P.J. Hairston facing possible 10-game suspension for using rental cars linked to ‘Fats’?

It is looking like the smoke is starting to clear down in Chapel Hill and now there is talk of a 10-game suspension for P.J. Hairston(Dudley HS/Hargrave/UNC) in regards to the use of the illegal benefits coming his way when he used rental cars that had been picked up under the name of Hayden ‘Fats’ Thomas….

A 10-game suspension would seem like small punishment to some and a big break to others….The NCAA compliance people are going to be looking at this one and a former NCAA compliance director has weighed in already on this one and you can get his take on why he thinks there could be a 10-game suspension for P.J., when you CLICK HERE….

Link news above coming in today, from the News and Observer, out of Raleigh….

*****Makes you wonder if PJ would have gotten a shorter potential suspension if he would have been driving a Fats’ Fiat, maybe a smaller car and smaller problem for PJ….Still no more recent word on the agent from Greensboro that was trying to jump on board for a ride, but we should know more soon….Brendan Haywood(Dudley HS) has said that the agent, Rodney Blacksstock, I think his name is, is not the type of person you would want to be seen around at any time and not anywhere……*****


  1. Not so fast my state fans, didn`t cj leslie only receive a 2 game suspension last year driving a rented car from a proclaimed booster for a week and also the booster rented his cousin an a apartment 1,300.00.

    My how the state contigency gets dyslexia when it comes to a unc student athelete.

  2. Umm, I don’t see any comments yet Corso. You are the first! A little apprehensive huh?

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