High School Football Games Tonight for our Guilford County teams

We will have our GreensboroSports.com team over at Jamieson Stadium for the game with Page hosting Grimsley, at Grimsley and we will hit the broadcast on GreensboroSports Radio at 6:45 pm and the game will also be available inside the stadium and throughout the campus on 97.7FM…..Don Moore will have all of the other scores, from the other games, all night here at the site…..Full scoreboard running all evening and on into the early morning hours…..

Here is a list of all the area/Guilford County games going on this evening….

Dudley(6-0) at Southern Alamance(5-2)
Eastern Guilford(6-1) at Northern Guilford(5-2)
Southeast Guilford(7-0) at Smith(3-4)
High Point Central(5-2) at Northwest Guilford(7-0)
Page(3-4) at Grimsley(3-4)
Randleman(6-1) at High Point Andrews(5-1)
Southern Guilford(4-4) at Asheboro(5-2)
Northeast Guilford(3-4) at Burlington Williams(4-4)
Ragsdale(2-5) at Southwest Guilford(2-5)

*****Notes from Brian Miller SWG senior project manager on this last one:
Expecting a huge turnout for tonight’s game at Southwest. Cowboys looking to end the 16-game losing streak to their cross-town rivals, if I have heard correctly. Southwest will be ready tonight and we are looking toward Mack, Cunningham and Hensley to have big games. Brian Miller will have a report ready for us tonight, after the game.*****

Western Guilford(OFF)

PICKS for this week:
Northern Guilford
Southeast Guilford
Northwest Guilford….NWG wins here and then falls later to East Forsyth and you end up with a three-way tie for first place with NWG, HP Central and East Forsyth and that won’t be the first time that this has happened….Tight at the top in the PTA 4-A…
High Point Andrews
Southern Guilford
Northeast Guilford


  1. Dudley(Don’t sleep on the Patriots)
    NG (With or without Jr’s from the JV team)
    SEG (With my Giants could beat the Eagles)
    HPC (Clock management HPC they run wing-T!!!)
    Page (Sorry Mr. everything #6 Grimsley)
    HPA (Not 1982)
    Williams (NEG Struggling)
    Ragsdale (Com’mon Tommy!)

  2. streetdawg,

    hate to say it bud, but Grimsley/Page will always, no matter what the records are be THE game in Greensboro. End of Story

  3. Southern Alamance
    Eastern Guilford with the STUNNA on the Night Hawks!!
    The Whirlies finally get the Pirates, its been too long
    Randleman (why not the theme is upsets baby)
    Burlington Williams
    Why not go with the probably the biggest upset on the night…

  4. Little Grimsley thugs messed with our sign today. They a@@ goin down! Pirates settle this s@@@ on da field yo.

  5. I’m here NWG… I certainly think something would be wrong if we were not confident that we could beat you guys. Game could’ve gone either way and if not for the Pratt fumble, we would be on here ranting and raving about our guys but things happen. You guys pulled it out and there’s no excuses. Warning: Don’t get to comfortable. This is easily become a 3-way tie for 1st place. To add to that, you guys are going big 4A anyway with the likes of playing Page, Butler, Mallard Creek, etc. Now how long do you think your stay will last come playoff time? As far as the Bison, we hit a few bumps in the road but sit back and watch how we finish from here on out.

  6. NWG will let our play on the field speak for itself. I don’t recall seeing anybody on here boasting about how good we are or are how we are going to beat Page, Butler or anyone else, including HPC. Regardless of what happens the rest of the way, I am very proud of my son, his teammates and the way our fans conduct themselves. GO VIKINGS!

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