NFL Hall of Fame Bowl – Sunday Night – Are You Ready?

High School Football is just 3 weeks away, College does not really kick off until September; but the Pro’s – it starts Sunday…. Or does it?

High Schools have scrimmages to prepare. Colleges have Red-White or Blue-White or What-ever-you-want-to-call-it to prepare. The NFL has the Pre-Season. Only problem is that it is sold as Football. Sure, everyone with an ounce of experience knows that the Starters rarely play more than 15 minutes in each game. But, you would never know that listening to the hype, or paying for tickets.

Why not just make it what it is Player Auditions! They can have Big Concerts at Half-Time, A Panel of Retired Pros, Run a Series of Known Plays, Let The Fans Call In and Vote. Think of it as American Football Idol.

Thoughts, or you still in the parking lot tail-gating.