‘Battle of the Sexes’ Bobby Riggs vs. Billie Jean King was fixed/’rigged’ as Riggs threw it

MAFIA RACKET/INSIDE JOB….At least that is what they are saying today!

The tennis match 20 years ago this September was fixed….Bobby Riggs threw the match….Word coming from ESPN and ‘Outside the Lines’ says Riggs was in on the take….The Mafia was in control of the match….Riggs let King win….Riggs was 55 years old and Billie Jean King was just 20, but when this match hit 40 years ago, most thought Riggs would still win, but King breezed through it in straight sets 6-4,6-3, 6-3….

I saw Serena Williams on the David Letterman Show last week and she said she would lose to male counterpart Andy Murray 6-0, 6-0….

The Mafia was in control of the show, or that is how the story now goes…I remember watching this one, ON what I think was a Monday night, back in 1973 and I think ABC Sports was showing this match, since there was NO ESPN back then….Must have been coming our way from the Houston Astrodome, most big events back in the day were from the Astrodome…..

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