High School Football Saturday Morning rewind:On to Round Three of the playoffs

Looking ahead at Round Three of the NCHSAA Playoffs for our Guilford County teams….We will look to add more to this post, as Saturday draws nearer….

Northwest Guilford(12-1) at Mallard Creek(13-0)

Rocky River(11-2) at Dudley(12-0)
Southeast Guilford(11-2) at Charlotte Catholic(11-2)

Weddington(11-2) at Northern Guilford(11-2)

Northside/Jacksonville(10-3) at High Point Andrews(11-1)

Guilford County has 5 of 6 teams left in the hunt, after Round Two of the playoffs….SEG beat the #1 seed and that could Dudley at home for the Holidays….Northern Guilford stays home for now, as the #7 seed Weddington, upset the #2 seed Asheville and that gives NG another home game this coming Friday night….Northwest put Richmond County away early and now the Vikings get at shot at the Mallard Creek Mavericks…North Davidson had Dudley tied up at 14-14 and then the Panthers reeled off 32 unanswered points to win the game going away, in the second half…..High Point Andrews may have been the toughest team of all on Friday night, as the Red Raiders gave up no ground whatsoever, in their victory over North Brunswick……

from the Charlotte region/area and here are so of the teams our guys will be seeing next…..Charlotte Observer on line at www.charlotteobserver.com….

Rocky River: Scored three touchdowns in a span of 5 minutes, 12 seconds during the fourth quarter. The blitzkrieg allowed the Ravens to rally for a 37-29 win over Porter Ridge. Rocky River, which was down 29-16, got 79 yards and two scores from Elijah Jett.

Elijah Hood, Charlotte Catholic: 33 carries for 308 yards and four touchdowns in a 42-21 win over High Point Central.

Jaylen Samuels, Mallard Creek: N.C. State recruit had 16 carries for 237 yards and five touchdowns in a 42-27 win over Providence.

Austin Proehl, Providence(Proehl used to be at Western Guilford HS): North Carolina recruit caught 11 passes for 148 yards and two touchdowns.

Read more on other Charlotte area teams, when you CLICK HERE for the Charlotte Observer….

Some of the quick numbers on our Guilford County kids tonight/Friday….

High Point Andrews:
Marquell Cartwright 225 yards rushing with 1 TD…
Lamar Raynard with 163 yards on 4-8 passing and all four of his completions went for touchdowns….
Justin Lea with 154 yards receiving and 3 TD’s…

Emmanuel Moseley with 286 yards passing and 5 TD passes and Moseley also ran for 2 touchdowns….

Northwest Guilford:
Anthony Harding with 98 yards rushing and 2 TD’s…
Christian Dix with 87 yards on the ground and 1 NWG TD….

High Point Central:
Jamiel Mack was 17-28 passing with 209 yards and 2 TD’s….Also had 88 yards rushing and on his passing he was intercepted twice by Charlotte Catholic….
Germaine Pratt with 2 TD receptions for HP Central….

Northern Guilford:
C.J. Freeman with 188 yards rushing and 2 TD’s…
Austin Coltrane with 2 TD passes…

Southeast Guilford:
C.J. McThay 106 yards rushing
Shakir Turner 86 yards rushing
Ronnie Robinson with two interceptions and he took one of them back for a TD

from the Mooresville Tribune at www.mooresvilletribune.com

from Adam Houston, “Mooresville stunned in the Second Round”:

Southeast Guilford’s run-heavy offense is not fancy at all. The Falcons’ longest run of the night was an 18-yard carry in the fourth quarter by C.J. McThay.

The No. 9 Falcons’ effectiveness on offense combined with a strong performance by the defense gave them a 30-22 upset of No. 1 Mooresville in the second round of the N.C. High School Athletic Association 4A West state playoffs.

McThay ran for a game-high 106 yards on 25 carries. Chakir Turner was second with 86 yards and a touchdown on 18 carries.

The Falcons play at No. 4 Charlotte Catholic (11-2) in next week’s third round. The loss snapped Mooresville’s 10-game winning streak, and the Blue Devils end the year 11-2.


