PJ Hairston Suspended Indefinitely

(From GoHeels.Com)
CHAPEL HILL – University of North Carolina men’s basketball coach Roy Williams has suspended P.J. Hairston from the basketball team indefinitely. Hairston, a rising junior guard from Greensboro, N.C., received a traffic citation for reckless driving on Sunday afternoon.

Hairston averaged 14.6 points in 34 games as a sophomore last season.

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  1. How many bad decisions can one person make? 93 in a 65? He needs some help. Maybe some time away from the limelight is what he needs.

  2. He doesn’t belong in college. He doesn’t deserve a drivers license either. He’s an idiot. Go overseas and play. Hook up with Graves and y’all can drive as fast as you want and smoke as much dope as possible. Nobody will care. Another wasted opportunity for someone who had it all.

  3. Heard this last night and couldn’t believe it. Crazy, just crazy!

    Here is what they are saying at WRALSportsFan.com>


  4. The con man side of PJ started coming out in AAU ball late in HS. Another James On Curry produced by the same people. This is another of many examples. It makes me want to throw up!!!!!!

  5. The man that pulled PJ over should know plenty about speeding and driving fast, Jeff Gordon???

    This time, Hairston was cited for speeding and careless and reckless driving Sunday afternoon after the North Carolina Highway Patrol pulled him over on southbound Interstate 85 near Salisbury, 1st Sgt. Jeff Gordon said.

  6. I personally hope that Roy plays him.He will become a major distraction for their team.Can you imagine what kind of reception he will receive in Cameron?

  7. The part that I don’t understand is that it was only a speeding/ wreckless driving charge. No intoxication, he wasn’t on drugs, nothing like that. This means he was in his correct state of mind while he was doing this! That is the scary part, if he were high I could almost understand it.

  8. ROY WILLIAMS BELIEVES PJ WILL BE FIRST TEAM ALL-AMERICAN AND NATIONAL PLAYER OF THE YEAR. Roy says that PJ has always been able to score at will. Now that everyone knows that PJ can “take a charge” and go “really fast in traffic” he will be unstoppable. First round draft pick. LOL!!!

  9. This whole story is sad. It is easy as a State fan to poke fun at the unc situation but as this relates to PJ it is very sad. Hopefully the kid can get his life back on track. Part of the problem is the kid has been passed along and the issues have never been addressed. Now it has gotten serious. He can overcome all this if he chooses. It’s not too late.

  10. What a shame for so many fans to blast a child.Who among u have not did something u r ashamed of? The media will kiss your but to get an interview and slander your name in the same breath.If i played ball today I would not give the media the time of day.So what if PJ got a speeding ticket? Would your names be in the media? It is a shame the waY WE ALLOW athletes to live above the law and when the opportunity presents itself we have law enforcement officials who pick and choose who they let go.

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