Page-EA today and Northern Guilford Jamboree among HS Football Scrimmages for Tuesday

Today we have Eastern Alamance at Page, plus Ragadale at Northern Guilford, where the Tigers will face McMichael and a team from South Carolina….Supposed to be two South Carolina teams there, along with Northern, Ragadale and McMichael…

Looking for Page-EA to start at 6pm and Nothern Guilford Jamboree to get started at around 6:30 or 7pm…..

If you know of others going on today let us know here at the site and if you get a chance to attend the scrimmages today, send us your post-game report…..


  1. I believe Ragsdale is taking on McMichael only. Can anyone confirm tonights schedule at Northern Guilford?

  2. Went to our interview with Coach Tommy Norwood from last Mondy and it is McMichael for Ragsdale tonight…

    Lots of teams to keep up and not yet sure about the rest of the schedule…..

  3. 3 “scrimages” tonight at Northern. I believe the order is Reidsville vs a SC team at 6 or 6:30, followed by Ragsdale vs McMichael then Northern vs Marlboro County (SC)

  4. Maybe if there is no lightning and thunder they will give them a chance to play…You hope they get the chance, especially for the teams that drove up from South Carolina….Might have to delay for a half-hour or so, but hope they all get it in….Sure don’t won’t to miss this practice day, with so few left until the season starts….

  5. I was at the Page EA game. I have to give the edge to EA on this one. It was going back and forth until they started game situation. Eastern had nor problem marching the ball up and down the field with the first Offense. Page’s defense had no answer for them. The DE for Page made a few plays but the hit of the night goes to Gavin. He laid the wood on a kid coming across the middle. Put they had no answer for EA’s big Qb’s. The first and second string are both over 6’3. RB’s were running hard. The reason I give EA the edge is because they weren’t very athletic and was able to move the ball at will. The Qb from Page made some good throws down field, after he shakes off the rust he should be fine. My suggestion to Page would be establish more of a running game, and find 11 guys that wants to knock some heads on “D”

  6. Page is the most over rated team in the State! Northern will show everyone this when they play. The Metro is coming down to Dudley and SE Guilford this year!

  7. I recall Pagemhad some trouble with the run early last season. Davie County just rammed it down their throat. Lorenzo will be counted on to make a lot of plays but he can’t do it all. thanks for the update

  8. Did anyone go to the Northern Jamboree? How did Reidsville, Ragsdale, and Northern look tonight?

  9. John….You can hate all you want! Fact is Northern is loaded from top to bottom and Page has one tall DE. You will see in a couple weeks.

  10. You call me a hater when you are talking s@@@ about 16 and 17 year old kids calling them the most overrated in the state? You are a creep.

  11. If you can’t take someone talking a little smack about your team why don’t you go follow the band instead of the Football team!

  12. Ragdale looked ok versus mcmichael… They got burned deep a couple of times … Mcmichael isn’t the most athletic team in the world but still made some good plays against the tigers.. #12 (I believe his last name is Quick) looks to be the playmaker for the triggers.. #9 look decent as well … QB concerns me… #11 started but didn’t really show anything .. # 7 threw 2 interceptions right to mcmichael players…. Just from what I observed, the tags dale tigers looked ok. But you can tell they lost alot last year.. Athleticism is down from last year.. O line look ok at best

  13. Juss Sayin,

    Please tell us how Page is overrated?
    They aren’t ranked in any of the statewide AND! 4A preseason polls, this includes, NCPreps, Carolinapreps, carolinagridiron, carolinavarsity, and others.

    LOL, northern is stacked from top to bottom and Page only has ONE tall DE. they might as well not show up for the game. gtfo

  14. That will probably include coaches and AP polls too…

    The only ones overrating Page are fans, and of course fans are going to over rate their team. Fans are biased.

  15. Just wanted to clarify somethings on the Page, EA scrimmage…… When the game situation started Gavin threw for a TD, caught a TD from Britt, Britt threw a TD to #1 and # 36 ran for a TD! Yes EA had 3 good runs on Page D, however only 1 was for a TD and the other 2 Page’s D stopped EA on or around the 10 yard line! So just to clarify Page scored 4x and EA scored 2x!! AND yes Page does have some work to do, but Ron our coaching staff, I can assure you they need no suggestion from YOU!! Keep them for Southern Guildford!

  16. I was at the page game and #36 who is one of the williams twins scored 2 touchdowns. Jalen gavin had at least two and #6 had one or two at least. Both teams had their strong points and will need to continue to work in my opinion. Should be interesting to see how all the teams step up and stake their claim. good luck to all the teams. lets have a good clean competitive time. god bless

  17. @ wow, yes I know page scored more times. However I was just talking about the game situation scrimmage and not the 7 plays!! And I agree both teams did have their strong points and need to work on something’s as well!!

  18. Well football is around the corner, man Page does have some work to do im pretty sure they will improve as they go , they do have a tough schedule I must say , but from the looks of it I think Dudley will reign surpreme in the Metro …these boys have athletes everywhere, they’re big, strong, and fast …nobody will run the ball on them this year (just saying)…From what I saw lastnight at Dudley.. North Davidson and Parkland maybe had 25 yards on Dudley D combined…crazy!!! They seem already in mid season form …And they’re laying wood you can hear them cracking down Lincoln Street …those D BOYZ ARE BACCCCCK!! Offense is speed, speed, speed , 3 running backs and the fastest guy on the field lastnight was the QB Moseley the kid can move, he has wiggle, he is poised…and has swagg this team reminds me alot of the 08 team that went 15-0 …yeah thats alot to say but that D may be better …The DB’S are tall and big and rangy , its going to be hard to throw on them at this level…one kid has to be at least 6’2 playing corner..

  19. Dudley defense will be good but let’s wait a little longer before we crown them.

    Parkland is not some powerhouse if Dudley is going to do anything this season they should look good going up again the Mustangs, North Davidson lost alot to graduation they’ll need time to gel.

    Dudley’s defense is the class of the Metro but will they have enough offensively to get the job done?

  20. Here again my opinions are just that mine. All I’m saying is what I saw with my own eyes, Page has a lot of work to do. And if their coaches are smart they would listen to constructive criticism regardless of who it comes from. As far as Southern, I already advise them and it seems to be working. We are a lot tougher in our pads than out of them. So “Really” you can take that to Alma Pinnix drive and smoke it. Although I pull for the Storm. I am truly a “D” boy through and through. D-Boyz in da house…bad news!

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