Suggestions and info for the Page-Northern Guilford game on Friday night

These suggestions/notes/info apply primarily to the Page Pirate Camp, but many of these notes can help all involved that will be attending this anticipated impact game on Friday evening and with this game, an overflow crowd is expected and please take note of all the plans in place that hope to make this game an enjoyable experience, for all of those in attendamce….











1) A Single game ticket can be purchased for $6 (no checks) in the front office all day on Thursday and up till 2:00 PM on Friday AT BOTH SCHOOLS

2) Parking in the Morris Gym / Senior Parking Lot will be by “Athletic Parking Pass” only after 4:30 PM on game day.

3) Those fans who already have purchased a Page – Athletic Season Pass and have not yet received them; The passes can be claimed at the Will Call table with photo identification.

4) The Page -Athletic Season Pass can still be purchased before the game at the Booster Club table beside the main entrance.

5) Page spirit wear available at the game

6) Kirby Stadium gates open at 5:15 PM

7) No parking allowed in the middle grassy areas of Cone Blvd.

22 thoughts on “Suggestions and info for the Page-Northern Guilford game on Friday night

  1. What’s this I hear about one of Northerns top players not being able to play Friday? Does anyone know whats going on with that?

  2. yes a former dudley player that is now at northern will not be able to play friday night because of gcs issues saying he isnt in northern district so this is a big loss for the nighthawks!

  3. Dudley should be on top of that list. Northern is good but Dudley’s defense is the real deal.

  4. Easy on the player info until we see some sort of release and I’m sure there are those that would go digging, but this needs to be a big game and an important game for both teams, so let’s focus on what will be going on, on the field…

    Should be great competition between the two schools Northen and Page….

    Page with Gavin, Featherston, Britt, Capel and there other rising stars and Northern with Coltrane, Ripberger, Ruff, the young sophomore Freeman and other rising stars as well….Just listing four players from each team to keep it even, there are plenty more, from both squads…

    Should make for an excellent game and Page is still the last team to knock off NG, back in 2011…

  5. Looks like the new NCHSAA transfer rule is in effect. I just think its funny that every year Northern seems to fill a hole that they’re lacking with some good player from another district instead of grooming players from the JV team like everyone else does. Looks like its caught up with them. I just hate that this kid could miss an entire season because of it. If some adults other than the parents had anything to do with this kid transferring they should be held accountable.

  6. Now I called this from a far when I say things its never to just talk I didn’t see this coming tho but I know what I be talking about feel sorry for the kid it’s not his fault so when does this story hit the press??

  7. Coach T,

    Looks like its hitting the press right now. Its on the #1 Greensboro HS Sports website! GREENSBOROSPORTS.COM!!!!!

  8. I think the last thing we would, or anyone would want to do ,is cast a dark cloud over tomorrow night’s game….This will be a great game and one of the best of the season for our area, going into Kirby Stadium…

    Two of the best teams on our county/area will be going at it on Friday night and the fans should be looking forward to this one….

    Lots of talent on both sides of the ball and Page will be primed to pull off the upset, or would it be an upset….

    Plenty of time to talk about the game…..In some cases they say Gentlemen start your engines and this case it is a good idea for Gentlemen to stop your engines, uless you have something to say about the game….

    Two very good football teams going at it on Friday night at PAGE High School…

  9. Andy,

    This is talking about the game…One of Northerns top players can’t play. That could really effect the outcome. How is that not part of talking about the game this Friday?

  10. Juss saying,
    Maybe you should worry about your school and stop attacking Northern,,
    3 state championships and all you guys want to do is pile on..”just saying”

  11. The kid transferred cause he wanted to get an education at Northern and he’s still in school at Northern. Remember people the transfer is for education not to play Football. Or did you guys at Northern forget about that?

  12. Northern has not played a game yet – getting all player eligibility issues straightened out before they do is critical. If a player’s eligibility is suspect – don’t play him.

  13. Wagpack,
    Remember there is no transfers in this County for Sports! Nobody said the kid couldn’t go to Northern…With the new NCHSAA rule the kid must sit out 365 days. He can play next season for the Nighthawks!

  14. You would think if all that is being posted is true, then the young man would have to have been apporoved by the county before he took the field and if that is the case, then this would be on the county….

    Have not seen a release on this from the county and we will just have to wait and see where all of this is come Friday night…

    With that in mind, you have to be careful how you state your comments and what/who you mention in your comments and we at this site have to careful too….

    The old way of saying or thinking, I don’t care, I will say what I want to, that approach does not work any more in today’s society….

    You have to be careful and choose your words and statements wisely…

    I may not seem to be as much fun, but the proper route will keep us all on course for much longer time period….

    Again, we all have to be careful what we say and how we say it…..

    I would still say this an off-the-field issue and since you are dealing with a player that has never played a down for a certain school, I don’t think it would have a major impact on the game….Could be wrong, but that is how I see it….

    Again, you need to watch what names you throw up or we may have to throw the comment in the trash bin….

  15. John,
    Can you bring me over some of that Page “spirit wear”? After the Northern game it should be on sale and I need something to change the oil in and to start our bonfire in a few weeks.

  16. @ Ha!, I do not know any specifics about this particular case; however, the NCHSAA does not require 365 sit out in the case of a “bona fide” move. The problem here could very well be establishing if the case meets the “bona fide” move criteria.

  17. True…but if you still living in Dudleys district and going to Northern your are out for 365

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