How ’bout them Whirlies? Very impressive win by Grimsley at home on a Saturday night

The Grimsley Whirlies defeated a good Ragadale Tiger team tonight at Jamieson Stadium and this was to me, a great night for football…Great temps with bright sunlight at game time and then it was a well-played game, from both teams…

Ragsdale’s offense came on pretty strong early with Jerry Gaither, Tevin Quick, TJ Parkter and Alec Cobb making some big plays on offense, but then Grimsley’s defense became like a heat-seeking missele and the Whirlies put the clamps on Ragsdale….Will Edwards, Scott Johnston and all of the other Whirlies on defense really went to work and the coaches made some key adjustments that really began to turn the game in Grimsley’s favor….

Ragsadle’s defense kept the Grimsley offense out the end zone on at least two occasons in the second half, but the Tiger offense could not get it goingn at all against that tough Grimsley ‘D’….

Jake Simpson had a very good game and I won’t go as far as to say ‘great game’, as I expect he hopes one of those games shows up later in the year….Excellent execution and game management tonight by Jake and this new ‘NASCAR offense’ seems to suit him well…You call me crazy or ‘headed off of the beaten path’, but I have always been a big Jake Simpson fan and this new system appears to be to his liking and let’s hope he keeps growing in it, since he is now probably in his fourth different offense, in his 4 years at Grimsley…Stat line for Jake Simpson and the Whirlies for the game on Saturday night courtesy of Grimsley stats:Jake Simpson was 19-34 246 YDS…22 Rushes 76 YDS…Grimsley had 137 total Rushing as a team…They had 22 First Downs…

If he gets better and better, it will make the Page-Grimsley meeting that much better later on this season….Agree or disagree? Johnston, Julian Hudnall, Jarret Smith/Jeterius Smith and Mark Poole all looked good going after those quick plays, with the ‘quick hitters’ coming their way tonight and the ‘yards after the catch’ were at a premimum…

The Grismley ‘O-Line’ was working like a well-oiled machine and if they keep on playing like they did tonight, led by Clark Yow, Bibler, Fuquay, and others, they ought to be in for a productive season….

Just a good game atmoshpere tonight and all the respect in the world for Coach Tommy Norwood and his Tigers, but they just ran into a buzz-saw tonight….Once Grimsley got it moving, it was their night….Got to see one of the kids from the old Kiser program and that was Curtis Martin in there and running well….That Timberlake kid may out of Kiser too and it is good to see Grimsley starting to get some help from their feeder programs….

Good to see Grimsley on a very competitive level during the first game of the season and this should bode well for their future encounters….

Congrats to Coach Pat Neal, Coach Mac, Coach Res, Coach Neal Mitchell on a job well done tonight….We will still see the Ragsdale Tigers in the mix this year, it will just take some time to get it all clcking…

I may be wrong in my evaluations, but all-in-all, it just seemed like a good night Friday night high school football game on a Saturday night…

And before we forget to mention it, Grimsley 20, Ragsdale 7 was your final…

We’ll see everyone over at PAGE, for Page-Northern Guilford next Friday night….


  1. Never seen many Defensive penaltys from a Ragsdale squad. Must have been 7 offsides that extended drives and that penalty on punt return for TD was the turning point. Grimsleys oline took the game then.

  2. Lots of new kids on defense for Ragsdale. They lost 4 guys to college ball. Going to be a long year for the Tigers but they are young and will get better. Looking toward 2014 season. Going to be a growing year.

  3. Andy,
    On the one hand thanks for the coverage tonight. On the other hand I would like to give you a copy of Grimsley’s roster. You guys are always naming the same few players when there were many other names making highlights tonight. Just a thought. All of the players you mentioned did well but this was truly a team effort and a team victory. We all understand Coach Norwood will get his team in tune. He is a stand up guy that has built a great tradition in Jamestown.

  4. You can tell that Grimsley doesn’t win much. You guys act like you beat Ragsdale by 20…. Don’t get over-confident…

  5. Please Grimsley has eaten years worth of humble pie. I don’t believe 1 win will change that but I will say it was nice to see the Whirlies win one. I can tell you the Grimsley community has great respect for Coach Norwood and his Tigers.

  6. the truth,
    Please, Grimsley has eaten plenty of humble pie over the past few years. I don’t think 1 win will ruin them. Also, the Grimsley community has great respect for Coach Norwood and the Tigers.

  7. Grimsley is going to be a good team this year, and look to develop into a more intense competitor as the season wears on. However, I’m not sure Grimsley will be what it was from 2005-2007, those football teams were very tough. I’m looking forward to seeing my Bison battle those Whirlies for a rematch from last year.

  8. Listlow,
    I think you make some good points. You guys are always competitors and that is a good thing. Playing the game puts all of the speculation to bed. How tough Grimsley is will have to be seen. thats the same for all teams. I love the fact so many triad teams are capable of winning anywhere anytime this year.

  9. Grimsley is not what u think an ragsdale is not even close to a good football team which u will see against Dudley an the D boyz next week.. Grimsley is under size at RB an has no running game an that D looked good but what about how bad ragsdale O is all I can say is nether team will score or stop Dudley from scoring u guys don’t know football!!

