Weekly Update on the key high school football #’s from the 2013 season

Time to get back to school and time to get back to the 3 R’s:Rushing, Receiving and Rpassing…This is your Rushing Title battle and more to go with it(Passing and Receiving)…..

Rushing Totals:
1,204:Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) 1,204 yards with 15 TD’s
803:Jalen Gavin(Page) with 803 rushing yards and 13 TD’s….
798:Shakir Turner(Southeast Guilford) with 798 yards and 13 TD’s…..
785:Marquell Cartwright(High Point Andrews) 785 yards and 12 TD’s****Need updates…****
781:C.J. Freeman(Northern Guilford) with 781 yards rushing and 10 TD’s…
742:C.J. McThay(Southeast Guilford)..with 742 yards rushing and 7 TD’s
667:Rashad Bovian(Western Guilford) with 667 yards on the season and 7 TD’s…
648:Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) with 648 rushing yards…5 TD’s…
634:Keenan Scott(Northwest Guilford) with 634 yards and 9 TD’s…
555:Anthony Harding(Nrthwest Guilford) with 555 yards rushing and 12 TD’s…
494:Christian Dix(Northwest Guilford) with 494 yards rushing…
461:Emmanuel Moseley(Dudley) with 461 yards and 8 TD’s….****Need updates…****
443:Scott Johnston(Grimsley) 443 rushing yards….*****Need updates….*****
385:Rick Mack(Southwest Guilford) with 385 yards rushing….
354:Tevan Evans(Western Guilford) with 354 yards rushing
329:Jerry Gaither(Ragsdale) with 329 yards rushing and 2 TD’s
305:Chris Ripberger(Northern Guilford) with 305 yards rushing and 5 TD’s…
266:Antonio Moore(Southeast Guilford) with 266 rushing yards…
250:Ezra Otero(Northwest Guilford) with 250 yards rushing
242:Khaleed Boswell(Suotheast Guilford) with 242 yards and 4 TD’s…
228:Eric Cunningham(Southwest Guilford( with 228 yards rushing…
220:C. Shipman(Southwest Guilford) with 220 yards and 4 TD’s…

Passing Numbers:

Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) with 1,604 yards passing and 648 yards rushing(2,252 total yards) and 16 TD passes and 5 TD’s rushing….Rick Mack(Southwest Guilford) with 586 yards receiving and 385 rushing(971 total yards) and 14 TD’s….Austin Coltrane(Northern Guilford) with 902 passing yards and 14 TD’s….Tevan Evans of Western Guilford with 811 yards passing and 354 yards rushing and 6 TD’s(1165 total yards)….

Emmanuel Moseley(Dudley) 461 rushing yards 9 TD’s …. 347 passing yards 6 TD’s . 808 total yards….15 TD’s for Moseley, 14 for Rick Mack and 21 for Jamiel Mack….14 TD’s for Austin Coltrane…..

Justin Hensley(SWG) with 461 passing yards and 7 TD’s….Eric Cunningham(SWG) with 550 passing yards…Alec Cobb(Ragsdale) with 601 passing yards and 4 TD’s…Bubba Craven(Southeast) with 345 passing yards and 2 TD’s…

Some of our top receivers and we are still looking for more:
586:Rick Mack(Southwest Guilford) with 534 yards….
526:Juwan Foggie(HP Central) with 526 yards..
512:Charles Edmond(High Point Central) 512 yards/6 TD’s…
458:Keenan Stevens(Western Guilford) with 458 yards and 3 TD’s..
408:Kevin Gehsman(Western Guilford) with 408 yards and 3 TD’s..
393:Tim Gorham(HP Central) with 393 yards…
373:Mook Reynolds(Northern Guilford) with 373 yards and 8 TD’s…
323:Cam Harris(Northern Guilford) with 323 yards and 4 TD’s….
323:T.J Parker(Ragsdale) with 323 yards and 5 TD’s…
216:Jeremiah Brown(Southwest Guilford) with 216 yards receiving
195:Jarius Morehead(Eastern Guilford) with 195 yards and 2 TD’s….
166:Tevon Quick(Ragsdale) with 166 yards receiving….
151:Jaheem Smith(Southeast Guilford) with 151 yards receiving…


