Friday Night Scoring Desk – September 13, 2013

Friday Night Scoring Desk – Friday, October 13, 2013
Update # 14 – 10:45 PM – Good Night

GreensboroSports Radio – Game of The Week on Replay
Durham Hillside (2-1) – 7
Dudley (4-0) – 24

Grimsley (2-2) – 27
High Point Central (4-0) – 42

Page (2-2) – 21
Ragsdale (1-3) – 10

Western Guilford (0-4) – 42
Southwest Guilford (2-2) – 49

Burlington Cummings (0-4) – 21
Smith (2-2) – 35

Northwest Guilford (3-1) – 42
Reidsville (3-1) – 14

Burlington Williams (2-2) – 7
Northern Guilford (3-0) – 49

Rockingham County (0-4) – 16
Northeast Guilford (1-2) – 26

Southern Guilford (1-3) – 14
Eastern Randolph (1-3) – 3

East Forsyth – 35
Reagan – 33

Morehead – 7
Western Alamance – 41

Asheboro – 34
Randleman – 33

Chatham – 42
Bartlett Yancey – 14

Glenn – 17
Reynolds – 14

High Point Christian – 16
SouthLake Christian – 35

McMichael – 7
Eastern Alamance – 75

0 Qtr.
Providence Grove – 0
Southwestern Randolph – 0

Southern Alamance – 45
East Chapel Hill – 28

0 Qtr.
Trinity – 0
Cameron Union Pines – 0

Wheatmore – 0
Bishop McGuinness – 42

Southeast Guilford (3-0)
Eastern Guilford (3-0)
High Point Andrews (2-1)


  1. Wow look at that grimsley central score. Ragsdale up 10-7 at the half. Has to be a record for penalties in a half. Almost comical.

  2. One of these days, somebody is going to explain to me how Charlotte and Raleigh — where pregame traffic is a lot heavier — can start their games at 7, but Greensboro, W-S and Burlington have to start at 7:30.

  3. Grimsley has been able to score… last year and this year… For the most part. Just can’t score enough. Because the defense gives it up in large amounts. I mean…. Large amounts. Page Dudley and Southern Alamance may have a field day. Hard to teach toughness.

  4. I watched Page tonight. They are absolutely terrible. Dudley will pound them and the whirlies will definitely give them a game. They should have lost tonight, that’s how bad they are. They have no passing game. put 9 in the box and you stop them. I have watched them for 8 years now. They are the most penalized team I have ever seen. After a while you have to wonder about the coaching. Ragsdale defense continues to improve. QB play also better. Just no blocking.

  5. Same people 12 months ago were claiming Coach G is the best coach in the area and maybe the State! Could it be that the talent is not as good as many of you so call experts thought! Give the guy a break!

  6. You are only as good as your talent level….Coach Gillespie does a fine job with what he has to work with…The man is dedicated to his work…He is one of those die-hard football people that eats, drinks and sleeps football….He will do a good job and there may be a few dips in the road, but he will be there with a winner at the end of the road….He is football to the bone and if you have a bone to pick with him, you ought to go see him…..Gonna be hard to duplicate 2011 right away, but Page will there in the mix and in the fight as long as Coach Gillespie is there…

    Ragsdale has a good one in Coach Norwood too….When he finally steps away, that man will be missed….

  7. High Point Central played well tonight. It wasn’t perfect but a win is a win. I’m shocked to learn that Mt Tabor beat Butler 25-19 last night. Dudley may just be the best team in the Metro.

  8. More of the same you must be on another planet! You can’t tell that about the game by score. If the defense hadn’t played there butts off the score would have been 1000 to 27. The D was on the field most of the game. The O gave up alot of good field position and special teams pretty rough for the whirlies.

  9. Wow…Tabor beat Butler! Congrats Tabor!

    Dudley is the best in the Metro

    Piedmont is still a 3 horse race HPC, NW, EF

    Northern will win another 3AA title

    Page will struggle to make the playoffs

    Big surprise is Smith, and Eastern Guilford

    Not much talk about SE Guilford?

  10. Andy,
    I have to agree with you on both accounts. It is almost hard to believe how quickly people turn on good coaches. Both of these men are well honored coaches. ggggs, give that one a rest.

  11. I have to agree with Same x3! Grimsley’s defense only gave up one touchdown in the second half. Once the offense got going the whirlies looked fine. Just a little too late.

  12. Just saying, watch out for Southern Alamance! They’re now 3-1 with the only loss coming in double overtime to a top ten in the state Western Alamance team. COuld potentially make some noise in the Metro!

  13. The Bison continue to improve week to week, this team hasn’t even reached it’s full potential yet, which is scary.

    Give Grimsley’s defense some credit they did a good job considering the circumstances or the score could have been alot worse. HPC has that much firepower!!

  14. I couldn’t make it to the game last night but congrats to HPC.

    It aint right for SA to dominate in football and baseball. 🙂 That would just not be fair to the rest of the Metro.

    I’m ready for conference play to start. Should be some close, exciting games this year. Looks like Dudley may run away with it this year but 2 to 4 may be more interesting.

  15. Looks like SWG still doesn’t play defense. The offense can score at will, and pretty much has to because the defense can’t stop anyone.

  16. wow no one is talking about dudley big over a top ten team in 4A an the way they did it!!! but yall are talking about Grimsley who i said would not win another game other then smith (maybe)The dudley D is the best i seen in along time hold hillside to 0 firstdowns in the first half wow Amazing we will see them win states this year!!