  10. Thank you Coach T, for not only using a Grimsley Ragsdale thread to talk about Dudley but also for doing it so eloquently. Grimsley is what we think, they’re 1-0. Ragsdale may be down a little but they are a proven program. Dudley is good enough that they don’t need you to talk trash on their behalf. Take a lesson from Coach Davis and win with a little class. Andy when will the broadcast be available?

  11. Ragsdale’s offense is so predicable and has been for years. It was easy for our defense to prepare this week. Good win Whirlies!

  12. Im happy for Grimsley through all the coaching changes . They pulled out a good win. Yes im a Dudley Panther I would love to see more than a two team race each year lets throw another team in the mix it mkes the conference stronger and better competition. ..mean these teams will be well groomed for the playoffs..its great fo. Guiford County…yes Ragsdale is down this year but dont count out coaching ..they will turn it around…as for Grimsley they have an experienced QB in Play maker Jake Simpson. .in that new NASCAR offense last time i checked cars dont do to well when they run into concrete walls reinforced with blue steel aka Dudley Boyz .Dudley has altered they’re practice they hit so hard..but time will but good win Whirlies

  13. Will Grimsley have a plan to stop Gallaspy and Southern next week? I would think GHS will be high with emotion and SG will be angry and ready to play. Could be a good one!

  14. I’m sorry not a Dudley fan just a fan of good football an had a chance to see them kids play carver an win big an if u had a chance to see carver this year that team is better then both teams I seen on the field last night.. An as far as a two team race this year page is down as well Dudley walks easy in conference play might give up less then 20pts all year starters that’s is 2nd string will get a lot of playing time this year

  15. Hey “coaches” … how about leaving the smack talk to the players and fans.

    If you are a coach, sticking to coaching the kids and not living vicariously through them. Show swagger on the field with class and dignity.

  16. Congratulations to my Whirlies! Great win against a quality team. They will do nothing but improve as the season goes on.

    Seems like we already have the Dudley crowd sweating which is quite a compliment boys. 🙂 We all know that Dudley should run away with the Metro this year.

  17. @Pam

    I also believe SWG will beat Ragsdale this season, it just occurred to me but I think RHS might finish last in the Piedmont Triad this season.

  18. Any team that beats a Ragsdale squad get’s a tip of the hat from me.
    Well done Whirles

    Coach Res tried to warn us , OK we hear you now Coach

  19. We all still need to take a lesson and lay off of our/your coaches….If you have a school, you stick with that school and support them…Not a command, just a strong suggestion…Calling out coaches is not going to make things better, but in the end it will make all things worse for your program…The patience is a very good word for all things after week one….

    If you want to see us get some more names on our game posts drop some of those names in here so we will know who they are….New season and time for new names to recognized and you can get the ball rolling by leaving those names in here so we can know who they are and who we should be looking for…..Early in the season and we mentioned a ton of names on the broadcast last night and we will always need to be naming more and we plan to….It is not easy getting all of the names in here, sometimes even tough to get a roster, but all things are good and I will say this, both Grimsley and Ragsdale have good programs now and Ragsdale does things the right way and with 33 years in the business and for 28 years as a head coach, you guys from Jamestown and any town need to be respecting Coach Norwood…That is long time serving the community and helping to teach and to a certain degree, raise other people’s kids….150 wins at Ragsdale says quite a bit and now with one loss, to open the season, not time to turn on anyone here…Grimsley has a lot to be thankful for, they got a much-needed win and I hope for their case and for Ragsdale’s too, that both teams came out of last night’s game with limited injuries….

    Seemed to be a good Week One for the county and not to time to crying ‘poormouth today’….

    Time to enjoy the positives if you won and time to get back to work if you lost….

    For many of us that lost out in Week One, we have lost this out, but we have won before and we will win again….If you stay in this long enough, it runs in cycles and your time to win will come again, and it may be at another place or school, but your time is coming sometime if you stay in it or around it long enough and if you finish .500 or better, consider yourself fortunate…..

  20. Hey guys Coach Norwood is a good coach but doesn’t change the fact that this is a down year for Ragsdale an Norwood has a great reg season record but playoff record well not impressive at all no way u don’t get a ring wit kids like tony Baker but that’s not important the past means nothing today but that’s all u guys talk about on here is the past but hey I’m calling it now Ragsdale might get 4 wins this year an I will give Grimsley 5 an a loss to Ben L smith this year mark my words if u guys want I can give u the teams they will beat this year? U know what I will give them to you guys anyway

  21. Coach T –
    Very proud for my son to play for Coach Norwood and his staff. Don’t care if we go 0-11 this year as long as he continues to learn the life lessons these coaches teach each day. I could write a book on the things this man has taught so many players in our community. Notice how many parents gather around our team at the end of each game, win or lose, just to hear what he has to say. He alway does things the right way, with integrity! Going to be fun to see how this team progresses!

