What a difference a week can make:North Carolina Tar Heels defeat Louisville, 93-84

Last Sunday the North Carolina Tar Heels basketball team was losing to Belmont 83-80, but just one week later, today, they were knocking off the #3 team in the nation, the Louisville Cardinals, 93-84….

It was Marcus Paige with 32 big points for the Heels and they got 13 points a-piece from Brice Johnson and Kennedy Meeks, while Russ Smith poured in 36 points for the Cardinals….

Quite a win and quite a turn-around for the boys from Chapel Hill and you can read more on this one when you


  1. How many times did Dick Vitale say that PJ Hairston would be back and make UNC better? That guy is worse for college basketball than say, PJ Hairston.

  2. He is bad for the game for receiving impermissible benefits such as rental cars from Fats Thomas as well as custom mouthguards from the oral surgeon named Gause.
    To clarify, he is just an athlete that violated NCAA rules.Dick Vitale is worse for college basketball because he broadcasts an endless amount of BS each game. He also downplays the PJ’s and others that break NCAA rules. He wants to see the rule breakers play so he has more to talk about.

  3. Let me guess this is still your state right.

    Please don`t forget that Calvin “CJ” Leslie had a rental car last year provided by a sopposed booster last year a receive a 3 game suspension.

    Let`s get back on topic what a big win for the Heels yesterday.

    Hey by the way good luck in your bowl this weekend against the Twerps. Chairman Yow is representing.

  4. Get your facts straight Dukie V genius.
    CJ Leslie borrowed a car not a rental from covicted felon Fats Thomas.The car was deemed by the NCAA to be worth only about$400 so he got a 3 game suspension.This was self reported by NC State compliance and not covered up like a certain school 28 miles west of Raleigh does things.Congratulations to your heels on their win yesterday.Prediction: you and I will score just as many points this season as PJ hairston.

  5. ECU says it’s AARRRRR State.
    I guess this year they can share it with Duke.
    Congratulations to both the Pirates and the Devils on their fine football seasons.Also, congratulations on neither one of those two being investigated by the NCAA for any of their athletes receiving impermissible benefits.

  6. So the athletes that were investigated by the ncaa over 3 years ago is constantly being rehashed over again.

    This is so state like. If you don`t realize you are hurting your own recruiting by publicly critizing unc players your all idiots. If can`t how you local recruiting has been going look no further than the mirrow.

    This is 1st time ecu has defeated unc in anything in a long time 17-2 in football. We love the this is our state motto it inspiring to think of all the envey.

    Good luck with your bowl this weekend.3-9!

  7. What a great weekend by the heel nation.

    Get use to it the football program is on the rise and bball is and will improve.

    Get ready for some more misery and beatdowns step children.

  8. 3 years ago? How about Leslie McDonald and PJ Hairston? Did you forget about your CARheels?The NCAA may not have hung it on UNC yet, but you have more FAILURE TO MONITOR and possibly LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL on the way. Have a nice holiday tarholes!

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