Ragsdale at Grimsley moved to Saturday night:Start time 7pm

Tonight’s Football game with Ragsdale at Grimsley has been postponed until tomorrow night, Saturday, August 24. Start time is 7:00 PM.


  1. Looking to give that Grimsley field more time to dry out and since it is used by so many Whirlie teams, not taking any chances with it…..

  2. Well I guess if it rains tonight the Ragsdale/Grimsley game will be played at the end of the season. Guess all other HS football games will be postponed as well, but I guess it only rains over the Grimsley field. Go figure.

  3. Tough on kids to get hyped for a game and then have it rescheduled. I know it’s rained more than normal this year, however the sun is baking that field as I type. I have a hard time seeing the feild being tore up that bad or players having trouble with footing. All assuming that it doesn’t rain this afternoon of course

  4. Field is very “mushy” on the sides of the crown. I was there this morning and would not want my son to play on it. I think it is just too humid for it to dry much. Supposed to be much less humid tomorrow……hopefully it will dry out.

  5. We will still go with Grimsley-Ragsdale broadcast and now on Saturday night….Will have updates on the area games here at the site tonight….Hoping to get down to Eastern Guilford and see hwat kind of night Reggie Gallaspy has….

  6. Really don’t think they’ll play tomorrow night as, from what I can tell, the field will be unplayable for several weeks. Should try and get moved to another venue for tomorrow night. I’m sure these kids want to play!

  7. WTH is going on at Grimsley? Postpone a “Football” game on the “Football” field cause other sports use the “Football” field????? Get it together Grimsley or move all your home games to the other teams stadiums and let the other sports have the “Football” field!

  8. Not sure how the AD had anything to do with all the rain. Wanted to let Ragsdale fans know that the easiest way for them to get into the visitors side will be to park at Kiser Middle school. Signs will direct you in by the Softball field. That will put you right on the visitors side.

  9. The ragsdale field won’t work. the JV game was canceled because of poor field conditions there

  10. I understand one of the main guys taking care of the field at Grimsley is Scott Loosemore who is now coaching at Greensboro College.

  11. You could move a game like this one to a Guilford College with the turf field, but that is going to cost you dollars when you start leasing outside facilities and your game profits will take a big hit….

    Ragsdale’s field and the Grimlsey field have both taken some big hits with all of the rain that we have had…JV game at Ragsdale postponed last night and now Grimsley tonight….

    Makes you wonder if the Grimsley field drains better or worse with the track now being gone….With everything now being all grass and the track no longer there, could that effect the overall draining process???

  12. And a good time to keep it all above board…When you get ready to head into a camp, it is a good idea to head into there with a clean slate.

  13. Watch for more details from Don as we get deeper into the evening and as game times draw near….

  14. Parking will also be a disaster. I’m not sure who is responsible but someone really blew the parking lot improvement deal this year. They had all summer to get this done and they still have a very long way to go.

    I bet this is also playing into the decision to delay or cancel.

  15. Son who plays for Grimsley said field was mostly dry, but there were spots where the turf moved over the soil and needed to dry longer.

  16. @Gfan – thank mother nature for the parking lot delays. Wet summer meant less days to work on the project.

  17. Gfan Parking had nothing to do with it. Read the news. Parking lot won’t be done for 30-60 days. Actually it will be easier to get in than normal. 4 gates open tomorrow night.

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