Still looking at conference standings as we head into the new high football season

Still looking at those upcoming high school football standings and how the conferences might end up this season and we need to insert the look at the Mid-Piedmont 3-A teams, or the 3-A Conference 9, as some sites call this one and here is a look at how they might stack up, come early November…..

1)Southern Guilford(Still the Champs from last season, in the old conference.)
2)Asheboro(10-0 JV team last season)
3)North Forsyth(Always with a ton of athletes)
4)Western Guilford(New conference and could contend toward the end.)
8)Central Davidson
7)Southwest Randolph…..We don’t know a ton about this conference, but here is your early look and look out for Southern Guilford….They have built a real strong program and lifted it up, down in the Sumner area…..


  1. News and Record has Dudley LB Reggie Tatum playing for Page? Did he transfer to Page? IF so, big pick up for Page. Is this an error?

  2. From what we are hearing the Tatum family moved and with the move, Reggie chose to attend Page….

    Sometimes you have moves in sports that work out good for both parties and that might be the case here…Dudley is loaded and they have plenty of depth on that defense and this will give someone else a chance to step up and play and with the move, Reggie wanted to attend Page and this will give him the chance to do so…..

    All changes have to be approved by the county and obviously this one was and on we go….

    Dennis White from imformed us about this a few weeks back and according to Dennis, the best interest of all paties is being taken into consideration here….Dennis knows them all well….

  3. If the Tatum family moved within the Page district, there’s not much anyone can say.

    Family’s choice.

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