Friday Night Scoring Desk – October 11, 2013

High School Football Scoring Desk – October 11, 2013
Update # 15 – 7:00 AM

Our Game of the Week – Currently replaying at GreensboroSports Radio
Smith (3-4) – 0
Dudley (6-0) – 40

Southeast Guilford (7-0) – 28
Page (3-4) – 21

Burlington Williams (4-4) – 19
Eastern Guilford (6-1) – 6

East Forsyth (6-1) – 14
High Point Central (5-2) – 32

Northwest Guilford (6-1) – 42
Ragsdale (2-5) – 15

Central Davidson (3-4) – 21
Southern Guilford (4-4) – 28

Southern Alamance (5-2) – 40
Grimsley (3-4) – 55

Northern Guilford (6-1) – 35
Rockingham County (2-6) – 0

Morehead (3-5) – 21
Northeast Guilford (3-4) – 42

Southwest Guilford (2-5) – 14
Glenn (3-4) – 35

Western Guilford (1-7) – 0
North Forsyth (3-4) – 37

High Point Andrews (6-1) – 47
Providence Grove (1-6) – 7

Western Alamance (6-2) – 10
Eastern Alamance (5-3) – 7

Asheboro – 21
Ledford – 14

Burlington Cummings – 7
Graham – 13

Jordan-Matthews – 7
Reidsville (5-2)- 34

Eastern Randolph – 48
Trinity – 14

Wheatmore – 0
Randleman – 47

Bishop McGuinness – 7
Mount Airy – 42

West Davidson – 6
Thomasville – 33

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  1. Pirate Fan if you know best why don’t you coach? I saw Gavin throw an interceptions in the endzone in the first half…hmmm. what is the difference. Stop calling out kids.

  2. Tough game tonight. Glad the falcons pulled it out. I expected to see a lot more passing from Page than running tonight. Last year they passed all over us so not sure if same QB on the field. In any case it was good to bring the win home for the falcons. Hats off the Pirates for a moving tribute to Dylan Price.

  3. Gavin got ROBBED… its on film .. ref’s were cheating like hell… freak’n shame they would rob kids of legite plays… Y

  4. @Pirate92′ Was it Gillespie’s fault or the refs’ fault? If you’re gonna play the blame game, you gotta get your story straight, dude.

  5. Ok Pirate ’92. Whatever you want to say. Now you not only call out coaches and kids but now refs. Obviously you have some skin in the game somewhere.

  6. Gavin did get robbed!! The refs were horrible and they know it. But, Coach Gillespie did get stupid at the end. Gavin should’ve had the ball but if he scores a 3rd time the refs would have thrown a flag. Page will be fine as long as they don’t get those sorry ass refs again.

  7. It’s always the refs fault with Page. Page actually played a good game. SEG is pretty good this year.

  8. Just speaking the truth!! Not a illegal forward pass on the first TD and the 2nd, the ball hit pylon while in bounds and the ball is out at the one?? Page showed a lot of heart in the 2nd half, so I am proud of that!!

  9. I am not a fan of SE or Page. But, give SE the credit they deserve. They won the game. It’s over. Page needs to learn to take a loss because you have many more to come this year. SE is 7-0 and people are talking as if they have won 2 games. Time to start giving thoseboys the credit they deserve.

  10. was faults on both the ref’s & the coach.. the ref’s were horrible as well as some of the plays the coach called.. nothing was illegal about thefoward pass.. gavin was in the end zone when they said he was short a yrd.. ON FILM 2 back it up.. @things never change..anyone w/eyes knows those ref’s were horrible..@to be fair p fan, NO I DO NOT HAVE “SKIN” OUT THERE.. my SON is n college… I just don’t appreciate ref’s robbing kids & then kids playing hard only to get shot down b/c of dumb play calling ontop of ref’s cheating them

  11. Pirate 92′ is 92′ the year you graduated or dropped out? Nothing you say makes any sense and I am sure no one is giving you credibility. If you even remotely came close to typing in what was somewhat English maybe your point would be taken seriously. Learn to speak and maybe someone will take your bad opinions a little more seriously.

  12. No fans can complain about the refs like a Page fan. Same thing every year – Page loses and it’s always the refs fault. SEG is good this year,

  13. I do not think I have seen so many penalties in one game than at tonight’s Grimsley SA game. At least it did not get ugly after the game like a couple years ago.

    Good game of let’s not play defense by both sides. Luckily the clock ran out and we got a critical stop at the end.

    Lots more injuries to critical Whirlie players hopefully we can rest up this week and give Page another one in the L column next week.