  1. As I stated earlier this week, NWG is for real with the Wing-T. The official and un-official projections (by some) had NWG losing this game. Although I did not predict a win, I cautioned against “the truth” being told of NWG losing by 21 points. Teams are just not prepared to defend against a Wing-T. Most every HS team run some variation of a spread offense, so when opposing teams see the Wing-T (smash mouth football), they are un-prepared and a somewhat lost. Also, if the offense is the heart, the defense is the soul of this team. Mallard Creek will be the biggest test for this NWG team this year. A win will be tough but not impossible. If Mallard allows NWG to run out of control through the Wing-T and keep their offense on the sideline as witnessed against HPC, EF, Page and Richmond…this will be a game for the ages…@realTalk, this is the truth. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Casual Observer,

    Mallard Creek has seen the Wing-T at least once this year when they played Charlotte Catholic and sent them packing 52-7. Charlotte Catholic runs the Wing-T as well as NWG, maybe better, so I don’t think MC will be surprised when the Vikings come to visit. As far as Richmond is concerned, they have been running the triple option for years with quite a bit of success so the Wing-T is not that big of a surprise for them either. That said, I had picked NWG to beat Richmond because this year’s Raider is not up to the standard of past Richmond teams with losses to Scotland County and Pinecrest.

    From what I am hearing about Mallard Creek from friends and others whose teams have faced them, any opponent who wants to win will have to play the game of their life and hope for a whole lot of luck. Not saying it can’t be done but I don’t think it will be done.

  3. Great showing for all the GC schools this week. I would love to see another SEG vs Dudley matchup. I bet the game would be more competitive in a couple weeks as SEG gains more confidence.

  4. @Sasha,

    You are correct. NWG will certainly need to play the game of their life to win. As for the luck part, we all know how that is defined >>>> luck = preparation + opportunity. Interesting though you pointed to Richmond’s losses to Scotland and Pinecrest with combined losses of 2 to prove your point of them not being up to standard in your statement >>>>> “I had picked NWG to beat Richmond because this year’s Raider is not up to the standard of past Richmond teams with losses to Scotland County and Pinecrest.” This was the rationale last week of why Richmond was a better team because of their quality of loses. I guess it’s all in how you look at it…glass half full or half empty. In any case, we really need to give this NWG team some of the credit. Also, you and others (including myself) keep missing the point regarding NWG’s defense. The Wing – T alone will not do the job. Any offense especially a Wing-T offense is predicated on an efficient and opportunistic defense (see stats from Page, HPC, EF and Richmond). We know getting behind two or TDs is a death sentence for Wing-T offenses. NWG may very well lose next week but I would not bet against this team and I believe very few would at this point. Best of games to all of the remaining Guilford teams…Dudley, NG, SEG, HPA and NWG!!!

  5. How about that write-up in the Greensboro News and Record on the SEG/Mooresville game. Great job!

  6. Casual Observer, As a South Point fan whose team has been running the triple for over a decade, I am well aware of the importance of having a good defense for both offenses and the difficulty of getting out of a hole. A team that runs either of these offenses needs to be disciplined on both sides of the ball. The offense needs to execute well to keep the defense off the field extended periods of time. The defense needs to prevent the opponent from scoring so that the offense is not under undue pressure to score each and every time (although that is a nice thing when it happens).

    The Wing-T and the triple are hard to defend against, but some teams find a way to do that. I think Mallard Creek is just that good this year overall and have a good enough offense to get around the NWG defense. While Catholic was not playing its best ball, especially defensively, at the time they played MC, the tape of that game should be one that the Vikings coaches review to see how MC matched up against an offense similar to NWG’s.

    Also, it is interesting that SE Guilford will be pitting its triple option against Charlotte Catholic’s wing-T this week.

  7. Yes Mallard Creek is (13-0), but it is strange….It is almost like they should be (12-1)….They are the #2 seed and they are (13-0), but West Forsyth is the #1 seed and the Titans are (12-1)…Goes back to that drop one of your non-conference losses and you are both now (10-0) and let’s draw to see who gets the #1 seed and the team with one loss gets the top seed and in reality, Northwest Guilford should be playing West Forsyth this coming Friday night….

    Just part of the equation and the Mallard Creek Mavericks are drawing a lot of attention, but is this team in 2013 as good as the team Page beat at Page back, in 2011???

    The floor is yours….

  8. The N&R must only think NG, NWG and Dudley are suitable teams left in the playoffs for a reporter to attend. SE #9 vs Mooresville #1. Why send somebody!! SE weak schedule, no respect, no stars. Its been that way all year. The TV stations come to our games, show all the other teams plays(or loses the video) vs SE’s one play and we win. Very disappointing.

    Hey, 11 Wins vs 2 losses. We are still playing. Media just stay in Greensboro. We’ll call the score in!!

  9. Don’t give SEG exposure for the parents. Do it for the kids, they are the ones that have earned it.

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