15 minutes at 15 schools in 15 days:Day Three on the road at Page

The Page Pirates were practicing on this Saturday morning and they were going at it hard and heavy, on the fields down below the Marion Kirby Stadium, on the Pirates’ campus…

The Pirates were rolling from 9-11 this Saturday morning and they were doing all of the same things that most of the other schools are doing, going over plays, going through drills, establishing their routine and running plays until they got them correct….

There was also a bit of running sprints mixed in and that got that going during the regular phase of practice, instead of saving it for the last, and then to run them at the end of practice, when you are dead tired….

Page has around 125 players out for the team and they running the practices Monday-Friday 8-12 Noon and on Saturday they have been going from 9-11am….The Mon.-Fri. workouts last the usual two hours and then they spend the rest of the time lifting weights and attending group meetings…

Saturday workouts can be tough, but you need them, during this period of conditioning and all of the coaches will tell you to a man, that the real story of their teams will be told next week, when they get the pads and full gear on….

The first game for the Page Pirates will be on Friday August 23, at Davie County…

The top returning players are Lorenzo Featherston(DL) on defense and Jalen Gavin(SB/DB) on offense, plus runningback AJ Capel, Chris Moseley(OL) and Chance Maness(LB)….

Page will feature a new starter at quarterback, Dominique Britt…Page had Jordan Putnam at QB last year and James Summers at QB in the Championship year of 2011…Last word we got on James Summers is that he is throwing the ball real well and with some of the best spin on the ball that his coaches have seen, at his Junior College down in Mississippi….Got that word on James Summers from a coach down in Florida last week….Summers was more of a running quarterback, back in high school and Putnam was a pure passer, who could run if he had too….Got to still wait and see what type of QB that Britt develops into and the Page coaches did a very good job in the work with Summers and Putnam, over the past few seasons, as Page Pirate quarterbacks….

Dominique Britt is the brother of former Page defensive back Ed Britt, with Ed a key member of the 2011 secondary, that was part of that NCHSAA 4-AA Title run…Dominique’s dad is Jesse Britt, former All-MEAC wide receiver with the N.C. A&T Aggies, so there are some very good football vibes flowing in the Britt household, with father Jesse and brothers Ed and Dominique on hand, when all have time to be there together….

Page will have their first preseason scrimmage on Tuesday August 13 at Page versus Eastern Alamance and they are still looking for another scrimmage date/matchup, prior to the regular season opener, at Davie County…

Lots of young and new players are going to be expected to step up for Page this year and this will again be a very young team, with lots of starters missing from the 2012 Pirate Edition….We mentioned the offensive leader Jordan Putnam is gone and one of his top receivers, Justin Neal, has also moved on along with the leader on defense, Carter Stanley, and quite a few of the linemen from 2012, have also graduated and moved on….

Lots of new faces will be out there for Page this season and again, young men like Lorenzo Featherston and Jalen Gavin will be called upon to be leaders on and off of the field, for the Page Pirates…With Gavin, on offense, it will be a matter of trying to find many different ways to get the ball in his hands and to have him constantly be a part of your offensive scheme….Capel showed some real steady running capabilities back in 2012 and he will need to increase his previous totals and also increase his workload, as the new season of 2013 approaches….With Featherston on defense, he is big, at around 6’7/215-plus and he will have to play big like that, on every play this season….

Lots of enthusiasm and hard work coming out of the Page practice this morning and like all of the area teams, they are looking forward to putting the pads on next week and then they will have a chance to see who is ready to step up and help lead this team ths season….

Video from practice will be coming soon…


  1. Good recap. How is Britt mending from his broken arm? I would bet Gavin is going to see lots of snaps in the wildcat.

    Brutal schedule for the Pirates in the first 5 games. It will be interesting to see how they handle it.

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