James Summers ‘sparkling’ in his debut for Hinds Mississippi Community College and udates on our locals from last weekend

Here’s the update on James Summers(Page HS) from the Hinds Community College web site and also updates on how the other local players did/fared last weekend…If you have others, send them in….

The 2013 football season started exactly as desired for the Hinds Community College Eagles on Thursday night, as the Eagles won going away, 49-7, over Mississippi Delta Community College in Moorhead.

Hinds (1-0) finished the night with 462 yards of total offense (374 rushing, 88 passing) to dominate the Trojans.

James Summers (Greensboro, N.C.) was sparkling in his Eagles debut, accounting for four touchdowns. The freshman quarterback rushed 16 times for 136 yards and three touchdowns and was 7-17 for 66 yards and one touchdown and one interception through the air.

Kevin Walton(Grimsley) with 1 tackle and 11 assists for Appalachian State out in Montana last night…..

Winston Craig from Ragsdale also picked off a pass for Richmond late in the the VMI game and the Ragsdale kids were leading the Spiders’ defense……

Walt Sparks(Ragsdale HS) had a big first half interception in the Richmond-VMI game this evening. Richmond wins the game 34-0. Winston Craig(Ragsdale) played meaningful first half minutes for the Richmond Spiders and was probably at nose guard/tackle….Next week looms big for Richmond under head coach Danny Rocco, as they prepare to face the Wolfpack of N.C. State…

Tyler Ritter(Ragsdale) is still at Hampden-Sydney along with Billy Stone(Ragsdale). Ritter is starting at left guard and Stone is inside linebacker….Hampden-Sydney is located near Farmville, Virginia…

Luke Sonricker(Ragsdale) was playing for UNCC Saturday, when the 49ers topped Campbell, 52-7…..

Larry Ogunjobi(Ragsdale) started for UNCC on D-line. Kid has worked his butt off in the weightroom. Projected to do.well. Brian Nokowlo was at the Ragsdale game Friday instead of with Furman. Leads me to believe he may be redshirted. Luke Sonricker got in the game at Charlotte..

Tony Washington(High Point Andrews) had a very good game on kickoff returns for Appalachian State at Montana and also garnered some receiving yards for the Mountaineers….118 yards for Tony on KO returns and 218 total yards when you look at returns, receiving and rushing….

Checked on DJ Reader(Grimsley) at Clemson and did not see his name in the stats from the Georgia game..

Saw no Rocco Scarfone on the stats page for East Carolina, but did see Jonathan White(High Point Central) with one tackle assist for ECU……

Chris McCain(Northern Guilford) LB was ejected from the California game for an over-reaciive hit and he will have to sit out this week’s game unless the ejection is overturned and the word is, that they don’t have any replay tape available, since the replay/taping equipment broke down druing the game….

Had this last Thursday night with Eric Ebron(Smith HS) 3 receptions for 32 yards for UNC in the Heels’ loss to South Carolina….

Mark Petit(Western) and Brandon Banks(SWG) with big games for UNCC…

Demond Harrison(Page/ORMA) strong game on the OL for Texas….

John McBeth (Northern)tallied a career-high seven stops, and a sack during Season Opening loss at Middle Tennessee, 45-24…Middle Tennessee at UNC this Saturday and Middle Tennessee coached by Rick Stockstill who used to be in the ACC for some teams as an assistant, a few years back…

Ed Britt(Page HS) had 4 tackles for Presbyterian against Wake Forest…

Others will have to come, as others send them in….

Several colleges don’t get going until this week….


  1. Desmond Harrison formally of Page and ORMA had 23 plays at left tackle for the Texas Longhorns in their win Saturday. He also received the big hit sledgehammer award for the game.

  2. How can you forgot brandon banks from southwest guilford he starting Defesive end for UNCC and he had some big and mark pettit form western guilford has big plays as he was starting OLB

  3. Banks may have been on one of our earlier lists, we have had several….We did have Petit on one of our Saturday lists too….

    Thanks for adding…

    Sure don’t remember Demond Harrison as a football player, but I do remember him playing some basketball around here and I think he had a brother that played some hoops too..

  4. Does anyone know if James still has the desire to play at a major college? Is this Miss Comm College a good gate way to such goals? I glad to hear he is still involved with school and sports opportunities.

  5. Western Carolina Sophomore defensive lineman John McBeth (Northern)tallied a career-high seven stops, and a sack during Season Opening loss at Middle Tennessee, 45-24

  6. Rocco Scarfone is #10 according to the ECU 2013 Football roster but I never saw a #10 on the ECU sideline during the game Saturday night.

