that looked descent. Southern’s QB Stoner connected well with Sophmore Taylor. This kid runs the best routes in the county. It looks like the routes on the video game. The Gavin kid(Page) did a few things today from the slot as well as the Wild Cat. Featherson(Page)ran a few routes but he is clearly uncomfortable on the offensive side of the ball. Both defenses played well. At one point the guys were tackling each other initiated by Page. I just hope that they can carry that energy into the season. The QB spot is the question for Page. The Britt kid is ok but his arm is broken right now, so only time will tell. I have to give Southern the edge on this one…it’s just too many questions unanswered for Page.

  3. Ron….. Not sure what you where watching???? Southern couldn’t catch anything!! The young So. for Page looked great and Gavin’s passes where on point to all his receivers, I think that dropped 2 of his passes!! He even threw a couple of bombs too the young So. and Featherson!!!! but Britt will be just fine! He opened up the 7 on 7 with bomb pass to Gavin!!! This one went to the Pirates!!!!!!!

  4. What I was watching was a 4a team struggling against a 3a team. Southern guys did drop passes, but the passes they dropped were behind Page Db’s. I wasn’t impressed…but it is tag football. To be honest I see Page starting off 0-5.

  5. Wait, what? The poster, Ron, said Britt’s arm was broken? And the other guy said Britt opened up the scrimmage with “a bomb pass to Gavin.”

    Does Britt have a broken arm or not?

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