Friday Night Scoring Desk – October 18, 2013

Friday Night Scoring Desk – October 18, 2013
Update #14 – 8:30 AM (Saturday – late finals)

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Page (4-4) – 43
Grimsley (3-5) – 14

Dudley (7-0) – 44
Southern Alamance (5-3) – 20

Eastern Guilford (6-2) – 0
Northern Guilford (6-2) – 41

Southeast Guilford (8-0) – 38
Smith (3-5) – 7

High Point Central (5-3) – 25
Northwest Guilford (8-0) – 28

Randleman (6-2) – 10
High Point Andrews (6-1) – 42

Southern Guilford (5-4) – 17
Asheboro (5-3) – 14

Northeast Guilford (3-5) – 12
Burlington Williams (5-4) – 26

Ragsdale (3-5) – 28
Southwest Guilford (2-6) – 7

Reidsville (6-2) – 55
Bartlett Yancey (2-6) – 32

Rockingham County (2-7) – 21
Western Alamance (7-1) – 34

Glenn (3-5) – 14
East Forsyth (7-1) – 35

West Forsyth (8-1) – 15
Davie County (2-6) – 10

McMichael – 16
Morehead – 34

Providence Grove – 6
Eastern Randolph – 35

Trinity – 14
Wheatmore – 12

Bishop McGuinness – 7
East Surry – 14

Arden Christ School – 31
High Point Christian – 12

Thomasville – 28
East Davidson – 0

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Western Guilford

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  1. I have never felt HPC has the discipline to defend the NWG offense. Can’t get HPC to play assignment defense. Takes more than athleticism to beat the NWG offense. I was hoping HPC would win this game and they still might. Hope so. Also hope we can get through a night without discussing off the field activity at Northern. I don’t like them but for 1 weekend just let the kids play.

  2. Guys, Unless these are finals, it would help to put what quarter these games are in. Thanks

  3. And this was the year Grimsley was going to make it close.

    Page has had their struggles with penalties, turnovers and poor execution. But tonight they could have set a school record for all of the above and STILL won by 30 points.

    Grimsley made it interesting to start the game, chewing up 9 minutes of clock and driving down to Page’s 5 yard line. They ran the ball effectively out of their 50’s era single wing (I guess that is what it was) and caught Page napping on a long pass. But Page held and the Whirlies took a 3-0 lead on a field goal.

    Then it got bad for Grimsley. Then it got ugly. Then it got worse.

    Page scored on a long run by AJ Capel. After that, here’s what Grimsley did on their next three possessions:

    blocked punt, recovered by Page for a TD
    fumble, recovered by Page, who drove in for a TD
    fumble, recovered by Page, who went on to score a TD.

    There would be another blocked punt recovered by Page for a TD, at least 3 more fumbles and 2 interceptions by Grimsley’s offense.

    I’m hard-pressed to say if Page’s defense played well or not. I was actually worried that Grimsley’s running attack would present problems for Page.

    But once Page’s defense adjusted, Grimsley could not move the ball and was forced to pass. A couple passes went for big yards, especially late in the game when Page had pulled its starters.

    Grimsley scored on a field goal, two safeties and a garbage touchdown against Page reserves late in the game.

    You know, I had heard so much about how Grimsley had improved, and last week they scored 55 points. I hope they do improve next year and in years to come for the sake of their program. At one point I was wondering if the refs would invoke a slaughter rule.

    Page may or may not make the playoffs. They already have one loss and they still have to play Dudley. Gavin, Capel and Britt all looked great.

    Tonight’s win makes it seven in a row over Grimsley. I must say it never gets old.

  4. Note to ghs coaching staff , punter needs to be 12-13 yards behind the ball not 10 yards and maybe next time we might not see 2 blocked punts

  5. Gee I thought we might hear from John tonight. Strangely nowhere to be found last week.

    Grimsley 1 and 1 in the Metro
    Page 1 and 1 in the Metro

    You did not win the state championship tonight. Get over yourself John. Congratulations to the Pirates you played well and Grimsley imploded. The sun will still come up tomorrow.

