How dominant is that Dudley ‘D’?

How dominant is that Dudley Panther defense?

They have given up 17 points in four games and that is just over 4 points per game for their opponents….

Durham Hillside, one of the top teams in the state, scored with just 58 seconds left in the game last night and that score came against many of the Dudley defensive reserves…

Dudley would score on offense and then they would turn everything over to their defense and they would keep the game completely in check for 47 minutes of the game at Tarpley Stadium, as the Dudley Panthers totally dominated the Durham Hillside Hornets…

Can a team leave it in the hands of their defense for 10-11 regular season games and look to them to control the game and their season???

It is worth a look and we all get the chance to wait and see what will happen in 2013, with that ‘Dominant Dudley D’……..

Definitely worth looking into…..


  1. I said it before the season started this Dudley D is just as good as the 08 D if not better …there faster, bigger, stronger ….But lets get it really clicking better of offense we left at least 21 points off the board so that score 24-7 is misleading couldve been a 40-0 40-7 type of ball game…anyway good win BLUE HURT!!

  2. Thats cute, you must be a starving comedian….your hilarious (shrugs shoulder and walks away) PantherPOWER!!

  3. What do you guys think Dudley would do against Butler, Mallard Creek, or one of the more High powered offenses in the state?
    And don’t give me, “they would kill em” support it with facts.

  4. SG,

    It doesn’t matter at this point since Dudley plays N. Durham next. Also, Butler lost to Mt. Tabor.

  5. Exactly game isnt relevant. .if anything the question is what would Butler ,Mallard Lake can do against Dudleys D

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