High School Football Saturday Morning rewind:Time for the Playoffs

“Starting next week, we’re all 0-0. It’s a new season.”

That was the quote from Coach Fritz Hessenthaler last night after the Southeast Guilford-Dudley game and it does make sense…

It is time for the playoffs to begin and all of the seedings and the brackets will be coming out later on today, plus all of the coaches are meeting on this Saturday morning to vote on the All-Conference teams and the end-of-the-season conference awards….

The regular season is GONE….

For many of our Guilford County teams their season is over….For some their season has ‘only just begun’….

On the inside we have Dudley(10-0), Northwest Guilford(10-1), Northern Guilford(9-2), Southeast Guilford(9-2), High Point Andrews(9-1), High Point Central(8-3), Eastern Guilford(7-4), Page(6-5), Southern Guilford(6-5) and Grimsley(5-6)….All of these teams are awaiting word from the NCHSAA on their opponents for next Friday night….Home or away, they will see what the NCHSAA has to say….

We plan on having all of those bracket links up as soon as they become available this afternoon…

On the outside looking in we have Ragsdale, Smith, Northeast Guilford, Southwest Guilford and Western Guilford….Maybe there is some way that Ragsdale can still get in, but I haven’t seen the concrete on that possiblity yet….It is rare for a Ragsdale team to not be involved in the post-season activities and Northeast Guilford had their ticket punched for 20 consecutive seasons, one of the longest records/streaks in the state….

The news about the playoffs is on the horizon, but we do know for sure that Dudley, Northwest Guilford, Northern Guilford and High Point Andrews all claimed conference titles last night….

Dudley took on sole possession of the Metro 4-A Conference crown, NWG tied with High Point Central for the Piedmont Triad 4-A top spot, but the spoils go to the Vikings, due to their head-to-head victory over the Bison…Northern shared the upper crust with Western Alamance, but the Nighthawks defeated the Warriors on the field and the final answer goes to NG, and they take Mid-State 3-A Conference….For High Point Andrews, nobody even came close to them in the Piedmont Athletic 2-A Conference…(Like to see if HPA meets some of the teams like Reidsville and WS Carver down the road.)

The seeding for the brackets gets real serious later on today and stay tuned, it should be a lot of fun seeing where all of the teams end up….

Big running game going for the Dudley Panthers last night and the Panthers seem to run in shifts….In the first quarter it was mainly Connell Young for Dudley and he was effective, in the second period the Panthers turned their attention to Darius Graves and he was on his game and ended up with four touchdowns, two by ground and two by receiving…Graves had a super punt return too…In the third stanza/frame, Dudley went to Lamarc Watlington he was on the move upfield as well…Fourth quarter it was take your pick and run out the clock….Good system and when you have a defense like Dudley does, you can call your own offensive shots, according to what suits your style and your athletes…

Big running game for Northwest Guilford last night also….Saw where Anthony Harding and Christian Dix had three touchdowns a-piece and both ended up with well over 100 yards rushing….Not sure how Northern got their numbers, but they got them, as the Nighthawks posted 49 points on Morehead….

We will start looking at all of the numbers closer on Sunday afternoon and then post them up here, but for now, it is, ‘Time for the Playoffs’….

The game/score that really caught my eye last night, since we had so many that were not even close, was the Ledford-North Forsyth contest….Final was Ledford 29, North Forsyth 28….

We will see you on here later on this afternoon, with playoff information…..

*****Here is how the seedings placement drawing for the Metro 4-A Conference turned out:
#1 Dudley had it sewed up….

#2 Grimsley
#3 Page
#4 Southeast Guilford*****