  17. Now Dudley may get some respect in the state. Dudley defense haven’t gave up a first down in the first half yet. And the starting defense haven’t gave up a touchdown either.
    Go Dudleyo

  18. Coach G is a good coach. That is not the point. The point is year after year Page is a heavily penalized team. Why?

  19. Norwood is still a very good coach. He just has less to work with this year. Seeing some promise from some young players.they will be better next year.

    G can also coach. Best thing he ever did was realize what he had in James Summers and turn him lose. Then he put together a good defense to go with him. But they do get a lot of penalties. They stopped themselves a lot last night.

    Congrats to Dudley. Hillside has 8-10 college athletes and Dudley handled them. Huge win against a top opponent.

  20. Caoch T, not everybody is a Dudley fan so they don’t talk about Dudley. Dudley is a very good team. Anybody know what happened to Grimsley Middle Linebacker #9? He was making a lot of plays early then I didn’t see him the rest of the game. Grimsley has no depth.

  21. Bison 88, #9 was seen on the sideline with a shoulder injury…had pads off. You are right the whirlies have 0 depth…tough to win with no backups

  22. pissedpagedad, we here this every year. Believe me, not ANY coach will have a kid on the sideline if they can help them win. He got other coaches I know that has a eye for talent and he has never express the coach is not playing the best players. Your son must be the one that is not getting UTILIZE

  23. PageDad:

    Get over yourself buddy. Page was ranked nationally 2 yrs. ago and everyone in Pirateland including the proprietors of thought Page was the 2nd Coming of Christ. All led by Coach G. Hell, fwiw, Page even took in some talented kids from other programs during the offseason.

    Just a thought, maybe it’s just not Page’s year to be Great like the Mallard Creeks and Richmond Countys of 4A football but so what?? RC is a one horse town and the way Charlotte is growing, the talent will come also but it won’t ALWAYS be at MC, INDY West Charlotte etc etc. Folks said the same stuff about Coach Davis back in 2011 when Dudley started 0-4. The great, magical seasons always come in cycles. If you’ve NEVER coached football at ANY level, then SHUT UP!!!!!!

  24. Page dad. If your son was any good he would play. Do you really think the coaches wouldn’t play the best? Get a life. Do something besides watching your son’s every practice. How embarrassing for him.

  25. Pagedad,

    Get over yourself… I know Coach G personally and was a former member of his staff…Every Sunday coaching meeting involves lenghty conversations over personnel, so if your child was good enough then he would be utilized…I still text and twitter with a lot of the players and none of them has expressed any lack of confidence or issues in this program…Coach G is very much a good coach…You people who bring up 2011 and as the only reason they won are ridiculous…You have no clue what goes on in a meeting when preparing for a team…So if you think playing Mallard Creek and Butler involved only the unleashing of James Summers, then there is no wonder in my mind why your child does not play…

    Don’t be a coward on here…He has an open door policy and I highly doubt you have taken the time to speak with him as you say you have…

    Page is young…Playing lots of juniors and sophomores…Other than Jalen, Lorenzo, and AJ among a few other seniors, the majority of that team will be back next year…

    Sunny Florida – miss you Pirates!!!

  26. Pagedad, I’d like to quote the late Skip Prosser when asked about a particular players playing time, “This ain’t Halloween, just cause you dress up doesn’t mean you get any candy” I think its hilarious that you use Page’s championship run as evidence that Coach G isn’t a good coach. Were you at the Mallard Creek or Butler game? Page was undersized and not nearly as athletic as those teams. Page won those games because of the adjustments they made on defense. Remember Coach G took over a program that won 4 games the previous year and was 0-10 the year before that. He has never had a losing season at Page and has gone to the playoffs every year. I’m sorry your kid isn’t getting to play but this ain’t the Y, everybody doesn’t get a trophy

  27. Page has some talent. They are one dimensional on offense and they beat themselves with mistakes. I still say they get too many penalties. Coach G can obviously coach. I am sure they are doing the best they can on offense with what they have. But they can improve the mistakes they make. I don’t think Page has the talent of a Dudley this year but they are not bare. Cutting down on penalties and mistakes would go a long way.

  28. At pissed page dad – man up and stop bashing Coach G and his staff on this site. After his record who are you to say anything about his style of coaching and what the kids think. My son played for him for four years and came away with one hell of a record. No one will agree with every decision a coach makes. Be a man and speak to the coach yourself if you truly believe you have something valuable to say. Otherwise I agree with all the other comments above. PS Sunny Florida – we miss you man!

  29. We will stand by Coach Gillespie and Coach Causey…You need to stand by your coaches thorough thick and thin…

    I can’t believe if you have a problem with a coach that you don’t go talk to the coach….Talk to and trust your coaches…..

    It may be a thing where a team is going through a lean stretch and you have to bit your lip and work your way ahead…..

    Many times it is hard with penalties and discipline when a kid has not had discipline when he arrives to the school team….If he has not had to live and play with previous discipline, it will hard for the coaches to bridle these kids…It will take time, but it can be done….

    The coaches are doing their part….Do your part and support them and the team/your players no matter who is in there….

    If you are PO’ed support your team…That is what you had to do back when you were playing….That is what your coach expected from you and it is time for you to be a team player now….

    Sometimes in church and at Christmas they say give till it hurts and that is what you have to now, work till it hurts and they work and support your team some more….

    Some teams, players and coaches go through stretches where they never win a single game….How do you think they feel…..

    Work as a team and die as a team….Don’t be in a position where you go to school or work the next day and they ask what did you have for super last night, and they say the Pastor or the Coach…..

    Support your people/coaches and when things turn for the better you will be glad you did….

    In speaking in general terms in some of these cases, because I don’t always know all of the specifics, but I trust our Guilford County Coaches and will continue to….

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