  14. Let’s give the credit to Southeast Guilford for the win…This is one of the best starts for the Falcons in many years and who knows they may end up playing Dudley for the Metro 4-A Conference Title….

    Southeast is playing well and the focus should be on them for what they have accomplished….

    Coaches don’t deserve to get bashed for the way the games ended up….

    I still remember Page winning a State Title two years back and they had it going great then and now they struggle a little bit and lose to good SEG team and their fans start turning on them…..

    Those are not true fans…..Time to stick with your team, stand behind them and begin to get to turn out in a huge numbers for next Friday night’s game at Grimsley….

    Real big game coming up and time to get behind your team and your coaches…..

    Page deserves your backing if you are a true Page fan and time to give the coaches a break……

    They have done a good job of giving you Pirates Fans winning teams over the years….

    Good job by HP Central with that big win over East Forsyth…..Good win by NWG at Ragsdale….Nice win by Grimsley to give them some momentum for the PAGE game next week…..

    Dudley and SEG are still unbeaten from Guilford County and that is it now for 2013…Eastern Guilford falls tonight….Northwest is real hot and they have HP Central coming up soon…..

    Andrews versus Randleman next week…..

    Northern and Northeast face off in two weeks….

    We have some good games coming up and you need to stand behind your coaches and your players….

    Show the coaches some respect here….They have enough grief to deal with already….

    SEG and Dudley look like the teams that others are going to be chasing for the next four weeks and the same can be said for Northwest, HP Central and especially Northern Guilford….

  15. @try speaking english.. didn’t know u couldn’t type something w/out making errors.. I’m not writing a freak’n essay or thesis.. I wrote those in college…IDIOT… & @same ol same ol, I’m pretty sure not 1 of my post take a thing away from Southeast.. they played a great game.. no problem @ all giving them the credit they do deserve..

  16. There is a large difference between a few errors and not even Bering seemingly coherent. Maybe this will help…….typ in englsh so ppl no wht yr sayin””‘

  17. Scott Johnston is a BEAST!!! He is critical to the success at Grimsley this year. Not huge but fast and slippery and tough as nails!!

  18. page always complain when they lose,they got destroyed in the first half and to be honest the refs got them back in the game…give credit where its due and s.e deserve the way the gavin kid is a beast

  19. Great job tonight NW! Next weeks game will be huge against HPC with 1st place on the line. The winner will more than likely take at worst a share of the PT4A.

  20. I have been coaching football for 12 years and I don’t get into arguing about the refs. The bottom line is this Page gives up too much on defense in the first half. 3 touch downs to overcome in any game is playing with fire. Page has talent…they just need to play the first half the way they play the second half. My son plays on the defense and tonight they got beat up the middle and by the time we stopped the rushing game it was too big of a hill to climb. Shout out to Shakur Turner RB @ SE. He played baseball for me (BIGCATS BASEBALL BABY) and I love to see good kids do good. So to all this back and forth…I see a bunch of grown men hiding behind their fake names calling out children trying to emulate a game that even when you do everything right you still come up short. Page was far from “right” tonight. Critical penalties (illegal pro) and not 1 but 2 touchdowns called back cost us more than any refs. If you watched the game you know the story. Jalen Gavin may have been robbed but its hard to tell from the stands…I will see on hudl tomorrow and let you know. If Page is able to get more than 1 or 2 yards on 1st down this game would have been different. The kids have to execute plain and simple. In the second half you see reduced penalties and SE didn’t come close to scoring in the second half. Don’t drink the SE kool-aid just yet…my jury is still out…SE opponents record including Page 10-32. In the playoffs they will see teams with bigger inside linebackers able to fill up the gaps and stop that run. I bet SE got minimum 4 yards on first down. The Page D was faced with 2nd and 5 and 3rd and Short all night. Tough for any team to overcome. If you wanna talk the game lets talk the game…I got time…

  21. Page fans, at least we kept it classy, no paint on the field (ng). It was a close game good game fun to watch

  22. @dwight Tatum I’m a SEG fan and alumn and trust me I’m enjoying this while it lasts cause I know even though we have good backs,I don’t feel that we can run our way deep into playoffs, I don’t even care about other teams records, we give up too many points and our too one dimensional in offense to make a deep run. As a fan I hope I’m wrong, but as a realist I’m just enjoying a good season, the kids deserve it

  23. Ad4deacs,
    I agree Scott Jonston and others played a remarkable game. I am very proud of the Whirlies. Also, Southern Alamance deserves a hat tip as well. The have some great athletes and as a Duke fan I couldn’t be happier about SA’s qb going there. I had a chance to speak with him after the game and he seems like a super polite young man. Although I realize there were issues between some folks after last years game both teams showed class tonight. Tonight seemed like what is great about high school football. Go Whirlies!!!

