Looking for JV Football Records

*****We need others checking in.*****
Looking to get those Guilford County JV Football records…..We know that SEG is still unbeaten(7-0), Northwest should now be at (6-0) and Dudley ought to be at (6-0)…..How about the rest of our teams???

Southeast Guilford(7-0)
Northwest Guilford(6-0)
High Point Andrews(5-0)
Eastern Guilford(0-6)
*****We need others checking in….*****


  1. wow 22 for dudley that’s impressive i heard there fist team defence haven’t giving up a point all year that Dc need a promotion we need him at western for our varsity kids they can’t stop a nose bleed.. someone get me the DC NAME FROM DUDLEY JV PLEASE

  2. SG is 6-1

    Only loss is to 4A SEG

    However do have games coming up against pretty good teams: Asheboro, Ledford and SWR

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