Top High School Football Players from Guilford County for the upcoming 2013 season

If you were making a list of the Top High School Football Players from Guilford County for the upcoming season and you were just starting out with a Top Ten it might read like this and you may have players to add to this list and here we go with at least 10 to watch in Guilford County for the upcoming 2013 season….

Lorenzo Featherston-Page
Chris Register-Dudley
Germaine Pratt-High Point Central
Reggie Gallaspy-Southern Guilford
Chris Ripberger-Northern Guilford
Marquell Cartwright-High Point Andrews
Clay Shelton-Northwest Guilford
Kalin McNeil-Northeast Guilford
Jake Simpson-Grimsley
Kevin Gesham-Western Guilford…..
*****Trying to do the limit deal of one guy from each school and I’m sure you have and know of more that ought to be kicking around on this list…..Who is the kid from SEG, Shakir Turner???….The kids from Andrews Raynard and Pierce, from NWG Jonathan Sugg and you are bound to have more if we look to develop a Top 25 List of Players and that would be a good goal, a Top 25, of Guilford County high school football players for the upcoming season….We will make that our goal and shoot for a Top 25……*****

+++++Some of the above Top Ten are no-brainers with many of the listed having already been named to preseason All-State teams and committing to ACC schools and DI colleges.Register to Clemson, Pratt to N.C. State, McNeil to Wake Forest, etc.+++++


  1. twins micah and caleb wlliams-going to 10th grade-PAGE
    jalen gavin-rising Senior-Page

  2. WR Juwan Foggie – HPC

    Will be one of the top receivers in the state this upcoming season, definitely a top ten player in the area!

  3. What about ‘Big A’ Albert McLean over at Dudley and Elijah Harris….That Dudley defense is going be a Panther playing like a Bear….

  4. Justin Hensley- Southwest Guilford
    Rick Mack- Southwest Guilford
    Sammy Hunter- Southwest Guilford

    There going to be a huge threat this year be ready to watch sparks fly on the field cause these boys right here can play!

  5. From out out of town you have to have Brock Deatheridge out of Western Alamance. He is all state.

  6. Did Rick Mack(SWG) used to be over at High Point Christian? Was thinking I remember him from basketball over there…

  7. Yes Andy its Rick Mack from HPCA he transferred over to SW to play this year. He is a very big playmaker running a 4.43. Jason Caldwell is no where to be found SWGH QB for the past two years? Where is he?
    But Justin Hensley is a play maker he is the best player youve never heard of hes been playing varsity at southwest as a freshman and you will see him every where on the field he is exctiting to watch and he will shine.
    Look for him and rick mack to make noise

  8. the defensive line
    Justin Hooks SEG
    Elliott Rawls SEG
    Victor Barnes SEG
    Patrick Mace SEG

  9. NEG.. Kalin McNeil/ Rodney Knight
    Sleepers: Fb Quatron Jordan/X Williams/J Donnell

  10. High School Fan;

    Keep a close look out for Mark Murphy Northwest Guilford playing Safety/ Running back. This athlete will have a great year.

  11. Northwest Guilford has a talented and exciting player playing Safety and Running back this season. This would be Mark Murphy I recommend all to come and see him play this year!

  12. There has been a lot of talk from a couple fans about a rising Jr DB at Northwest. I think they said he transferred in from Scotland County or Richmond County? From what I’m hearing he might be one of the best DBs in the area.

  13. Well….. Im a panther fan to the bone, but we wont win anything as long as we have the same. old same old… This will be a good defense!!!, but no different than the one that lost to AC Reynolds in the 2010 playoffs after only allowing something like 51 total yards for the game!!! I hate to see my blue and gold go out like that!!! but it is what it is. Its hard for me to admit, but with the talent we have year end and year out, we should have more banners on the wall….

  14. what are you talking about same old same old? This staff won two in a row before that game. I think Dudley has some of the best coaches in the area.

  15. @What… See thats the problem. We won two back to back State Championships with THE best team is the state hands down one year and a heck ova squad the second year. Anyone could have won with the first state championship team and possibly the second. Ricky Lewis is GONE!!!! We always live by days gone by….lol Well you keep on living in the past…lol You still didnt address how you lose a game with the other team only gaining 59 total yards for the game.

  16. I wish people would stop writing about themselves and family members. This issue is so played out on this site. Like seriously stop it. The kids who need and deserve some praise are being blanketed by slaps.These kids from smith, dudley, and maybe even grimsley are definitely not being recognized. Which is completely haywire!

  17. C’mon man. You gots to ease up on second guessing the Dudley Head Coach. 2 State Titles…nuff said

    We got a new offensive coordinator this year.
    Hope you see some improvements !!

  18. Good idea to be thankful for the State Titles that you do have….

    We have been very blessed here in Guilford County to have several teams with State Titles over the past 5-7 years…..

    let’s supportt our teams and coaches, cause we are lucky to have them….

    If you have a beef with a team or a coach, why not go meet with them face-to-face and stop using this site as your sounding board…

    We had a real good topic and somebody wants to come in and mess it by blasting one of our coaches for something that happened 4-5 years ago and that stinks….

    If you were on a team you would get kicked off for junk like that and you expect your kids to toe the line and as adults, you won’t toe the line….

    There has to be a line somewhere and time to lay it on the line and cut out the cuts on the coaches….

    No time for that here….

    Support your schools and your coaches….We have lost of few of them in recent months and you better appreciate them while you still have them around….

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