Our New Guilford County High School Football Poll for Week #11 of the 2013 season

New Guilford County High School Football Poll

2)Northern Guilford(7-2)
3)Southeast Guilford(9-0)
4)Northwest Guilford(8-1)
6)High Point Central(6-3)
7)High Point Andrews(7-1)
8)Southern Guilford (6-4)
9)Eastern Guilford(6-3)
*****Good time to start our Top Ten Countdown as we count down the final weeks of the season….Six of our teams have been eliminated and who will be left standing in early December?*****


  1. I think a lot of people have looked at this Guilford County Football Poll and was disturbed by what it says. I noticed last week that Greensboro Sports ranked Northern Guilford #1, Dudley #2 and Southeast #3; while there’s plenty more to argue about, Ill focus on these three rankings. Now this week you’ve ranked Dudley #1, Northern #2 and Southeast #3, admittedly that’s a solid improvement but you still didn’t get it right.

    In case you didn’t notice Dudley and Southeast are undefeated, both are playing the best team football in the county and you’ve treated both of these teams and programs with total indifference. Yet you’ve persistently ranked Northern with extreme partiality and bias despite their official standing. And before the Northern minions spin-up their sob story, that “we’ve haven’t been beaten on the football field”, understand what the rest of the county understands: in measuring football teams, many love to cite individual or team statistics, but in the end it really boils down to standings. Northern is 7-2, they are 7-2 for a reason, and that’s just what we know about. Moreover, we will never know if Northern would have won these game had they not cheated.

    The fact that under NCHSAA rules Northern had to forfeit two separate games should, in and of itself, speak load and clear to the evaluators for the Guilford County Football Poll, that Northern at the most should be placed in the poll reflective of their official 7-2 team record and the decisions their coaches. If you want open discussion and interest in the Greensboro Sports forum, then shake off the silliness and bias, and apologize to Dudley and Southeast who really are undefeated and didn’t cheat or tarnish their programs for the sake of wins. So why don’t you step-up and get it right? Oh by the way, I realize you call it a “poll”, this so you can rank the teams any way you chose. But for this forum to be recognized as a honest effort to service the communities interest and deal with your predisposition and inequalities in this Poll. Thanks guys.

  2. Not to get into a long drawn-out discussion, since we have a lot of things on our plate today, but we have had Dudley ranked #1 all season long, going back to the beginning of the season, the 3rd week in August…

    On another point, I don’t think the Northern Guilford kids should be punished for mistakes that they didn’t make…They won the games on the scoreboard and there were mistakes made the coaches and the adminisration that caused the kids to have to give up the games…

    As the Food Lion lion says, that is just my two cents worth…..I am keeping in mind how a matchup with NG and SEG might go and I have to keep on breaking that one down/processing how a meeting with those two might turn out, in my mind…

    I have said all season long that Dudley has the best defense in the area and that is why they have been ranked #1 all year long in 2013….

  3. @Andy

    Do you not think UNC players should of had a Bowl band because of the actions of the Coaching Staff and Agents? If a team breaks the rules you have to punish them. Before everyone says this is HS not College or NFL…. In the NFL you have a 53 man roster not 54. If a team gets caught dressing 54 people they will forfeit and be fined. The fact is if you break the rules in a team sport the team is held accountable.

    If tomorrow Alabama or FSU had to forfeit two of their wins don’t you think they would drop in the polls? Yes they won those games on the field but when you break the rules it has to reflect on the polls. You can’t be 7-2 in the records books but still #1. It’s not fair to everyone else who is playing by the rules. The Coaches broke the rules they lead the team so the team has to be punished.

    Also, We all know how good Northern is. By the end of the season I’m sure they will work their way back into that #1 spot

  4. Of all of the teams in recent memory, I think the most unfair situation was what happened at Penn State….

    Some of the mess that happened there took place before some of the current players, who ended up getting punished, were even born…

    Lots of different ways to look at things, each one has a different set of circumstances….You don’t burn teams, just to be burning them…

  5. Thank you Andy… And your comment about the Northern Guilford kids is wholly valid, it’s truly distressing that these kids could be impacted by such licentious and deliberate acts as those of their own coaching staff, but too is it offensive to the Dudley and Southeast kids who find that their accomplishments as “undefeated” and upstanding programs who follow the rule were ignored in the ranking.

    And thank you too for being such a solid resource for the community.

  6. I am not completely sold on the fact that everything that happened was intentional/deliberate, but it is obvious that mistakes were made.

  7. I am amused by the issues you are having with the poll. Northern has three state championships in a row and they are pretty good again this year. It is splitting hairs to say who is the best of the three. And to say that Dudley and Southeast are undefeated and upstanding is almost comical. We all know that the system is flawed so righteous indignation by some parents is misguided. The great thing is that kids still have fun playing football and this site supports them.

  8. I’ve seen Dudley, Page, SE, Northern, NW, and several other area teams play this year. Northern is and should be ranked number 1. All the talk about deliberate and intentional acts by the coaching staff is very comical to read. I’m quite sure that in both games where they are up by 30 or 40 this was necessary…. Most of the public views this as a mistake and not understanding rules. Not cheating or breaking rules intentionally. They have won 3 state titles in a row and until a team beats them on the field the are and should be number 1.

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