Middle School Football Finals from Wednesday and Tuesday

Looking for:Hairston at Guilford…

Southwest Guilford 22, Kernodle 12Northern Guilford 13, Jamestown 6Eastern Guilford 14, Mendenhall 6Allen 16, Kiser 8….Ferndale 56, Lincoln 0Aycock 46, Jackson 6

Aycock with Jaleel Goings on 45-yard TD run..Simpson to Berry for a 72-yard TD pass…Simpson to Duff on a 50-yard TD pass….Goins on another TD run…Jackson with an 85-yard TD run and then a 65-yard pass to Cody King for another Aycock TD…Herbin with 2 two-point conversion runs for Aycock and Shawn Melton with one and there was more, but the score was Aycock 46, Jackson 6 at Page High School’s Marion Kirby Stadium….Was at the Aycock-Jackson game and then over to the Kiser-Allen game, but it had ended….Got the final score from Ricky Lewis Sr….

from Tuesday night:Southeast Guiflord Middle School 26, Northeast Guiford Middle 6….SEGM udefeated on the season…..
Southern Guilford 16, Northwest Guilford 14….


  1. #1 for aycock Cody King is a beast, he reminds me of a reggie bush. Been watching the kid play since he was young. Page high will have some good talent in the future.

  2. Southwest Guilford 22, Kernodle 12. Kernodle with two interceptions in the end zone and lost a fumble in their own end zone that was recovered by SW for a TD. Penalties and mistakes loses the game for KMS.

  3. I was at the Mendenhall game last night and saw they didn’t have a bunch of kids dressed. Word has it the coach benched them for grades. Glad to see some coaches still have their priorities in order. Anyway great game and hats off to Eastern for the win.

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