The First Four U.S. Presidents????

Interesting news from YAHOO! today and I took the quiz in advance without looking at the answers and got 3 out-of-four correct…

How would you do on this history quiz????

A study by the U.S. Mint, found that only 7% percent of Americans could name the first four U.S. Presidents in order: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

The one that I missed out on was Thomas Jefferson….I always think of him being so tied up with Charlottesville, Virginia, that I forget he made his way to Washington to run the country too…..John Quincy Adams is the man I put in and missed on, as we looked to the ‘First Four’……

We should make it mandatory for our high school students to learn all of the U.S. presidents in order from Washington to Obama and they might just be doing it from memory, but at least some of this would stay in their brain…..

Sports and memorizing go hand-and-hand, as you have to learn your plays in football and you better remember that snap count, on Friday night….

This is like our history lesson for today…..

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