Football in Focus Tonight at Shane’s Rib Shack:High Point Andrews due in the house TONIGHT!

We had Lamar Raynard, Marquell Cartwright, Trey Thomas, Brighton Pierce, Jerry Davis and offensive line coach John Robbins with us tonight…Thanks to Coach Rodney McCoy for getting all of our guests lined up….

We will have our Football in Focus Show tonight at the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace, just up the street from Grimsley High School….Right across from the Fire Station and Lucky 32’s….

We are due to have the High Point Andrews Red Raiders with us and we will know more about who we are going to see from HPA, later on in the day…Lots of good candidates from Coach Rodney McCoy’s team, including QB Lamar Raynard, RB Marquell Cartwright and many, many more…..We should have four with us and we had Lamar and Marquell with us last year and they did a super job at Shane’s….

The Red Raiders and Coach McCoy should be in with us at 6:30pm and we will have Dennis White on tonight, when we begin the festivities at 6pm and Mr. White’s nephew, Zachary, is due in, to sit in with us and talk about his outstanding Middle School Football season, at the Allen Middle School…..Zachary had quite a year and we will take a look and talk about that this evening…..

You’ve got to love Shane’s and you can love them for Thanksgiving too….Take home for the Holidays some Ribs, BBQ, Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Wings, Stew and more, from the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace…..Okra, Corn, Beans, Greens, Salad, Mac and Cheese and all kinds of other vegetables too….Cobbler, Brownies, and Cookies for dessert…..Tea, soda and water to wash it all down…..Troy, Ryan and Paul have it all down pat, at the Shane’s Rib Shack….

We start at six and we will see you there tonight and you can listen here at GreensboroSports Radio beginning at 6pm and watch the show back later, on YouTube….

We will see you at SHANE’s……..