  24. LOL. 1992 just happens to be the year that Jalin’s dad graduated from Page. It helps to have been “around the block”!!!!!!

  25. @eddie willis… why don’t u ask JALEN’S dad what year he graduated.. pretty sure it was NOT 92’…

  26. The #1 QB in Guilford County Jamiel Mack directed HPC past the #3 ranked team in the state East Forsyth.. Next week’s game against NWG should be a classic with 1st place in the conference on the line.

    Shout out to Tim Gorham, Juwan Foggie, and the entire Bison defense!!

  27. All I Can Say Is WOW!!! First of all Congrats to the Southeast Falcons on a great game! You guys are a great team! Secondly did my son get robbed on 3 TD’s YES is on film!, But that’s football!! Page shouldn’t have gave up 28pt in the 1st half!! And now for you Mr Eddie Willis, if you have been around the block you missed some blocks!! My husband James Gavin (Jalen Gavin father) graduated June of 1993!!! And trust me he doesn’t even get on this site or any other, But before you get on this site Mr Willis please know what your talking about!

  28. Sorry for the typo on my name… It’s Kristen Gavin!…..BUT I think Mr Eddie Willis gets my point!! My husband does not need to get on any site to talk about his son!! Jalen does it for him on the field and in the classroom with is 3.9!!! And if you know our son you know he is one of the most humble kids you will ever know!! R.I.P Dylan Price!


    If you hit that button to the left of your left pinky finger it will help folks to better read your post. Some people find all caps and people from the north annoying.

  31. The last time the Nighthawks were beaten on the field, it was by Page. Just thought I’d remind you of that. Carry on….

  32. NG been plaiting kinda flat last few games… Hate to see what they’ll do when the finally start firing on all cylinders.

  33. For the last time Nighthawk Neighborhood (cant be a nation cause yall only have like 10 fans)….Nobody around here cares about your 3A team! Go have fun playing Rockingham County, Morehead, McMichael, and the rest of the Burlington Schools. Yes you will dominate them but everyone else in Greensboro does not give one big horse turd about your team! So stay in Never Neverland keep going to Dudley to find your talent and have fun! After you play Page, and NW your season is over cause nobody cares who you play not even in the playoffs. HAHA!

  34. Looks like Northern might be in a little more trouble than the one forfeit to Williams!

  35. No trouble son. Just a bunch of jealous rumor mongers…it’s all good though. Our boys need a fire lit under their butts of late. Been on cruise way too long.

  36. Hey Juss Sayin…come on over to Spencer Dixon this Fri nite. I’ll buy you a chic fil a sandwich, we can’t sit on the 50 and nighthawk nation will show you some northern guilford hospitality and you’ll convert son. Promise!

  37. Northern better try and see what they can do against Havelock down the road!! The Guilford County schedule is over for this aeason. Never seen a high school fan base that got stripped of a state title talk sooo much junk…………by the way, is NG currently under investigation?????

  38. I doubt Northern wants any of the Havelock business this year…….that defense hits hard and fast…….better hope these Rams attendance numbers don’t move them up to 3AA this yr……we can and WILL do what Guilford County can’t do! Bet on that son!

  39. Hi Kristen,
    Could have sworn he was part of the infamous class of ’92 baseball group that got kicked off the Page baseball team for a variety of reasons including not coming back from “Spring Break” on time. I thought James had graduated with his class. Please accept my apology.

  40. Ram Havoc said,

    I doubt Northern wants any of the Havelock business this year…….that defense hits hard and fast…….better hope these Rams attendance numbers don’t move them up to 3AA this yr……we can and WILL do what Guilford County can’t do! Bet on that son!

    Impessive Ram Havoc…how you guys load up the 1A and 2A teams for your non-conference schedule and tell us how hard they hit…pucker up sucker, I aint drinkin the koolaid!!

  41. Why must people bash others on this site. It is a great place to appreciate the talent we have in the area and great performances that occur. Instead we have anger filled posts unsubstantiated claims about teams and just plain immature comments. Let’s hear about the good not the bad because we have the news to hear about all of the bad each day. If you have hurtful things to say about teenagers playing in sports maybe you should just not post.

  42. Word has it Northern may have to give back a few more wins really soon! Nighthawk fans I’m not talking a bunch of crap just telling the truth!

  43. Good time to have a time of rest and read the rest and we can give it all a rest….

    All things must come to end and we can stop/end this one here….

    We have all got to find some more positives out here somewhere…..

    Good project for your off day on Sunday…..Find a few of those positives…

    We will be posting the key numbers from the weekend HS games on Sunday…Good positive info….

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