Texas team being accused of bullying after winning game 91-0

Texas high school football Final:
Aledo 91
Western Hills 0

The Aledo team is being accused of bullying after their win over Western Hills and they posted the 91 points even though they took their starters out of the game after just 21 plays and they kept a running clock in the second half….

The Aledo team is averaging 69.3 points per game this season….The opposing coach(Western Hills) did not feel his team was being bullied, but parents from the losing team did….

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  1. every single time something happens to kids now a days people are labeling it as bullying! My God this generation is soft! Lets not hurt anyone’s feelings and make sure everyone gets a trophy for showing up. Leave it up to the parents to label it as bullying! No your kids were not being bullied they just took a good ole fashion butt kicking on the football field!

  2. I had to pull tobacco, put up hay and still played HSF. I quess I was bullied too. Maybe I should have gotten a trophy. Dosen’t evryone these days?

  3. I wish we knew how the coach of the losing team handled this situation during and after the game with his team. We cannot control parents which can get too emotionally attached to their kid and lose sight of what happens in a team sport. Did this coach echo what the parent(s) are saying or did he give the speech “this why we must prepare better”, “you must take this as a stepping stone to get better”, “fellows that was the top of the ladder and where we need to get”, or just simply “that was a great team that has won the states 3 years in a row – know you lose to the best but you did not stop competing”.
    Well for my kids and any other kids in my community and for the sake of our future chances of winning in this area, I would hope any and all local coaches would never take the side of those parents. It can be hard seeing your kid take a difficult loss but it builds character for the future and allows us all to set goals beyond our current standard. Sometimes others are just better or given gifts beyond our reach but to have the guts to compete against all odds and willing to take a stand will prove much better in the future for us all instead of taking the path that someone will always come and save us if we hit a rough path. In the real world, there will be no one to save you in all situation and you will have to find a way to stay above water and survive.
    Are you teaching “fight or flight” ?

  4. There comes a point in the game where if you’re blowing out the opponent you pull your starters and let the bench play. The coach did that and they ran the clock non-stop to let the game pass faster. Not much else that can be done if you’re that out-matched other than kneel downs. And me personally, I think kneel downs would have been more embarrassing.

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