Our New Guilford County High School Football Poll for Week #13 of the 2013 season

New Guilford County High School Football Poll

2)Northern Guilford(9-2)
3)Northwest Guilford(10-1)
4)Southeast Guilford(9-2)
5)High Point Central(8-3)
6)High Point Andrews(9-1)
8)Eastern Guilford(7-4)
10)Southern Guilford (6-5)

*****We had to adjust our poll a little bit this week and we will let the playoffs be the eliminator, since we have 10 teams that are still in the running….We wait and see who is left after the whistle on Friday night and those teams will still be with us when the new poll is released….*****


  1. Page going to upset the #3 team in your poll come Friday night! Viking fans just do us a favor and not blame this loss on the refs! LOL

  2. Anybody know if Featherston is going to play tonight? I know he has a groin issue but wasn’t sure if he was going to play in the playoffs or not. Go Pirates!!

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