Why did North Carolina celebrate on N.C. State’s logo?

The North Carolina Tar Heels won 27-19 over the N.C. State Wolfpack in Raleigh’s Carter-Finley Stadium on Saturday afternoon and then this happened…..

The Tar Heels ended up celebrating on the midfield logo after the game.

N.C. State’s marketing slogan is “Our State” but second-year coach Larry Fedora, who’s 2-0 in the series, wasn’t shy about staking his claim.

“As far as I know, it’s always been the Tar Heel State and always will be,” Fedora said.

CLICK HERE to real the full article/post from the Charlotte Observer and I have a bad feeling about how this one might turn out in the long run for the Tar Heels…I nothing but bad coming out of this, plus I have a feeling that some of the boys down in Raleigh are not going to be too happy about this incident and you don’t want to go making them mad….

I saw the video on the sports news last night and it did not look good….


  1. Because State asked for it by coming up with this stupid ass Our State campaign. Actually, they blatantly copied it from Miss. State. And they asked for it with the outline of North Carolina at midfield. How lame to completely copy the ECU logo? Any original ideas at UNC-Raleigh?

  2. Hey Andy, I guess it was ok when Phillip Rivers led the entire State team to midfield in Chapel Hill and danced on the UNC logo? When 3 or 4 Carolina players do it, its a travesty.
    Instead of worrying about his sorry coaching, Doeren tries to deflect the attention to a few Carolina players celebrating. Typical. He fits right in in Raleigh.

  3. I guess letting Doeren borrow my blazer didn`t work, sorry packnation.

    I do wonder why so many fans leave CF at halftime and never return, that’s befuddling to me.

    I guess they forgot to wear their urine protectant shoes once the peeing begins. This still your state farmboys.

  4. Thanks Debbie Yow for considering our marketing dept for your logo this past weekend.

    When you force feed this campaign down the throats of everyone that says it all. We know how it feels to be the little brother so this crap needs to go away for a while especially when they dominant you in basketball, sent you home from Omaha and stomped on your logo over the weekend.

  5. Pretty bad when the new coach is already having to play the victim card 8 games into his first season. “Let’s hate Carolina together” always buys a little time with those people.

  6. What’s wrong Andy? You mad bro? It’s a rivalry game let the kids be excited and stop being soft. People look for anything to hate Carolina and maybe you should and with that you have every right to your opinion. Nobody writes articles about Duke/Unc riding the victory bell all over the field after a victory because that’s what happens after a rivalry game. The actions of either team that wins will be subject to scrutiny an then you remember that feeling go into the offseason and into the new season. If you don’t want kids celebrating on your field then protect your house. We’re such a soft society now worried about who’s feelings we are going to hurt. UNC will have to do it next year and if they lose they lose by 40 like they did in Chapel Hill when Russell was there, they should ONCE again expect State players to celebrate in the middle of the field. It’s what makes rivalries intense. Get mad at your Coach for faking a punt on your half of the field not the kids that continually get fed this is “Our State” by a program and their fans!

  7. In some State’s this would be considered tresspassing to do that on somebody else’s turf….

    Wonder what would have happened if Miami had topped Florida State and then tried that on their turf???

    In some cases there have been fights to break out over stunts like this one….Glad that did not happen here, cause somebody would have been in trouble for sure….

  8. Andy you apparently havn`t read any of the previous post. State in 2004 did this very thing and each year the bell is displayed and paraded around for all to see.

    On 1 hand state want to proclaim that this is their state and wants Carolina as their ultimate rival but on the other hand you get “pissed” no pune intended when we treat you like one.

    Please make up your minds I am getting confused by the stupid This Is Our State campaign and what your delusional fan base wants.

    Send everybody to packpride.com so they waller in their mediocrity.

  9. I have NEVER seen N.C. State do anything like this before, at least it wasn’t on the National News for all the world to see….This is embarrassing….

    *****These are two fine institutions and they have very good athletic programs and I hope that the Carolina fan that owes me the money will hurry up and pay me, while this comment is still posted….*****

  10. Andy,

    It seems the “NC State Did It Too” charge is out there. I have seen it here and elsewhere. You should get to the bottom of this and prove em wrong. You know, instead of whining about it.

    PS: I dont like that kind of taunting behavior either.

  11. Fedora should know that everything goes through Raleigh and not Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill is a secondary city and Raleigh is the State Capital. Sir Walter Raleigh discoverd our State sir and this is the State of North Carolina, also known as North Carolina State.

    Mr. Fedora may have to answer to AG Roy Cooper for his players actions before all of this is said and done.

