Julius Brooks(Page HS/Loyola Maryland) has taken his basketball game to Germany and he’s in the pros

Julius Brooks has gone from Page High School in Greensboro, to Loyala University in Maryland and now he is playing pro basketball in Germany….Not bad at all, for a young man who never gave up on his game….You can almost still see him running up and down the court, during a game at the Mac Morris Gymnasium on the Page High School campus, but now he has taken his game to a whole new level, as a professional basketball player abroad….(Bike Cafe Messingschlager)

Read more on Julius below:CLICK HERE to check out this photo of Julius Brooks and it’s a good one.

By the departure of Judge John and occupational break from Ivan Pavic, those responsible were forced to once again become active in the transfer market. It was held by a physically strong player inside, and with the 2.06 m wide Julius Brooks (pictured with Coach Ulf Schabacker) is believed to have found out the right candidate. He has played the last four years at Loyola University of Maryland and is to give the young team Baunacher the necessary stability under the basket. Since Wednesday, the 23-year-old trained with the team with and be available until the weekend all the formalities are done, then Brooks could on Sunday will be operational for the Baunacher auflaufen.Ob the ailing Captain Dirk Dippold again, it is only decided on Friday in the final training . For Dimitry McDuffie, who works diligently on his comeback, this encounter is likely to come too early. Chris Wolf falls with his serious ankle injury until the end of the year.

Finally to their usual home game time on Sunday at 17 clock, the basketball players of Bike Cafe Messingschlager construction demand in the Bamberg Stauffenberg Hall hosts for the Fraport Skyliners Juniors. After last five defeats in a series only counts a victory against one of the most exciting teams in the league for the boys by Ulf Schabacker and Timo Fuchs.

Just like the Baunacher send the Frankfurt an extremely young team at the start, but already has many players who are established in the squad for the Bundesliga team of Gordon Herbert year. As many as seven players that have been used in the ProB, already got plenty of playing time in the first Bundesliga. This player like Konstantin Klein, Kevin Bright or John Voigt man standing in the section about 20 minutes (!) On the Beko BBL floor. The explosive performance of the individual junior can eg be seen in the development of Kevin Bright, who played 40 minutes against Ludwigsburg three weeks ago and it came to 23 points (at 75% hit rate). John also judge this season was still wearing the jersey of Bike Cafe Messingschlager demand for construction of the first four matches, is in the squad Erstligateams and contributed 17 points to the decisive victory against the Juniors Long last weekend. Since this weekend the Skyliners in the first On Saturday complete their Bundesliga home game, all football players this could actually on Sunday in the team of Eric Detlev and the former Bamberger Tim Michel be even Danilo Barthel, who runs regularly in the top five in the BBL, as expected 8 Players give his debut in the ProB.

However, regardless of the preparation of the opponent desperately want again a victory before the home crowd, the BCM basketball. For this to succeed against Frankfurt, you have mellowed and controlled play than in the last three away matches. Coach Fox: “We had no chance in any game, but always had phases where we have given a possible victory recklessly out of hand. It does not help when we always get compliments from our opponents play, now we just need to also manage to keep the concentration until the end of the game again. ”

For the fans of the Baunacher have again put some on the legs, so this time tickets for the concert of “Django 3000” (12.12.2013, Live Club) and the “Harlem Globetrotters” (25.03.2014, HUK-COBURG arena) will be raffled . The right rhythm for the game is on Sunday against the Samba squad Bateria quem é.

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