JV Football with the final Finals for 2013:W’s for Dudley, Grimsley, Northern, Page, NWG, HP Andrews and Eastern Alamance

High Point Andrews takes a forfeit from Trinity and the HPA Red Raiders finish at (10-0)

Northwest Guilford 27
East Forsyth 7

Northwest Guilford(10-0)/East Forsyth(8-2)

Dudley 6
Southeast Guilford 0

Score courtesy of Vince
Dudley finishes at (9-1) and SEG finishes at (9-1)….Dudley beat SEG, SEG beat Page and Page beat Dudley….

Page 55
Southern Alamance 22


Grimsley 19
Smith 16

Score courtesy of the Grimsley scoreboad at a COLD Jamieson Stadium
*****First win of the season for the Grimsley Whirlies*****

Northern Guilford 44
Morehaed 16

Northern at (7-3) to close out the year…
Score ouurtesy of local football referee Sarge, a good man to help us out here.

Eastern Alamance 32
Northeast Guilford 28

Game was played on Wednesday. NEG finishes at (6-4)…..Score courtesy of EA Fan…..


  1. Is that local football ref Sarge, the one who still wears white shorts and knee high socks, as all other officials wear the correct uniform? Long pants only, middle school, JV and Varsity, after Oct 16…..

  2. Same ole Sarge, but he was dressed out in long pants for this game. Was a little hard to recognize him!!!!!!

  3. NW JV Finishes 10-0 for the 4th time in 5 years! There is some great talent on this team. The future is pretty bright for the Vikings!

  4. Trinity may have seen the writing on the wall. They have not been within 50 points of HPA JV in the past four years. HPA JV is averages 50 points a game, and had not given up even one point this year in the conference. and only 26 all year.

  5. There is only one Sarge. He was a hs football ref in the 80s and a wrestling ref in the 70s. Hasn’t changed a bit. Anybody know sarge’s backstory? Might be an interesting article.

  6. Andy , Who was the wrestling official that had a black crewcut? Always called a fair match.

  7. That was Sarge and he still has that same crewcut and he was fair, but no stalling or rulebreaking on Sarge’s watch….

  8. Sarge — I don’t think he was even in the military–he was asked about it during a hs football game back in the 90’s and said no. Possibly he was in at some point and didn’t want the attention. I think he kept the haircut that was popular back in his day — ask him about it.

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