Friday Night Scoring Desk – State High School Football Playoff – Round 1 – November 15, 2013

Update #12 – 10:23 PM

Our Game of the Week – Listen To The Rewind as well as last Thurday’s Football In Focus featuring interviews with the Northern Guilford Nighthawks at GreensboroSports Radio.
Page (6-6) – 15
Northwest Guilford (11-1) – 45

Eastern Guilford (7-5) – 0
Northern Guilford (10-2) – 28

East Forsyth (10-2) – 55
Grimsley (5-7) – 22

South Caldwell (5-7) – 7
Dudley (11-0) – 44

Southeast Guilford (10-2) – 56
Mount Tabor (8-4) – 54

Anson County (5-7) – 30
Southern Guilford (7-5) – 20

Southwest Edgecombe (5-7) – 15
High Point Andrews (10-1) – 43

Bishop McGuinness (7-5) – 14
North Stanly (9-3) – 27

Hendersonville (5-7) – 14
Reidsville (10-2) – 50

Final 2 OT
Burlington Williams (7-5) – 29
North Forsyth (7-5) – 35

CB Aycock (4-8) – 16
Western Alamance (11-1) – 41

Northwood (8-4) – 21
Eastern Alamance (9-3) – 56

Southern Alamance (6-6) – 15
Knightdale (10-1) – 38

Weddington – 35
Ledford – 0

Thursday Final
Hopewell – 21
High Point Central – 38

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  1. Just been released that Jonathan Lloyd will be out versus Knightdale after suffering an injury last week at Page. Freshman Tanner Wilson will start.

  2. 42 Dudley S.Caldwell 0 with 7:00 mins left in the second Qt. Dudley placing their subs in now. Second Team In Now !!!


    Can’t fly with the EAGLES? Get out the round ball, basketball starts tomorrow.

  4. Hey MIM,


    the TWHIRLIES looked like the punks tonight. Maybe they should have put the cheerleaders in. I’m sure they can score.

  5. Refs weren’t great but that was t the reason the Pirates lost. NW was just too much.

    I’m sure Gillespie had a reason for not having Gavin return kicks tonight. It’s the playoffs, what was he saving him for?

    Tough character building year for Page. Those kids never quit. They be back and they will the better for their struggles.

  6. Wonder if a fight like that would involve players or maybe just fans in the parking lot after the game???

    Tough to kick a player out of game after the game is already over, but there could be other complications…

    After what we heard coming out of Winston-Salem State today, the football fights are now causing much concern….

    That fight over at WSSU really puts a big damper on their season and now talks of another fight in Winston tonight…Not good news at all….

    I hate it for WSSU, because this could end their season all together….

    Sad day for all of the Rams and their followers and they have built up a fairly large ‘Ran Nation’….

  7. Real close games tonight!!!!! Another first round of blowouts. Just another example of why teams barely .500 or less shouldn’t be in the playoffs.

  8. @NG FAN. Your team won tonight 28-0 and they are a heckuva football team 3 state championships later. The Eastern Guilford kids fought their guts out tonight and those kids deserved every bit of that opportunity. After the game, your nighthawk players and coaches were as classy as ever. Those kids at NG are great kids and their staff is excellent as well. It is people like you in your community which portray the arrogance that people have grown to hate. This type of attitude hurts the perception of the type of kids that are over there man. Just keep enjoying winning games and let up with the arrogant attitude.

  9. KJ I wasn’t referring to Eastern. Eastern had a really good year. The state is creating this. It’s all about money. I played many years ago. We had 8 and 9 teams in a conference and you either won the conference or stayed at home. That might be a little extreme but taken 4 and 5 teams from a conference is a little extreme. Nothing arrogant about kids having to play half a season to try and win a state title. And the kids on and off the field behaviors is a result of the parents….

  10. I understand your point and you are right in the end. Knee jerk reaction thinking you were referring to EG honestly. Good luck.

  11. Honestly ARTIE, You are obviously a highly educated football virtuoso. East Forsyth is definitely good and I wish them well but people like you represent should truly be in day care. Both teams played hard tonight. Our defense stopped you guys on many occasions but our O struggled a bit which kept the d on the field a lot eventually wearing them down. I’m sure you have several players that will wake up in the morning feeling like they were in a football game tonight and not one with cheerleaders. Now take your bottle and go to bed little man.

  12. Good season for the Whirlies. Lots to build on for next year. EF has great team speed and a solid D. They should make a run. Good luck to SEG and Dudley representing the Metro going forward. This is your year Dudley.

  13. Grey,

    Page really could not get started on offense. NW was keying on Gavin. All Gillespie did was line up Gavin inthe wildcat. NW was just laying for that. Gillespie has to get smarter. I know he was trying to find something that would work but running Gavin all night up the middle or towards the edge just was not working. Gavin has had an amazing year. But just giving him the ball all night is not how you win in the playoffs.

    I think Britt will be a much better QB next year. He had a pick-six on the second play of the third quarter which essentially turned out the lights. He came back and threw the ball a little better the rest of the game. He’s a real competitor. There were a lot of dropped passes, including one that was a sure TD. Just wasn’t Page’s night.

    On defense, well,when your offense does not get a first down until 9 seconds left in the first half, not much you can do but dig in and try to stop them. They were gassed by halftime. And NW has a great rushing attack. That #7 was killing them.

    NW played a great game. Congrats to their coach and players.

    I think Page has some great skill position players returning. Gavin’s graduation is a big loss but there’s some playmakers coming back that will be fun to watch.

    Looking forward to next October for Page’s 9th or 10th consecutive win (can’t keep ’em all straight) at Marion Kirby Stadium II.

  14. Page should have a very good future in front of them…The Leake kid looked great on his returns last night and the Williams brothers should also settle in at RB and really help the team down the road….Add Chris Moseley in there too, I was impressed with his game on Friday night and he can help Page next year…..

    The Page JV’s have really put up super numbers over the past 4-5 years and that will continue to translate to very competitive varsity squads…

    Coach Gillespie and Coach Weeks do the job when it comes to coaching these kids up and things will be looking up for Page, as long as those two men are around…

    Good year for Page and this seems to be Northwest Guilford’s year and last night it was their turn….

    Excellent efforts turned in by those WWG backs, and you really do have to give it up to Harding#7 and to Dix#25..They are both seniors and they are doing the Vikings proud in their senior season….

  15. Thanks for the detail John. NW has an incredible offensive line. Hope they will continue to be effective as the playoffs go on. Also , love Gavin .. Both on the field and on the court. Great competitor.

  16. KJ, I totally understand what you are saying about the state wantign to make money. However, some of those conference with 8/9 teams usually can beat most teams in other conferences. It happens. Go back and look at Dudley, Northeats, Carver, and Parkland from 2001-2004. The best conference in North Carolina, which had 5 state championship appearances.

  17. Mt. Tabor started the fight and rushed SE Falcons on their won side line after the game was over. Shame on them

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