Middle School Football Today???

from Tuesday night:Southeast Guiflord Middle School 26, Northeast Guiford Middle 6….SEGM udefeated on the season…..
Southern Guilford 16, Northwest Guilford 14….

Anybody got the beat or bead on the Guilford County Middle School football games for today???
Northen Guilford Middle at Jamestown Middle 5:30pm
Kernodle Middle at Southwest Guilford 5:45pm
Jackson at Aycock 5:00pm…at Page HS and Marion Kirby Stadium
Allen at Kiser at Jamieson Stadium..
Eastern Guilford at Mendenhall…At the Young/Mendenhall Mustang Stadium….
Hairston at Guilford Middle…Not sure where they play their games, maybe at Guilford Middle or maybe at Western Guilford…

Anyone else playing and where?

Let us know and we will show others where to go……


  1. @Patx3nc….I’m thinking Jamestown wins that game. @picks….I would agree with most of those. A couple of those games, I don’t know anything about the teams.

    By the way…is there somewhere we can see the records of all of these schools and their standings in their conferences?

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