  7. In thinking about this for the past couple of days, I feel James Summers would fit in perfectly in the new Dave Doeren at N.C. State….The Wolfpack employs the running quarterback and that fits what James does best…

    Would be nice to see him re-commit to N.C. State and I know he committe there earlier and then decommitted and announced for North Carolina, but when you compare the two offensive systems, I think State is a better fit now for James than UNC is….

    Both run the quick fast-paced offenses, but James is the better runner as a QB than he is a passer and that is more of what State needs and what they are doing than what Fedora and UNC are doing….UNC is running a ton of plays too, but they seem to be more toward at least 50% or more in the passing department with Bryn Renner, Eric Ebron and etc….

    James would fit well at N.C. State and since they have a whole new staff in Raleigh, what difference would it make that James backed out on the Pack earlier?

    I think you need to go with the system that best suits you and I would say right now, what N.C. State is doing fits James best….

    For the most part, I just hope he gets all of the grade issues settled and that he gets or is afforded the opportunity to attend a DI school somewhere….Doesn’t have to be N.C. State or UNC…

    UNC has a good program and Coach Fedora and his staff are very aggressive, but I just think that right now if you look at the two, UNC and N.C. State, State is a better fit for James….

    Just look at the numbers that he put up in his first game for Hinds CC…Those are the kind of numbers that Dave Doeren and his coaches are looking for….

  8. Did see DJ Reader on the field. He wore number 48. He was mostley used in goal line defence.He is reported to be 325 pounds now.

  9. Ed Britt had 4 tackles for Presbyterian against Wake Forest.

    Fedora prefers a running QB, because he traditionally runs a lot of zone read plays. Since Renner isn’t that type of QB, those plays aren’t being used now, unless Marquise Williams is in. Not sure Summers stays at QB in the future. He’s an NFL type of Safety, not an NFL QB.

  10. Larry Ogunjobi(Ragsdale) with an injured finger in last Saturday’s game vs. Campbell should be ready to play for Charlotte in this week’s game vs. Chowan….

    Ogunjobi got to wear the commemorative #49 for Charlotte this past Saturday and that #49 will be worn by a different 49er each week in honor of Charlotte’s first collegiate football season and recipiants of the #49 jersey earn the right to weat it, based on the efforts on and off of the football field….

    Good job Larry Ogunjobi from Ragsdale High School…

  11. IMHO, Summers is one of the best rushers to walk the halls at Walter Hines Page High School.

    He took over games with his running abilities. Great leader too, will always be one of the greats in Page football lore.

  12. It is sad that someone can be so good in a sport and get all the way through high school but yet unprepared for college. I understand that a lot of kids use sports as a motivation for attending school but kids like Mr Summers knew that there would a light at the end of the tunnel if you just keep running toward it. I just wonder what adult support this kid was getting from teachers, coaches and within his home to support the end of the road situation. This should also serve as a giant lesson to other kids from 7th – 12th grade that you better do the classroom before hitting the field, track or court. I went to school with so many kids like this that could have easily had all of their education paid for by college sports but too many of them missed the frontend education and were left working at McD’s or the grocery store. Please get your school work done first and the rest will follow.

  13. Back in the day after school you would ask can I go out and play and the deal was, ‘when you have finished you school work/Homework, then you can go out and play…That was always the standard and you had to make at least a ‘C’ to survive…..If you weren’t making the ‘C’ it was like you were failing….Had to have that ‘C’ or better to be in the games….

    Hoping James makes and the we see him playing for a DI school nest year and that see or hear about him walking across the stage one day to receive his college diploma….

    Make sure you have you school work done and then go to practice….

  14. Another local Ragsdale player we can’t forget is Kasey Redfern at Wofford. Punting and kicking for the Terriers. He scored Wofford’s only points when they lost to Baylor last week 69-3. Also punted 8 times for a 43 yard average. Redfern might be one of our better local pro prospects

  15. Andy–

    I was at Applebee’s the other day and saw the pictures on the wall from the Page/Grimsley 2011 rivalry and it made me wonder–where are some of the guys from that 2011 magical season? I’m hearing some good things from some of the young men who played and went on to play at the collegiate level now. At the same time, some of them seemed to have vanished. Can you do some detective work and find out “Where are they now?” If you can, get some info on the Northern players from that year too.
    By the way, I’m hearing good things about Ed, Shaun and Blake. I’ll ask Debo and Devonte about some of the others when I see them on Saturday

  16. I saw Drew Rogers and Orlando Hatfield at the Page/Northern game. They looked happy and in good spirits. =)

  17. I got a feeling that Cranford and Workinger are still playing and we will have to do one of our weekend projects and get to work and search out all of those kids…

    WSSU and UNC-Pembroke are playing tonight/Thursday….A&T at APP on Saturday along with Guilford at Greensboro College and those games will have a lot of local kids in them…

    Should have remembered Redfern….We used to update him at Wofford quite a bit last season….

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