Friday Night Scoring Desk – October 25, 2013

Friday Night Scoring Desk – October 25, 2013
Update #14 – Saturday 6:30 AM (Filling In The Blanks)

Our Game Of The Week – Listen To Repeat At GreensboroSportsRadio.Com follwed by a repeat of Football In Focus recorded Thursday at Shane’s Rib Shack.

Southern Alamance (5-3) – 42
Southeast Guilford (8-0) – 64

Grimsley (3-6) – 0
Dudley (8-0) – 46

Final Overtime
Northwest Guilford (8-1) – 14
Glenn (4-5) – 21

Smith (3-6) – 7
Page (5-4) – 39

High Point Central (6-3) – 21
Ragsdale (3-6) – 14

East Forsyth (8-1) – 49
Southwest Guilford (2-7) – 13

Northern Guilford (7-2) – 49
Northeast Guilford (3-6) – 0

Western Alamance (8-1) – 38
Eastern Guilford (6-3) – 14

Southwest Randolph (1-8) – 14
Southern Guilford (6-4) – 27

Central Davidson (3-6) – 7
Western Guilford (2-7) – 27

Eastern Randolph (3-6) – 10
High Point Andrews (7-1) – 45

Asheboro (5-4) – 21
North Forsyth (5-4) – 41

West Forsyth (9-1) – 34
WS Reagan (6-3) – 7

Burlington Williams – 42
McMichael – 15

Eastern Alamance – 35
Rockingham County – 17

Bartlett Yancey – 14
Burlington Cummings – 44

Graham – 15
Reidsville (7-2) – 55

Wheatmore – 20
Providence Grove – 19

Trinity – 7
Randleman – 28

Atkins – 14
Bishop McGuinness – 49

Thomasville – 15
Salisbury – 14

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  1. Well.. well.. NW Guilford looks like somebody got caught looking past Glenn this week…

  2. Too many mistakes too many missed tackles too many missed blocks too many fumbles too many dropped passes! I wish I could tell you what happened tonight but it was like NW just gave them the game! The same team that kept fighting and beat HPC wasn’t on the field tonight at Glenn. Congrats Glenn! I would hate to be SW next week.

  3. First off I’m proud to say I played FB for 6 years at what is now called Bookout Stadium. Last night I was at the field again and I saw the best football team in Guilford County demolish my Rams. I played on some really good teams but we never saw anything like this. I saw a really well coached team. I saw an offense that I would hate to defend. You have know idea what they are about to do next. I saw a defense that SWARMS to the ball and I really believe can shut down any offense. I saw players focused and listening to every word a coach said and not taken one play off. I also see why they have not lost one game on the field in about 40 starts. All I can say is what a program and looks like they about to get number 4 title.

  4. NE. They haven’t missed the playoffs in 20 years, a change is made and they are out with probably the most talented team in 5 years. Don’t make excuses NE, fix your problems. Excuses are for the weak, and I heard all kinds talking to some of their guys. Your schedule isn’t your problem…I remember beating western alamance, Dudley, and reidsville back to back to back.

    *****Editor’s note, got to stick with the team through thick and thin and sometimes you just have to hold your breath…Do some yelling at the games and you never know who may hear you….Up stairs, we know Coach Sugg and Coach David Blue are trying to keep all things positive and above board for the Rams….*****

  5. Couldn’t agree more Duckdynasty….this NE team is a talented bunch, no excuse for not winning….as you said, Pursley used to beat the big dogs when he had to play them, people quickly forget that because of the conference they were in ONLY the last three years

    I bet Coach Suggs and Coach Blue wish the school had made a better hire to represent the school they love so much…

    *****Editor’s note, sometimes we’ve got to leave it at that….Good job Coach Suggs and Coach Blue on what you do at NEG.*****

  6. I agree with NW Football Fan. They were so geared up for HPC that they dropped their guard – and their game – at Glenn and paid the price. I hope they come back strong and focused this Friday. One game at a time – and play like you want to win it!!

  7. WOW….What years did you play? I coached there 1998-2007. We had some great teams. I thin kwe could have taken the 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, and beat most of the teams in Guilford County today. If you played during that time you would probably know what I am talking about. I dont like the situation at NEHS right now, but not much I can do about it. All we can do is think about the glory days. I am dissappointed that after 20 years we will not make the playoffs.

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