    Everything goes through Raleigh Larry.

  12. Andy,
    It was the 2000 game, and your beloved QB Rivers was the ringleader of the celebration. Who cares? Put your big boy pants on.

  13. “Mr. Fedora may have to answer to AG Roy Cooper for his players actions before all of this is said and done.”

    Now that is just plain silly!

  14. They are who we thought they were.

    For any fan base, and I don`t care who they are, to completely disrespect the National Anthem with yelling “red” & wolfpack it is hard to rationlize why they get so made that 3 senior football players from Unc stomp on their logo.

    It appears they the nc stae fans have THEIR priorities out of whack.

  15. Debbie Yow better quickly abandon the “Our State” catastrophe. It is totally inaccurate as Wake Forest and UNC have now beaten the Pack. The boys in red are not even the best NC-based team in their own conference much less the entire state. Duke has good claim to be considered the best NC-based team in the ACC.

    It may only get worse for the Pack as ECU comes into Carter-Finley on November 23rd. If that stolen mid-field logo is still on display, it will be considered a direct slap in the face to the Pirate players. The UNC beat down by ECU will pale in comparison to the one the Pirates will be trying to put on State. If victorious, Ms. Yow will definitely not like the post game celebration by Pirate players that will be fueled by her poor decision. ECU does not need any more motivation for this game and State does not need any more false advertising.

  16. Since Carolina is on probation and almost always are, how will this effect their standing with the NCAA?

  17. I’m befuddled about why any adult would give a crap about players dancing on a mid-field logo.

  18. I think any in state would take offense to this IS OUR STATE bull crap when this school had not resemble any success in over 30 years to speak of.

    Oh, I almost forgot they went to Omaha this past year only to be sent packing by the Heels.

    Bad athletics to endorse this campaign wouldnt you say.

  19. When you look at this from an in-depth study, you have to realize that the North Carolina football players were stomping and punching an emblem of our state….That was an emblem of the state of North Carolina and as they were attacking that emblem they were actually stomping and hitting each and every one of us and themselves too, since they live in this state…

    They need to take a closer look at what they are attacking and a much closer look at themselves, before they particpate in that type of conduct….

    As you look at it like this, it makes you mad for our entire state-wide population…..

    Look at it friends and neighbors, they were de-facing our state, almost like they were stomping on our state flag, but it was in this case our state emblem, which represents you and me, your parents, grandparents, our governor and the entire history of our state….

    I never realized this until I started thinking about it in more detail this morning….

    Don’t de-face and stomp on our state…..Take out your aggressions on some other object…It hurts to think about it and you really hurt for all of those who bled and died for our state over the years….

    In closing that is what N.C. State represents, Our state, the entire state and I hope many of you can see and feel this more clearly now and I also hope that you will not condone the actions of these young men, who obviously did not know where they were standing on Saturday….

    “Hallowed Ground”

    That is it for me for today and I would like to give others a chance to weigh in on our state….

  20. Ya know, Andy, on second thought, you might be on to something. But, I think UNC’s players were actually protecting the state outline by trying to stomp out the ugly mutt that someone had painted in the middle of it. We should be thanking them.

  21. This may be a stretch and I may be digging deep as I get ever so much closer to that door, but isn’t our state mascot a wolf, you konw, the official state animal is a wolf, if what I learned inside my small classroom at the David Caldwell Log College was ACCurate…..

    Think about it…..

    OUT again…..

  22. I think you’re absolutely right. It is a stretch.

    Per Wikipedia,

    state mammal – Eastern Gray Squirrel
    state dog – Plott Hound

    Don’t see any state “mascot” listed. But, even if we had one, and it were a wolf, it wouldn’t be wearing a goofy hat with “NC State” on it.

    C’mon, man.

  23. I visited Wikipedia too and saw what you saw, but I remember my grandfather telling us the farmers found wolves would keep poachers away from their hen houses and cattle rustlers away from their herds back in the early 1800’s up in the mountains of North Carolina….Not sure if they adopted the wolf as a mascot, but it does make one wonder if something like this might not be a part of our State history…..

    It sort of makes the wolf like a dog and that would make him “man’s best friend”,,,,,,And you don’t want to go messing around with that, right?

  24. Well, if you’re now calling it an act of disrespect towards man’s best friend, I might go along with you.

    It’s all good Andy. Thanks for your site; I enjoy it greatly. I just think you’ve gone a bit astray on this issue.

  25. You start with a stray dog and try and tame him and that’s all you can do…

    The Tar Heels are getting a bit tough to tame over the past two years.

