Top Defensive Players in Guilford County

Had a call for this topic earlier in the week and thought it would be a good idea to address it….Here are some of the names that should be on this list and we haven’t seen everyone this year, but here’s what we have so far….And we have updated those that were sent in…..

Top Defensive Players in Guilford County:

Chris Register(Dudley)
Germaine Pratt(High Point Central)
Victor Barnes(Southeast Guilford)
Greg Liggs(Southeast Guilford0
Khayree Lundy(Eastern Guilford)
Jalen Gavin(Page)
Emmanuel Moseley(Dudley)
Jon Sugg(Northwest Guilford)
TJ Ruff(Northern Guilford)
Lorenzo Featherston(Page)
Rick Mack(Southwest Guilford)
Kevin Gehsman(Western Guilford)
Will Edwards(Grimsley)
Marlon Petty Jr.(Eastern Guilford)
Khalil Vance(Dudley)
Mark Murphy(Northwest Guilford)
Kevin Henry(Northwest Guilford)
Myles Mitchell(Northwest Guilford)
Bryce Walker(Ragsdale)
Mook Reynolds(Northern Guilford)
Corey Pegram(Southern Guilford)
Brady Stover(Southern Guilford)
Jesse Michaux(Southeast Guilford)
Elliot Rawls(SEG)
Justin Hooks(SEG)
Devon Billingsly(SEG)
Albert McLean(Dudley)
Naeza Fewell(Dudley)
Tong Majak(Dudley)
Mykael Martin(Dudley)
Xan Swaim(Ragsdale)
Brian Flaskrud(Ragsdale)
Sydney Thompson(Ragsdale)
Nick Elliot(Ragsdale)
Reggie Tatum(Page)
Jerry Jenkins(High Point Central)
Josh Wilson(High Point Central)
Jerriel Simmons(High Point Central)

*****As we said above, some of these teams we have not seen, so if you see key missing players for the defensive side of the ball, put them in the slot…..*****


  1. I was at the NG vs NW game and Mark Murphy was impressive! He had to lead his team and tackles that night and had several TD saving tackles (he once tackled CJ Freeman at the 2yd line after chasing him down from 10yds behind when CJ was at the 35 – that’s FAST).

  2. We will update this list in the morning so if you have more names, add them in until them….Some good names that you have posted here already….

    Here about a good runningback this morning that is quietly having a good year and that is Rashad Bovian at Western Guilford….154 yards on the ground last week vs. Ledford and over 500 yards for the season rushing for the Hornets……

  3. My top defensive player would be Mark Murphy, Free Safety at Northwest Guilford. According to Maxpreps he has 42 tackles through 5 games which is the 2nd BEST in the state for free safeties. I expect more to come from this talented football player.

  4. Doesnt get alot of attention because nobody really throws to his side but devon billingsley SEG..look him uuoup on youtube..beast

  5. The whole Dudley defense! (Albert McLean, Naeza Fewell, Khalil Vance, Tong Majak, Mykael Martin) all of them will be playing on Saturday after this season

  6. Honestly this might sound crazy but Rick Mack is the best overall player in the county right now he has put up stats with his HORRIBLE offensive line and on defensive he is special don’t really see kids like him really deserves some offers he reminds me a lot of that guy who plays at UNCC he is thier slot i think number 10? hes name is Austin Duke and they both have a very similar play style and they are about the same size really like the heart of Rick really deserves offers

  7. I think Marlon Petty, Jr. EG should be here. In five games he’s racked up 59 tackles, 7 of which for a loss. A forced fumble and recovery and overall leadership at the now undefeated Eastern Guilford Wildcats. And all this coming from a PAGE student.

  8. Khalil Vance should for sure be in this conversation he leads this loaded dudley defense in tackles and is second in sacks behind big albert mcclain this kid is the “real deal” as they call him and should for sure be on this list

  9. Xan Swaim Ragsdale
    Brian Flaskrud Ragsdale
    Down year for ragsdale but these guys are the heart of that D

  10. Northern Coaching Staff – only thing that could stop Northern from winning in 2-1/2 years!!!

  11. Sidney Thompson and Nick Elliott are by far the best defensive players on Ragsdale team by far!! Without these 2 guys, it’s ugly!!

  12. HPC-Germaine Pratt, S
    HPC-Jerry Jenkins, LB
    HPC-Josh Wilson, LB
    HPC-Jerriel Simmons, DL

  13. Myles Mitchell from NWG deserves a mention in you list has made some great tackles and excellant man coverage against some of the best WR’s in the area.

  14. Yes Myles Mitchell is having a pretty good year for NW too.

    Congrats to Johnny Sugg for NW Guilford on being selected to the NC Shrine Bowl Team!

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