  22. Andy,
    great job bringing things full circle. Ill get you a roster as soon as I can. also, if you are a Norwood hater you are too fair-weather for me. Grimsley is excited for the win and we definitely beat them but to equate that to Norwood hating is Juvenile, Keep in mind a lot of things have changed at GHS so many of you guys assumptions are probably based on bad info. Im not sure where GHS will finish the season but I believe we will play hard everyday to prepare, perform and compete.

  23. Don’t know if Grimsley is that good or Ragsdale is just that bad this season. I mean McMichael was hanging with Ragsdale at the Northern Scrimmage and they were blanked by Reidsville. Everyone in Jamestown knew this team would be down this year but with that schedule they might be lucky to win 3 or 4 games this year! Ragsdale might miss the playoffs for the 1st time in who knows when.

    They still have to play Dudley, NE, Page, SEG, E.Chapel Hill, NW Guilford, SWG, HPC, East Forsyth, and Glenn. Might be a long season in Jamestown

  24. Sir Wow, To also give an example with McMichael, Grimsley also handled them pretty well at the same scrimmage @ Rockingham.

  25. No one is talking down on coach Norwood just talking facts this is football ask your child how he feels about going 0-11 I bet his answer is different then yours lets talk football an how we can compete with other states with getting our kids more D1 offers an accepting loosing is not gonna to get it I feel bad for the seniors on that team with dreams of playing big time college ball what’s there life lesson I come from Texas an if u win states an turn around an go 0-11 the next year ur on the hot seat!!! But back to football those where to bad football teams playing the other night think I’m gonna check out hillside this week cause they have a show down with Dudley in a few weeks an that gonna be a great battle

  26. @ Coach T,

    HS Football is about more than just D-1 offers and winning a state title. If all your out there for that you’re going to be really upset after your senior year anyway because less than 1% is going to experience that. What you just said is one of the problems now with most of these kids and parents in this area. They think their kids are D-1 recruits when truth is they don’t have the size or speed. HS Football should be about representing your school, winning games, and being under those lights with your buddies enjoying the best time of your life!

  27. If Grimsley keeps playing well and we do a good job promoting them and Page is doing well and do a good job of promoting them, all that does it builds the hype for the BIG game every year and keeps up the interest…

    The whole deal here is build interest in the schools and in the kids…More interest and then more talk and then hopefully for the schools more tickets sold…

    We only have a handful of DI football players around this area and that is just the way it is, but we can build up all of the kids and let’s hope they get some looks from some of the smaller schools….

    What is the use of getting a kid to a DI school and then he never plays or does anything….That is not a BIG deal at all…

    Better to be realistic and go to a school where you can play and contribute….

    Too much time spent talking about my kid went to such and such school, but I say BIG deal, he put on a uniform and sat on the bench, but did he contribute…Maybe on a scout team….

    Still say you are better off to go to a smaller school where you can contribute and keep on playing….

    The talk is good for here, but when it comes time for the bodies to hit the turf, it is time to show us something and let us know what you really did and not what you were talking about doing….

    Show us something on the field when you get to college…

    For the high schools you have to keep them hyped up. For some kids this will be their last stop when it comes to playing the game and we need to make this best experience possible for them and coaches like Coach Norwood and others have been doing that for years….

    Time to be getting ready for Week Two…Week One is in your rearview mirror now….

    *****On that college level, play at Elon, play at App, play at Wofford, play at Charlotte, play at Western Carolina, play at Catawba, play at Lenior Rhyne, play at Guilford, N.C. A&T, Greensboro College etc…But play, and don’t sit on the bench at some larger school where you don’t set foot on the field….*****

    And that’s just my opinion……

  28. So Andy Durham….. you are a Grimsley fan? b/c it seems like you are putting these guys on a pedestal above everyone else…

  29. Just giving props to a team that had a good game on Saturday night….Was at the game covering the game for this site and that is how it goes…You spend about 4 hours at a game covering a team or teams, since I talked about both Grimsley and Ragsdale, and you are going to have something to say about the game, and if don’t say something, what good is it?

  30. Long term Ragsdale will be fine. But this year will be rough. They lost most of their linemen, a very good RB, and 5 college signees. And that off a team that only won 7 games despite turning he ball over twice as much as hey took it away.

    The Ragsdale offense is predictable. Has been for years, it’s 4-6 plays with several variations off each play. However the Dudley offense has always been predictable as is the Page offense as well as Grimsley. all 3 have been running the same plays for years. The difference is having the talent to run the scheme they run.

    They once asked Lombardi if he was going to change his offense because the Giants were going to spend 2 weeks preparing to stop it. His point was no one is going to stop us with 2 weeks practice when the Packers spend months running that offense. Everyone knew what was coming but the Packers had better players and no one could stop them. There is nothing wrong with the Ragsdale offense or defense. They just need the talent to execute it. I will say this, kick that dog while you can because next year Ragsdale will be wearing the boot.

    Congrats to Grimsley on the win. Good to see them get off to a good start for a change.

  31. anybody know if they ever played that JV game that postponed from last Thursday night? Drove by the school tonight around seven and it looked like practice as usual – no makeup game

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