New Guilford County High School Football Poll for Week #9 of the 2013 season

New Guilford County High School Football Poll

2)Northern Guilford(6-1)
3)Southeast Guilford(7-0)
4)Northwest Guilford(6-1)
5)High Point Central(5-2)
6)Eastern Guilford(6-1)
7)High Point Andrews(5-1)
10)Southern Guilford (4-4)

11 thoughts on “New Guilford County High School Football Poll for Week #9 of the 2013 season

  1. Dudley (amazing D)

    Northern (amazing O)

    NW (tougher schedule than SE one of the best 1 loss team in area)

    SE (Big win at Page last week)

    HPC (2 points away from being 3 on this list)

    HPA (could beat Eastern IMO)

    Eastern (couldn’t beat Page but with 1 loss have to be here

    Page (got to start winning or could miss playoffs)

    Southern (best RB in the area)

    Grimsley (can they finally beat Page)

  2. Wow JD is right. Just read it on Greensboro News and Record’s website. NWG is 7-0 now. We now have 3 undefeated teams, Dudley, SEG and now NWG. Big game tomorrow night in Oak Ridge.

  3. Yeah Andy,

    What’s the deal with Northern Guilford and these forfeits????? Let’s back off PJ Hairston for a spell and try and figure out what the heck is going going on up on the Northern end of town. Lots of mature folks involved with the athletics at NGHS, surely they should have some answers………..there’s a foul stench up there that needs to be addressed……..

  4. NW is overrated! We’ll show all yall tomorrow night when we smack them right in the mouth! BISON PRIDE!!!

  5. Okay Bison fans and players and pride let your actions speak on the field. If you’re better than NW go out beat them and shut up about it! NW is still a good team or they wouldn’t be where they are today. I’m not a NW fan I’m just saying!

  6. Hey NW what r u gona do when we stop that running game? we gona show tha world 2morrow!


  7. Northen again. The news and record printed the principle as saying the rule is not easily understood. I just can, t figure how all the other schools get it right. I guess they are unclear when you don’t think the rules apply to you.

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