Friday Night Scoring Desk for September 6, 2013

Friday – September 6, 2013 – High School Football Scores
Update # 17 – 6:30 AM – Saturday AM – Updates

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Northwest Guilford (1-1) – 7
Northern Guilford (3-0) – 33

Page (1-2) – 14
Matthews Butler (2-1) – 56

FINAL (Grimsley Record Corrected)
High Point Andrews (2-1) – 42
Grimsley (2-1) – 7

Person (0-3) – 3
Dudley (3-0) – 48

FINAL (Sat AM Update)
Smith (1-2) – 27
Western Guilford (0-3) – 13

Southeast Guilford (3-0) – 22
Southern Guilford (0-3) – 8

West Forsyth – 10
East Forsyth – 17

FINAL (Sat Update)
Reagan – 21
Glenn – 14

Thomasville (1-2) – 13
High Point Central (3-0) – 40

Ragsdale (1-2) – 26
Northeast Guilford (0-2) – 7

Ledford (1-1) – 41
Southwest Guilford (1-1) – 35

North Davidson – 22
Asheboro – 10

Eastern Guilford (2-0) – 21
Eastern Randolph (1-1) – 0

West Stokes – 41
McMichael – 7

Reidsville – 42
Morehead – 7

Rockingham County – 6
West Montgomery – 35

Western Alamance – 42
Graham – 26

Burlington Cummings – 33
Burlington Williams – 39

FINAL (Sat AM Update)
Cameron Union Pines – 28
Providence Grove – 20

West Davidson – 14
Randleman – 44

Trinity – 13
East Montgomery – 6

Southwestern Randolph – 33
Wheatmore – 7

Bishop McGuinness – 31
Alleghany – 28

Raleigh Wake Christian – 12
High Point Christian – 38

Carver – 41
Mount Tabor – 28

FINAL (Sat AM Update)
Eastern Alamance – 40
Southern Alamance – 54

North Forsyth – 48
Parkland – 0

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  1. I hear the Nighthawks are again dominating another Guilford County school, how long will the winning streak last? Before long they will be on ESPN

  2. Finals
    SE Guilford 22
    So. Guilford 8

    N.Forsyth 48
    Parkland 0

    North Davidson 22
    So. Guilford 8

  3. Grimsley is 2 and 1 not 2 and 2. It felt like two losses tonight but it only counts as one. Andrews #22 was unstoppable tonight. We had some scoring chances but just couldn’t get it done. Andrews and their band was right on target tonight. They are going to have a very good year.

    Grimsley will have to lick their wounds and bounce back next week.

  4. #1 and #5 for Grimsley are two fast dudes, Andrews offense was just too much for Grimsley D. Grimsley drumline is great though.

  5. SWG-35 Ledford-41 in OT. Very physical game on both sides. that being said……Does SWG play defense????

  6. Even though Northern won it still hasn’t changed the fact that they dominate 3-a. When you play 4-a barely no teams in the gso area can go undefeated. Also it is very easy to be eligible when your schools academics are so low. As for northwest, Grimsley and Ragesdale not all there athletes can play so some talent is lost. One last point is that Northern has had many scandals for recruitment, illegitimate funds coming in and also going over practice limits. Let me be clear some of these are just ALLEGATIONS but some have been proven. When it boils down to it they are a very good team, but looks are pretty deceiving. I am not trying to start a war but just simply let everyone on this thread be informed.

  7. Where’s Coach Res? and Gfan….. Bounce back next week?? Against High Point Central?? I think not!!

  8. Grimsley will be just fine this season after next week. The Qb for Grimsley is a very talented kid & with the experience at that position, that will help Grimsley out for the remainder of the season.

  9. Give it a rest! Gfan said Grimsley just couldn’t get it done tonight. I agree and Andrews is definitely a good team. #22 ran hard all night as well as #27 and #8. What can you say except you can’t win them all. Btw… why wouldn’t they try to bounce back next week? Everyone is beatable my friend.

