Do we have more scores? Middle School Finals:Freeze Frame Football(It was a cold one out there today)

*****Aycock, Allen, Northern, Mendenhall and Kernodle are the first teams in the Winner’s Circle…Who will join them there???….*****
Hairston 20
Penn-Griffin 0

Mendenhall 28
Northeast 6

Northern 12
Northwest 6

Kernodle 18
Southeast 16

Allen 14
Ferndale 12

*****Zachary White with two TD’s. plus the two, two-point conversions and right at 20 tackles to lead Allen….Allen was down 12-0 at halftime…White was the man tonight, for Allen Middle School…*****

Aycock 22
Kiser 6

Halftime:Kiser 6, Aycock 0….End of third Quarter:Kiser 6, Aycock 0….
*****Aycock scored 22 points in the last 2:37 of the game with a touchdown run from about 5 yards out and then the Lions added the two-point conversion and then they scored again on a 48-yard fumble return and they completed the two-point pass attempt and the the final Aycock touchdown came on a 76-yard interception return for a TD and the two-point attempt failed….And that’s the way it was this afternoon at Jamieson Stadium.*****

Also today:

Jackson @ Guilford

Jamestown @ Southwest

Welborn @ Lincoln


  1. Allen pulled it out wit 40 seconds left to win 14-12 over Ferndale. This was a heck of a game…i think Ferndale was undefeated…i may be wrong on that though. Either way, Allen looked good second half. They are 4-2 now.

  2. Is Aycock conference champs now? Aycock has been dominating this new conference in all sports so far.

  3. AYCOCK 2013 CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS 07 was the last time they won it also I think they are the only unbeaten team this yr great job coach Jones and coach graves one more victim mendenhall Oct 30th let’s go LION NATION!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Proud Alum of Aycock. A lot of talented kids at the school. Will def. have to go to that Aycock/Mendenhall game. S/o to my lil bros Cody and Gee Let’s Go Lions.

  5. Allen is 4-1, I think that Aycock is the best conference. Allen beat Ferndale who was undefeated and Aycock beat Allen. Kernodle beat Southeast and Kernodle beat Kiser in overtime and Aycock beat Kiser 22-6. Now AYCOCK is the only middle school team in the county that is undefeated. So Aycock is number 1 in the county.

  6. Without a county playoff system, it is hard to say what middle school is the best in the county. Especially with a lot of teams not playing others and some teams having a significantly easier schedule that the others. Not to mention injuries that have affected records. For instance, Kernodle lost three games in a row with a large amount of injured players, which included half of the starting offensive line, key RBs, and defensive players. They got most of those kids back last night, and beat Southeast, at Southeast….which had been dominating everything in their path.

  7. Yeah, i agree with KMSDad, even though ive seen the beast nature of Aycock, they ARE good! But, like KMSDAD said , schedules are different…plus, and i may be biased seeing how I root for Allen lol, the Allen coaches littterally benched their whole starting lineup and second stringers for their grades for the whole 1st and 2nd quarters (even though it was just progress reports) against Aycock, Jackson, and Ferndale. Allen only lost 8-0 against Aycock, and i truly think if it werent for the benching it may have been a different outcome…maybe not, (for Aycock is good) but you never know. I think a small playoff would be awesome to solve this. But alas, injuries and benching are a part of middle/high school football, you gotta roll with the punches. Even still Aycock won the conference fair and square, congrats to them, but im not sure about the whole county.

  8. Romans 116

    I have seen Allen play multiple times and I was at the Aycock game. Allen did not bench there whole starting lineup against Aycock. Zarchary started and so did most of the Oline and other players against Aycock. And Allen still could not score in the second half with there so called 1st string in. Aycock also has plenty of injurey’s and have benched kids for grades in the last three games. Injurey’s are apart of the game.