  6. So proud of the Vikings….Those guys never stop fighting and came out on top tonight. Great team win! BTW #7 Pratt is the real deal. He carried HPC on his back all night on special teams. Teams would be crazy to kick the ball to this kid after all he’s done this year. NC State has a good one with him.

  7. you’re right Page didn’t win a state championship, but we did beat Grimsley.. which is just about as big as one.

  8. Congratulations to our Vikings tonight with the win over HPC. After all the negative comments left on the site before the game, once the clock started both two teams left everything on the field. HPC has a great player in #7 Pratt. Our Vikings safety’s came up big when we needed it. Myles Mitchell #27 stripped ball and Mark Murphy recovered it. These two players again show why they have been recognized as two of the best defensive players in the county and they are just juniors. Cole Underwood #59 and Anthony Harding #7 both had awesome games tonight.

  9. One word to describe the game tonight. WOW!!! I must say the O-line for NW was awesome tonight. Anthony Harding had IMO the best game of his career at NW. I think he went for 150+ and 3 TD’s on 25 or so carries….amazing game! When that kid gets going he’s tough to bring down. On defense NW stuck together kept fighting didn’t give up and they got the win. HPC had the most talent on the field but NW had the best team tonight! Congrats guys!

    #7, #8, and #4 for HPC were awesome too tonight! #7 should not hang his head for the fumble if not for him HPC might of been blown out. Agree with the comment earlier NC State has a good one with him

  10. As a parent who also has coached at both Page and Grimsley I am amazed at how much attention this game gets from the Grimsley community. The Grimsley kids were being asked about this game in June! By Grimsley adults. What you saw tonight was a Grimsley team deathly afraid of making a mistake and therefore making tons of them. Congrats to Page especially fellow Lewis alumn Gavin and Britt!

  11. Gfan,
    I agree with you summation. Page played well and Grimsley imploded. This same Whirlie team scored 55 last week against a good S. Alamance team. Also, Ad4deacs a bit of wisdom on your both on possible reasons for the implosion and congrats to our former Lewis Center peeps and their families.
    John, you are just that guy! What else can someone say about you without getting ugly. YOU ARE JUST THAT GUY!!

  12. Stand up, I am just “that guy” who tells it like it is. You know how much smack is talked against Page constantly on this board. Even when Page was undefeated and heading to the playoffs, all we heard was “wait until you play Butler, wait until you play Mallard Creek, wait until you play Garner….” And the constant whining, “Oh, Page is all you hear about…”

    Okay, fine. Page won’t win the state title. They likely will not win the conference, not with Dudley playing outstanding football and Southest Guilford looking as great as they are. Hats off to them.

    I know the kids at Grimsley worked hard and played their hearts out. They never gave up and that’s a credit to them.

    All I am saying is that if Grimsley can’t field a more competitive team, Page is going to have to find a new rival.

  13. Good game NW Guilford…. Game could’ve went either way. If not for that stripped fumble we would be on here this morning congratulating our guys for beating yall but that’s why we play the game. We will be a team to deal with playoff time. Good luck to you guys the rest of the way.

  14. “All I am saying is that if Grimsley can’t field a more competitive team, Page is going to have to find a new rival.”

    John when you make a ridiculous statement like the one above you do not understand this rivalry there is more than just the game. Come out to Bryan Park at 10:00 am on the day of the game to understand . Get a clue John.

  15. JOHN,
    YOU ARE WISE BEYOND YOUR YEARS!!! We really don’t need a charity golf tournament, class reunions, or 6000 or so people gathered for spirited competition. media coverage for the area or even the economic boost. What we really need is more hatred and accusations of cheating between you and Northern Guildford. John, John sit back and relax it is easier than you think.

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