NCHSAA High School Football Playoffs Round One will be rolling tonight

All kickoffs set for 7:30pm….We will be set up at Northwest Guilford, for the Vikings-Page Pirates game, with a pre-game rolling at 6:45pm, here on GreensboroSports Radio and on 97.7FM inside Billings Stadium and throughout the Northwest Guiford campus….Big game there at NWG this evening, with two Guilford County teams going at it and we’ll look back to the 2011 meeting when NWG came over to Page, during the Pirates run to the 4-AA Title and to the game a few years back when NWG came to Page and the Vikings were led by a power back named John Neese and the Vikings ran all over Page that evening…Summers led Page in 2011 and Neese led Northwest back in day and the Vikings will feature a power running game tonight with Harding and Dix as the featured backs and we should see Mark Murphy getting carries too, in that Wing-T offense…Page will be looking toward Jalen Gavin and the Pirates’ Dominic Britt will be called upon to step up big as well, along with kids like Kevin Murphy, Timothy Wharton, Anthony Capel and there’s another kid that we have been seeing in some games that got our attention, Jacon Johnson…..Not sure if we will see Lorenzo Featherston tonight, last we heard he was out for the season, with the hernia injury…..Game might come down to a Kiser or Long kick, who knows for sure…..

Good matchup here all the way around and many other key games on tap this evening as well….

from Thursday night:High Point Central 38, Hopewell 21

Page(6-5) at Northwest Guilford(10-1)
Eastern Guilford(7-4) at Northern Guilford(9-2)
East Forsyth(9-2) at Grimsley(5-6)
South Caldwell(5-6) at Dudley(10-0)
Southeast Guilford(9-2) at Mount Tabor(8-3)
Anson County(5-6) at Southern Guilford(6-5)
Southwest Edgecombe(5-6) at High Point Andrews(9-1)
Bishop McGuinness(7-4) at North Stanly(8-3)

Northwest Guilford
Northern Guilford
East Forsyth
Southeast Guilford
Southern Guilford
High Point Andrews
Bishop McGuinness


  1. Upset of RD 1…. Wait for it…..wait for it….wait for it…
    East Forsyth is upset and leaves Jamison Stadium to go back to Forsyth Co and pack up their gear and get ready for B-Ball…Grimsley wins in a shocker…
    So much talk about EF and WF…ask SE what happened when all the talk was about Dudley and SE…

    This is why we play the game…any given fri night…ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!!

    WHIRLIES Nation Stand up!!! Jamieson Stadium will be rocking tonight!!! LETS GO WHIRLIES!!!

  2. Sorry Grimsley East is ticked off and they are going to take it out on you guys tonight!

    East Forsyth 35
    Grimsley 14

  3. upset of the century baby….. NG goes down first round to eastern guilford 17-14 winning in the final moments with a field goal by kicker caleb stanley…. Go Cats

  4. Come get some EF…payback is waiting for you at Jamieson Stadium…WHIRLIES Nation stand up!!!! YOU ARE MAKING THE TRIP TO OUR HOUSE!!! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME AND WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE STADIUM!!!!! EF does not care about Grimsley and is looking ahead to next week vs WF…BIG MISTAKE!!!! It is Fri 11/15/13 Rd 1 vs Grimsley… Not 11/22/13 Rd 2 vs WF take notes and ask SE what happened when they overlooked Grimsley…EF IS GOIN DOWN!!!!!! Just make sure you are on here around 1030pm!!!!



  6. Trust me the only thing on our radar is Grimsley! Your fans will be gone by midway through the 3rd quarter!

  7. Don’t worry Page fans were ready! Is all this trash talk coming out cause y’all nervous? GO VIKINGS!

  8. I don’t think 18 fans is enough to form a Nation Whoa. Basketball season starts tomorrow for you guys.

  9. Hate that for Cameron Gardner or any kid….Saw them taking him off the field last Friday night and he will be missed by SEG….

    Caleb Stanley has a 42-yarder to his credit for Eastern Guilford this season, but the Wildcats will have to find a way to get the ball into the end zone against the NG ‘D’….

    Don’t know of any station or site covering the NG-EG game, but we will have scores on that all night long, as they come in….

  10. 18 fans…that is comedy…I needed that laugh…no one has have a crap bout Grimsley…we were only suppose to win 2 games…that didn’t happen…we were suppose to get blasted by SA…that didn’t happen…we were suppose to get embarrassed by SEG…that didn’t happen…we we’re suppose to not make the playoffs…that didn’t happen…we we’re suppose to finish 5th or 6th in our conf…that didn’t happen…We took 2nd in conf…home game 1st rd…WHIRLIES on a mission…now Grimsley is focused and 100% healthy…the problem is you don’t know which Grimsley team will show up…if it’s any account for the best week of practice they had…Grimsley is not a walk over team…Grimsley is back in the playoffs and gonna make a run!!! Hope you haters are still here tonight after the game…keep hatin!!!! EF has no clue what the are about to walk into!!!!

  11. Hey EG fan….. no way this score happens. Eastern will be very lucky to get one score on Northern. That DF stops all runs…. And if they throw the ball them DB pick it out of the air. Final Score. 45-7 Northern.

  12. Wrong LOL,
    This what suppose to be the Grimsley team this year that beat Page and won the Metro! This was the year everyone said its now or never for the Whirlies! Then when you guys started getting blasted every week and your players were dropping like flies every said same old same old Grimsley! Congrats for salvaging the season and winning a couple conference games but East is not Smith and they are not SA. They are physical and have athletes all over the place. Yes they lost to NW and HPC but both those teams are good and yes they both beat Grimsley! So relax and just enjoy being in the playoffs!

  13. NG Fan…i guess everyone is intitled to their own opinion but anything can happen on friday nights…EG will come ready to play…see ya at 730

  14. If EF took care of business then they would probably of had a home playoff game…that’s the way it works…luck or not Grimsley has a home game…stop crying about it…

  15. Lol!!! Glad to see all the Grimsley fans coming out on here reppin the WHIRLIES…where y’all been? Better late then never I guess.

  16. I hope Eastern does come to play. Makes for a great game. Unlike last time….. And everyone is correct. Teams with even 6 or less wins in the playoffs is a joke….

  17. If that happens you will be the 1st Red Death. No team has held the Vikings under 200 yards rushing this season! GO GET SOME NW!

  18. @whoa there, calm down horse face. .SEG was focused on one team. Dudley….problem is Dudley is just a great team who we couldn’t do anything about, if my cousin didn’t play for grimsley id blast you for being a typical grimsley elitest, don’t tell me my team wasn’t focused. Hey try to hold that field together over at grimsley it’s cloudy and I know it has a tendency to come apart, good luck to the team.

  19. Norf Guilford:

    Featherston is injured with a hernia. But thanks for being a tube steak with your jack-ass comments.

    Have fun until your cheating team gets disqualified.


  20. Are all the Grimsley fans drunk tonight?

    Page nearly hung 50 on your sorry a**. You’ll be lucky to see the end zone against East Forsyth.

    Enjoy your second decade of sucking, Swirlie fans.

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