LA Logan at Page practice today

One of our reporters, LA Logan was at the Page Pirate football practice today and he had a good report on Pirate defensive end Lorenzo Featerston….

LA had this to say, “Featerston looking real strong in the team scrimmage time today, with an interception and he was exploding to the quarterback from his DE spot….He jumped and made a big on interception and took it in for a TD according to Logan….

Featherston was quick and was going hard for Page today and if he any off-season stiffness in his knee, he was not showing any signs of that today, he was going all out and he was a difference maker in the Friday practice sessions….

Logan called Featherston the ‘Real Deal’ and we will have to keep a close watch out on this kid, since he is still unsigned/uncommitted…..

Stay tuned for more reports from LA Logan and Dennis White, here at…..


  1. he has potential to become a beast but honestly right now he is not as good as people say. He shouldn’t be 4th in the state…it’s because he is 6’7 no disrespect, just sayin

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