Wildcats have gone CRAZY:Eastern Guilford wins at ER to go (3-0) to start the 2013 season

Heath Justice, Tyrell Pickett, Khayree Lundy, Marlon Petty(and didn’t Petty’s dad play at Page a few years back) and coach Doug Robertson, just a few names leading Eastern Guilford to a (3-0) start this season and they say the ‘D’ has been the key…from the Burlington Times News on the ‘Cats win last night at Eastern Randolph:

RAMSEUR — Don’t look now, but Eastern Guilford is undefeated.

Led by a staunch defense, the Wildcats blanked Eastern Randolph 21-0 on Friday night, improving their record to 3-0.

Not a bad start for first-year coach Doug Robertson.

“Hats off to our defense. Our defense is getting better and better every week,” he said. “Our identity is that we’re going to put the best 11 on the field on defense and we’re going to try to shut people down and try to be efficient enough on offense to get it done.”

Consider it mission accomplished.

CLICK HERE to read all form Zachary Horner at the Times-News…..


  1. Our EG family is so proud of the team and coaches. This defense is showing signs of the 81 state championship team. The consensus from us fans is for the o-line to become just as aggressive as the defense. We have the size we just need that tenacious attitude that will show against NE. That’s what is missing. We have a great o-line coach in coach Sheppard. We also want to seem the ball i jarrious morehead’s hands more. More screens please.

  2. wildcat16, Coach Sheppard coaches the defensive line. Coach Hynus and Coach Branch coaches the offensive line. Thank you and all the rest of our fans for their support. The coaches and players appreciate you very much.

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