High School Football Tonight with Round Two of the NCHSAA Playoffs

We will have our crew over at Dudley High School for the Panthers and North Davidson in Round Two, plus we will have updates on all the area games and be ready when those games go final, here at the site….Big night coming up, and we will have the Panthers-Black Knights game here at GreensboroSports Radio and on 97.7 FM inside ‘The Tarp’, Tarpley Stadium…We hope to have L.A. Logan and Malik Williams on the scene at Northwest Guilford for the Vikings and the Richmond County Raiders…Big 4-AA matchup at Billings Stadium this evening…Northern Guilford will face the Vikings from Central Cabarrus and they come into to Roscoe Stadium with a very impressive (11-1) mark….

Back to North Davidson, they defeated TC Roberson 77-40 back in Round One last Friday night…That 77 points is a load and they will keep that ‘Dudley D’ busy, but Dudley can handle it, they have handled it all year…Register, Vance, Majek, Diabe, and McLean will welcome North Davidson into ‘The House of Pain’, up under the lights of the ‘Big Tarp’ this evening…..

Big question at NWG will be, “can Richmond County handle the Viking Runners, Anthony Harding and Christian Dix….Very impressed with those two young men last Friday night for the Viks…

Southeast Guilford and the question there is, “do the Falcons have another upset up their sleeve?”…SEG got it done at Mount Tabor last week and now they travel to face #1 seed Mooresville, coached by Hal Capps…Capps led the Western Alamance Warriors to a 3-A State Title a few years back….

Jamiel Mack and High Point Central will have their hands full at Charlotte Catholic, but with the wide-open offense that the Bison employ, they should have a great shot at a road win(Mack can run and he can load it up to Foggie, Gorham and Pratt by way of the air/sky)….

Northern Guilford took care of business in Round One and that ought to be the Nighthawks’ approach in Round Two as well…The Hawks will not steer far off of the path that has carried them on through the playoffs, over the past three-plus seasons…..Run the ball as much as you can with C.J. Freeman and Chris Ripberger and pass when necessary, with Austin Coltrane to Mook Reynolds, Molick Scott, Hord and Ripberger….It has worked well in the past and no reason to veer off course now…

High Point Andrews will face the Scorpions from North Brunswick and you might need to look for a reversal, to use a wrestling term, as the Red Raiders will be the ones looking to put the ‘Scorpion Death-Lock’ on North Brunswick….HP Andrews loves to get off to a good/fast start and then start to wear their opponents down, with line leaders like Brighton Pierce and Jerry Davis up front….Lamar Raynard, Marquell Cartwright and Rontei Wilkes will get plenty of yards in this one…..

Big night tonight and the picks are down below the Round Two game schedule…..

Richmond County(9-2) at Northwest Guilford(11-1)
East Forsyth(10-2) at West Forsyth(11-1)

North Davidson(10-2) at Dudley(11-0)
Southeast Guilford(10-2) at Mooresville(11-1)
High Point Central(9-3) at Charlotte Catholic(10-2)

Central Cabarrus(11-1) at Northern Guilford(10-2)

Eastern Alamance(9-3) at Western Alamance(11-1)

North Brunswick(9-3) at High Point Andrews(10-1)

Northwest Guilford
Southeast Guilford
High Point Central
Northern Guilford
High Point Andrews


  1. Dudley gets beat by 7
    Northwest gets beat by 20
    HPC gets beat by 14
    SEG gets beat by 10

    Northern and Andrews win

  2. You did not have to inform us you were an alum of SE. I think we could have figured it out by how you spelled “When.” Good capitalization, but the correct form is win.

  3. Well just…..damn! Lol @ that /\/\//\/\ comment!
    Anywho–I’m proud that there are so many schools from Guilford County still in the running. It looks like Dudley is going for the gold. Good Luck, Panthers!

  4. im really tired of “does seg have another upset up their sleeve” or anything of that matter,its always luck or something of that sort when they win…they are 11-2 no matter how you slice it not a 16 seed upsetting teams.

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