  26. NCSU, ecu, and unc all use the outline of the state. No one school has that trademarked.

    Some of the other comments are pretty humorous. Face it, it was a total lack of class and dignity. Very similar to the same behavior coming out of there for the last 20 years. Btw, I was there for the Rivers games at unc. Each time they came down and celebrated at the far corner of the stadium where the visiting fans were seated. Must have been something you read on the Internet. After all everything on the Internet is true. And I date a French model on the side.

    Really surprised people not only condone that behavior but try to find a reason to justify it. And we wonder what is wrong with some kids. The acorn doesn’t fall far.

  27. N.C. State does cover and stand for our entire State, while North Carolinia represents a small pocket of Orange County.

  28. Wow! Some real hurt feelings. Just wait until Duke beats them both…. the tears will really start flowing.

  29. There has been a disputed call on that video run….Some are saying that Rivers and his crew from N.C. State did not celebrate at midfield, but that they carried out their celebration in the the end zone…..

    This is all up for review….

    I need to see if there is an authenic video out there that provides irrisputable evidence….

  30. Found this at WRALSportsFan.com from Erin Summers:

    As the clock hit zeroes, North Carolina players ran to midfield, directly on top of the newly minted NC State ‘Our State’ logo. They jumped, they slammed the ground and they chanted “Who’s State? Our State!”.

    It was the utmost in mockery.

    “If we don’t have your respect already, we’re going to keep on taking it until you don’t have any choice but to respect us,” said North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron. “I mean this is our state. Our win ratio to their losses, I mean we’re killing them. Just gotta let them know.”

    Naturally, with emotions already running high after the loss, Wolfpack players ran at the UNC players at midfield and a scuffle ensued as they attempted to move the Tar Heel players off of the Carter-Finley turf.

    “It’s disrespectful,” NC State running back Shadrach Thornton said following the game. Thornton related it to Terrell Owens’ celebration on the Cowboys’ star logo during the 2000 season.

    Wolfpack cornerback Juston Burris agreed, both saying it crossed the line.

    “I don’t know what they teach them over there,” Burris said,”but our coaches would never do that.”


  31. Though the piece is from The Daily Tarheel it was written AT THE TIME. It even quotes Amato. I’ll go with the contemporary DT account until proven otherwise. I am assuming you werent up in arms then. As for your comments above trying to make it seem even worse than it actually was … silly.

  32. Not a problem with me, I am pretty much ready to move on with it….

    But, and I was thinking about this yesterday, I wish this could be a Best-of-Three Series, with one game in Raleigh, one game in Chapel Hill and then game three would be played in Charlotte, at the Bank of America Stadium….(Neutral site)

    Would love to see more games in football between these two rivals….Nothing gets the blood pumping as the weather gets colder, than a football game between North Carolina and N.C. State….

    Best football rivalry in the history of this state and I for one, love it and all that goes with it….

    Bob Holliday did a real good history of this series article/post on this rivalry and the great games over the years at WRALSportsFan last week….Good stuff going back to Holtz, Crum, Sheridan, Brown, Amato, Bunting, O’Brien, Davis, Withers and others….

    This is always good stuff and we could talk about N.C. State-UNC and throw in Duke in basketball and now maybe football and we could talk about this year-round….

    Excellent rivalries and everyone wants to be on top and have the last word….State five in a-row and now UNC two straight…..

    Good football talk….

  33. So what’s worse, celebrating on a logo or a late hit by two players resulting in the end of a QB’s career? News today is that State’s late hit (which wasn’t even called) has Renner done for the season with a severe shoulder injury. Oh and add the fact that those classy fans started up a “Wolf Pack” chant while he laid down on the ground in serious pain.

    Football is a contact sport, so it’s a shame Renner is out. I doubt you’ll hear as many UNC fans complaining about this than you Wolpies who are so upset about a celebration at midfield.

    Oh and Andy any reason you always end each sentence with the …?

  34. A habit I guess and it has sort of become a blogger’s trademark…..

    Sort of like a continuation point and there always seems to be a contunuation and no last word…..

  35. from Lee Pace at GoHeels.com

    2013 shades of 2000.

    When the Wolfpack under first-year coach Chuck Amato ended its seven-year losing skein, State’s players gathered en masse on Kenan Stadium’s interlocking NC logo at midfield. There was a little shoving and shouting but no one was any worse for the wear. “Give us a break,” Wolfpack safety Adrian Wilson said. “We haven’t celebrated this hard in eight years.”

  36. But you’ve still never actually “seen” it so I guess you can stand by your earlier statements.

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