  9. Lion Nation

    Forgive me if I mistaken the whole starting lineup for several players. However I am positive that they had approximately 20 kids with failing grades, and none of them started the first quarter or half. some were sprinkled in during the second quarter (it was different for each kid depending on grades), But you are probably right in that they were not all starters. However, I do know that many of their key players were not in on offense and defense, for example: Zachary White does not consist of the entire starting D or O, neither does 3-4 lineman. The QB and starting WLB Keori Enoch was benched, Awan Patterson a Starting o-lineman was benched, Deshaun Armstorng and Allen Tisdale, the two starting receivers were benched, Jalen Knoxs, the Starting Right guard was benched, Nautica Harvin, the Starting corner was benched, Christian Cheeks the starting FS and 2nd string RB was benched, Aaron Clark the starting strong safety was benched, and AJ Fuller the starting strong DE was benched (thats all i can remember off the dome) …With that being said, you are absolutely correct in stating that Aycock still held Allen in check in the second half, I never said otherwise, furthermore, I was under the impression that I gave Aycock much kudos, several times during my response, I meant no disrespect, I was simply alluding to the fact that many things happen during the regular season that makes it uncertain who is the best in this league of Middle School Football, county-wide. As KMSdad said, a playoff would be nice. Thats was the major point. ALso, I believe I already mentioned the fact that injuries are a part of the game, If I alluded to something different, i apologized, cuz thats the nature of football its a tough game. But no need to bash the “so called” 1st string of Allen…It was a close game (8-0)…was it not? Aycock is good peoples, I know the coach and several of the kids on the squad, No beef no beef lol.

  10. Lets’ get to the truth, and southwest isn’t undefeated. AYCOCK is the only team undefeated in the county. When Aycock played Allen they didn’t bench no starters, because they was the same team on film that started the first game. Allen Tisdale did play and started, I know the kid personally and was at the game. I know several kids that play on Allen, there was only one kid that left,and he went to Kiser the game before us. Football is a physical game and injuries will occur. As a good coach or program you have to be accountable to teach the other players to be ready and that what Coach Jones and Graves have done. You know the biggest problem in sports today, we don’t want to hold the kids accountable. Too many parents have to many excuses for there kids failures. Then when your kid is not what HE expected, what are you going to tell them then. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. Stop lying to the kids. Hard work and displine is the only thing that pays off.

  11. Okay, real talk, i just want to apologize to everyone, i wasn’t trying to start no trouble, i thought we could just have convo, but i guess were just as bad as the kids are with this internet thing (shrugs). I aint mean no disrespect to Aycock. As i said they good peoples. However, for honesty’s sake, (and because technically your calling me a liar)Please check my words and the film again, no one said guys like Allen Tisdale didn’t play, they just didn’t start. He was failing his math class and the coach was very consistent with benching anybody who had a F. if a person had two F’s they benched them for two quarters. It was a very big thing around school because the teachers and administration has the coaches back. I work at Allen and know the kids and coaches personally, so thats where i get my inside scoop.I believe what he did was right, it really taught the kids a good lesson. Is that not responsible? School is more important than ball was what he was trying to teach. Isn’t that holding kids accountable? Housemoney, lionnation, i wish you no ill will, i have no problem with you guys, i simply wished to tack on to what KMSdad was saying…i.e. That a playoff would be nice because of things such as injuries and grades…thats all, heres my white flag, and heres my handclap to Aycock for conference, congrats. I wont even comment even more guys, the forum is yours 🙂

  12. Romans 116,

    Please continue to post. I for one am happy to see Aycock and Allen football programs back playing winning football. Both coaches are making a difference in the school and the kids life. I’m very proud of Aycock for winning the conference title and I’m proud of Allen for beating an undeafted Ferndale team. Mainly because posters were saying that Aycock played week competition.

  13. Please don’t stop posting. This is just some good old fun. We are probably old man men with nothing to do. So don’t stop expressing yourself. I love to hear what other people think about different situation. If I came off harsh, I apologize to whoever I offended. I’m just tried of seeing all this good talent in Guilford County not go to the next level. Yes I know we had some kids that have had great success. I just believe it could be a greater number. I just want the County to take middle school sports more seriously. When your in high school your preparing for college, so we need to prepare our boys in middle school better to get ready for high school. Talk to some of the high school coaches they probably would repeat what I’m saying.

  14. To lionnation and housemoney

    Thanks for that. Much appreciated. I definitly understand what you mean about a more serious tone for middle school football. Ive learned that many of the great high school programs in the nation have a system from rec league to middle school, then to high school. The boys stick together, they learn together, and grow together until college. That consistency is important for their football development and academic development as well. Especially when the middle and high school are on the same page.

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