How might we see the Mid-State 3-A turning out this season?

How will the Mid-State 3-A Conference look at the end of the 2013 season??? Is there a new champ on the horizon ready to replace Northern Guilford at the top of the conference standings? The Mid-State 3-A has definitely been growing with the addition of the Northeast Guilford Rams to the conference address book….NEG is in and it looks like the rest of the teams remain the same and if want to play any non-conference games you better pick out the two or three teams that you really want to play……Have that Burlington Williams is much-improved and that the Bulldogs might be ready to make a run at the crown this season…..Western Alamance won it all in the Mid-State the year that the Northern Guilford Nighthawks won the first of their three NCHSAA 3-AA titles, so you know that the Warriors will be ready to challenge again this year….Western has Brock and Blake Deatheridge and a host of other player too and we know Northern still has quite a bit of talent, even though there will be no way to replace now-departed All-Everything runningback TJ Logan, but NG still has reliable players with the likes of Chris Pipberger(FB/LB), Austin Coltrane(QB), TJ Ruff(LB) and others on hand…Northern also a has a back up from the JV’s named CJ Freeman, who is expected to make his mark before his playing days are over, but it will take some time, before Northern ever finds another back with run to the end zone ability, that Logan had….We will be receiving word soon on Eastern Guilford and Northeast Guilford from our associate on the road, Dennis White, but we do know that Northeast Guilford has the McNeil kid that has already committed to Wake Forest and we don’t know anything about him yet, but I am sure we will soon……Dennis is on that NEG and EG trail right now….

Here is look at how they might finish this season in the Mid-State 3-A:

1)Northern Guilford/Western Alamance
3)Eastern Alamance
4)Burlington Williams
5)Rockingham County
6)Eastern Guilford
7)Northeast Guilford

*****This would somewhat be based on what all they have returning and we don’t know for sure yet, what all these schools might be bringing to the field house in 2013…We may end up in the outhouse, as opposed to the field house, but the floor is open if you want to start breaking the teams down and give us your predictions….*****


  1. Northern is still the top dog until beaten, but I think EA and WA could give them a run. I would put the Eagles ahead of Western, Brock Deathreage is good but the overall talent level and depth is higher on the Eastern side of the county. The Eagles could be very good this year with some talented receivers and what is always a strong defense, only question is quarterback.

    Don’t sleep on RC though, Stadler is building the cougars into a respectable program and knocked off Western to finish third last year, and almost got EA as well.

    My prediction:

    1. NG
    2. EA
    3. WA
    4. RC
    5. Williams
    6. NE
    7. EG
    8. McMichael
    9. Morehead

  2. Word is Eastern looked mighty good versus Reidsville in scrimmage today while the mighty rams sans Tommy Pursley struggled to move the ball on offense versus a not the samr Carver team….hate to say it, but looking like there will be a new top dog out in McLeansville…..

  3. Well, considering ne first and second string centers both suffered injuries. There jv center had to play with the varsity the whole scrimmage. And at times they moved the ball at will. I think too much is definitely read into scrimmages. Only a fool would show all they got!

  4. Whoknows,

    Was at the NE/Carver scrimmage, to say ball was moved at will is a misrepresentation….jv center or not….offense looked confused, qb ran into fb or jet on couple of occasions….id have to and do believe the old Rams, down a center wouldn’t have been stopped like that…but I guess u “know”….fact is, 7th place finish in conference will be fair decision for team….and if u “know”….why would Rams move best tackler on field 15 yds from ball? McNeil commits to Wake as stud LB but stafd moves him to safety?

  5. Idk… Just going off what I seen. I think the wake commit had a pick 6 if I’m not mistaken? From what I seen they had some blown assignments but the had some plays that one regular circumstances would have been touchdown. I think the defense looked really good though!