  10. I told you guy a few weeks ago Grimsley is not who u think they are not a good team at all an for page man smh it’s all Dudley this year big game next week in greensboro Dudley an Hillside.. Dudley win this they run the table has to be game of the week!! an for Northern they dropped Dudley off the schdule for a reason they want the streak to stay alive an they knew Dudley was gonna be the best team in the area if not state run forest run… But for the big game I’m calling it now Dudley 20 hillside 12

  11. @ JB –

    Don’t be such a cry baby! Go back to your weak 4A schedule and good luck to you.

    @ Coach T –

    Are you sure it was Northern that dropped Dudley? Best team in 4A does not equal best team in the area!! Ask N Dubs they just got spanked!

  12. Northern did not drop Dudley from their schedule? Because they are in a new conference they only had room for 2 non conference games. When was the last time Dudley beat northern?

  13. Dudley and Northern series record is 2-2
    They don’t play this year , so it’s all speculation as to who is the local favorite.
    You root for your team (current 3A Champs)
    I’ll root for my team (former 3A CHAMPS)

  14. Nighthawk needs to shut his beak,

    I dont think Northern would see Dudley this year as a matter of fact talk about the game yall played against the Vikings ..we got fish to fry which is Hilside not Nighthawks. talking about Dudley vs Northern talk is inrealvent

  15. Well call it how u see it nighthawks but where u get all this talent from cause that area of town does not produce that page=class Dudley=class northern= trash+cheating

  16. Hmmmmm….I wonder why nobody is talking about NE? Good job admin team of NE, you got what you wanted….a brand new staff and a losing season

  17. NEBlows,

    The guy is only taking over for the best coach in school history! Why not get behind him and try to support the program and build on to what the former staff built. I guess its easier to hide behind the internet and try to bring it down! Grow up!

  18. Tell of two games last night! If NW could of kept fighting like they did in the 1st half maybe they could have pulled the upset. Oh well there is always next year. Good luck Northern on the rest of the season! You guys will be tough to beat again this year. Time to dust ourselves off and get ready for Reidsville! Keep Fighting Vikings you guys still have a great team!

  19. @ Coach T

    Oh this area produces talent! It’s always had talent, just never had coaching! And if you think Dudley and Page = class that says alot about you!! If they had a little more class maybe they could make it to a D1 school!

  20. Really nighthawk…….David Amerson went to NC State…..started in some pre-season games with the Redskins……Demario Pressley played at NC State, went on to get a Super bowl ring with the Saints;…..c’mon son, lay off the purple kool aid……..

  21. Kenny Okoro Wake Forest. ….Jamaal Edwards Florida State….Dominque Midgit Wake Forest ….Derek Blacknall ECU….Jeremy Reynolds Texas Tech ..Josh Jones Navy… add just adding a few from Dudley im missing …Nighthawk you just provide the joke for the eveing

  22. @nighthawk just to add to that list Kennedy tensely Unc David nc state oh yeah Chris register Clemson an Mosley verble Uncc with Unc an wake forest knocking on his door Pressley nc state oh jermey Reynolds hey that last name ring a bell don’t it nighthawk?? Lol something doesn’t sound right

  23. Hey Andy, How about Eastern Guilford? I have tw ogood friends who coach with EG. The cultire should be changing. They are 3-0. Good job Glenn and Chuck.

  24. Good Lord, can the rest of us get a schedule change so Dudley and NG can play? Otherwise we are going to have to listen to this b.s. all year. And also can we get a comma and some periods for Coach T.

  25. NG has won the state title three years in a row. They always play the tough 4A schools in their non conference schedule. I have heard all of the complaints about the recruiting, but this the first time I have heard that Northern is bad academically. Take a look at the test scores and you will realize it is one of the better schools in the county. JB wants everyone to be informed, but it would be nice if he provided accurate information.

  26. If you get really ticked off and PO’ed it might be a good idea to go into the backyard and work on some plays or burn off some frustrations….

    Not a good idea to get on here and try and bury our coaches and our AD’s….

    This is Sunday man….Have some respect…..

    Time to let Steve Smith(Carolina Panthers) do all of the talking today….

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