  1. The numbers Jamiel Mack’s putting up is crazy!
    I really don’t think people around this area know just how good this team is with him at QB. The Bison will not slow up this week either and will show everyone against NW. I just feel NW doesn’t have the players to match all the D-1 talent HP Central has. Look for NW to keep it close early then HPC will pull away in the 2nd like last year.

    My Score
    CENTRAL – 31
    Northwest – 10

  2. Bison Pride is living in a different world. He or she maybe forgot that they just lost 2 games in a row before last weekend. Now everyone on their team are D1 players and their back to being the best in the state. Get real dude and let’s see what you have to say late Friday night.

  3. “Different World” maybe you should direct your comments toward “Bison Football 2013”

  4. By the way… I agree Jamiel Mack is putting up crazy numbers at QB. As dangerous of a runner as these running QB’s and can pass as good if not better than all the other QBS in the area.

  5. Sad to see there are no more Dudley kids listed. They have a great squad this year. I know the Graves kid has out up some yards this year and there are a few others. I know Andy pulls some of his info from Max preps as do recruiters. Sadly, they only have two kids listed and they have already committed…. Hope someone gets those other players some exposure!!!! That’s a solid squad!!

  6. John Doe:

    Our players get their fair share of exposure to the folks who matter most. (See Register and Moseley who were selected for the Shrine Bowl) You need not worry here, we got this……?

  7. We have a six back system they do it by committee the whole Panther team gets exposure clemson, north carolina, tennesse, nc central was at the game friday …this team dont car about individual stats they want that title

  8. @Pawsforthecause…. Pump your brakes!!!! I know all about the six back system!!!! I know recruiting also.. Thanks not the only good squad Dudley ha ever had…. Chris and Emmanuel are committed…. No need to have them as the only two on your max prep site…. Dudley has and always will have TALENT!!!! But answer this smarty pants!!! If the talent is there like we know it is, why aren’t there more on this list, like it SHOULD be!!!! Get out your feelings chic and get their stats up, so other can see the work they do!!!! Don’t get it twisted, I am panther for LIFE!!! Don’t let the smooth taste fool ya son!!! Since you have the inside info. Give Andy a call and get them boyz stats up!!!!

  9. @ panther….. They should be focused on the title… They have a great shot!!! But what does putting up player stats have to do with chasing the Ship!!!! Both can be done. Just saying!!! A lot of talent goes thru DUDLEY and this should be someone’s job!!!! Some kids set goals for themselves and should be able to measure them…. It’s not that difficult!!! No hate on this side!!! I love them kids…. Just want everyone to know that there are a lot of contributors to the undefeated squad….graves should be listed, Connell should be listed…. Just to name a few. The Gatling kid is a player!!! Give them boys their just do’ s is all I’m saying…. After all, what good are X’s and O’s without some good Tom and Joe’s….. And Dudley has some Tom and Joes for ya!!!

  10. Hey Andy, where are you getting the your stats from? You always have Mack from Southwest’s stats wrong. He has 385 rushing and 586 receiving not 534 and 14 touchdowns not 13. Or at least that’s what I see on Maxpreps and I’m pretty sure those are the official ones.

  11. Yes we have updates at more than one location in the post and we had to move him from 13 TD’s to 14 at both spots…..Lots of updates when you do it this way and we still need more people to weigh in, with more stats on more kids….

    There may be some stats at NCPreps.com that we need to check out….We have really expanded this thing this year and hope to keep it growing….

    Thanks for all of the updates….

    We do a cut and paste with each new week, so there will always be a lot of changes…

  12. @John Doe, maybe Im misunderstanding what you are saying. However if They are spreading the ball around and winning, who cares about the individual stats?

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