  6. Wouldn’t trade a pic or pic 6 for 130 plus tackles….Defense did look pretty good on run game, but besides the pick, gave up 2 passing TDs and Carver dropped open looks or misfired….offense didn’t have anything but one pass, then failed to punch in from close…couple talented halfbacks, but no explosiveness or cohesiveness to that unit and that isn’t blamed on one position – if your going to change an offense, you got to be able to get the kids coached up for it, and they didn’t look ready to run versus a subpar opponent

  7. Agreed… However, scrimmages are just that scrimmages. Reidsville got it handed to them vs EG because good teams play everbody so they can evaluate depth. Carver scored on NE second team…. Ne got in redzone 3 times vs Carvers 1’s and couldn’t punch it in. I think OL play will make or break them. Rb’s are pretty good.

  8. If o line makes or breaks then it will be a long season. I think the defense should be solid because of the players they have. Great talent all over the field, but why did the new coach moved McNeil to safety. That’s probably not true. Maybe just filling in for injury…if it is true they should fire the new guy now. WF wants him at LB, he is all everything at LB, let’s not mess with what’s working for the kid. Don’t ruin his future. Offense is interesting to see. I remember running the Pursley offense….so good. I hope they keep the ball on the ground with those backs. If that line doesn’t work I’d blame the new coach,isnt he a former linemen? You’ve got to be smart, pursley knew it was tough to keep a good line in tact, which is why we ran around people not through them. I hope this new guy knows what he is doing. I’m sure he will get them over 7th though.

  9. It is true, McNeil is starting, not LB, smh on that….
    NE got in redzone cause play started at 40 going in, that’s not impressive, only means two first downs, you have to be score there….
    Carver scored on first and second D…..
    OL play was bad across board, looked uncoached, that blame has to go on HC, i think thats his position, not to mdntion he fired the former OL coach Bob Via from staff (who wanted to remain with twam and is still faculty member at school)…hell, he’s a former HC himself…..
    If these kids cant perform it all falls on HC, talent is there….they won under old staff, NONE of which were retained by new man

  10. Yea… I disagree, I think offensively they did some good things. There was some blown assignments up front. Not sure that you scout for a scrimmage. Nevertheless, there conference is harder than any that the previous staff ever had. Time will tell, one thing is for sure, they definitely have to get better to compete with the conference!

  11. Man…. Idk what yall are talking bout! I was at the scrimmage and that Gboro team looked like they would hve whooped Carver if it was a real game.everytime they got big gains they got a sack or tackle for loss. They weren’t bad at all. Glad we got some work though cuz that offense they run is tricky!

  12. I don’t want to hear that crap. The old coaching staff was as good as it gets. This new guy could be fine, but Idc what he does unless he puts together another 15+ consecutive winning seasons…..he will never be the MAN coach Pursley was. The man is a class act and great person to so many people on the field and off. I need to see this new guy after a couple years.

  13. I’ll give him this though…the new guy is in a tough spot. If he has a losing season he is a failure. You never want to be the guy to replace a legend like coach Pursley. You can’t spin in any other way….if he ever kisses the playoffs, he will he considered a failure.

  14. Idk… I think the schedule that ne has been presented will actually be his saving grace. 7 teams on schedule won 10+ games. This was not the case in previous years. I think if he wins 7 games which is what they won last year that speaks volumes considering asheboro and southwest Randolph and north Forsyth want be there to make them look good! If he looses, everybody considering his schedule expects him to loose. Heck he has already been picked 7 th out of 9 teams. Looks as though there is no where to go but up.

  15. I tell you what, I sure would love to see NE dodge the boobie trap set by those praying for the demise of ne football. I think things are going in a good direction. They have a lot of kids out there now, a lil over 100. I will pray for those disgruntled individuals who choose to slander and belittle our coach and our program as we move forward. I will pray that you at some point have peace.

  16. Don’t forget Eastern has a new coach and after the last few years we can only move up. RamAlumni are you playing in the Alumni football game on the 21st of September at Eastern Guilford. Northeast against Eastern full contact, full pads all money raised by the schools will go to help the boosters of both schools. Eastern and Northeast play on Friday night and then the Alumni from the schools come back and put the pads on to play on Saturday night.We have already been practicing for a couple of weeks but we are still looking for as many former Alumni as we can get to play. Time for us parents to get of the coach and stop telling our kids how good we use to be and start showing them how we use to do it.

  17. NE better be good, that new coach blew up those kids heads because they have been talking a lot to other schools…teams can’t wait to smack them

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