Game goes into Overtime Monday night at the Elite Freshmen All-Stars Game(Greensboro Day School)

The final was 82-76, with Jeff Smith and Johnny Richardson’s White team over the Black team at tonight’s Chris Paul Elite Freshmen All-Star baaketball game at the Greensboro Day School, on Lawndale….

The game got going at 7:07pm and even with the OT, the game was still done by 8:30…….

Lots pf dunks and some pretty good wrap-around inside passes, but this tgame was abbout getting the ball up and down the court, in a hurry….

Dunk contest before the game and the Walker kid from Atlanta won that…

In the All-Star Game, the White team ran out to a big lead early and they were up over the Black team, 39-27 at the half…..

The Black team caught up and moved ahead 62-50 by the end of the third quarter and then came the late rally by White and they tied it all up late and we headed for the three-minute overtime period…..

White rallies to win it and it was a solid game by a bunch of tall and talented upcoming high school freshmen…..

White Team 82
Black Team 76