Eric Ebron to forego his senior season and will enter the NFL Draft, plus Ebron(Smith HS) up for North Carolina Collegiate Football Player of the Year

Just announced this afternoon that Eric Ebron(North Carolina Tar Heels) will forego his senior season of college football eligibility and enter the 2014 National Football League Draft…Ebron is projected to be a First Round NFL selection….He will take part in the ‘Senior Day’ activities this coming Saturday, as UNC battles Duke, in Kenan Stadium…..

Eric Ebron from

“I’ve had a great time in Chapel Hill and I appreciate everything Coach Fedora and the coaching staff has done for me,” said Ebron. “Coming to Carolina allowed me to develop as both a person and a football player. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I look forward to finishing the season with my teammates and then moving on to the next level.”

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Eric Ebron(Ben L. Smith High School) is also in line to be named the Top College Football Player in the state of North Carolina for the 2013 season…

He is on the list/ballot and they are poll voting at…
Here is the sample ballot and the ‘Final Five’ are listed….

Which of the five finalists from a Division-I school in North Carolina is most deserving of the 2013 Player of the Year?

Shane Carden, ECU
Brandon Connette, Duke
Jamison Crowder, Duke
Eric Ebron, UNC
Justin Hardy, ECU

*****Last check, Shane Carden(QB) from ECU was way out in front…And you can check it all out, at the WRALSportsFan site…*****


  1. There’s another that USED a college scholarship as a stepping stone the pros. These people are supposed to be student athletes first. Maybe they should sign a contract when entering college that states, if you leave early, you repay the scholarship money.

  2. Ebron followed the rules as they exist…played three years and opting to declare for draft. Top athletes like Ebron who will go in the early first round are always one play away from losing an opportunity to make millions. Think about what happened to Lattimore. I dint begrudge him taking advantage of the opportunity. The rules are the rules and at least football is way better than college basketball and all of the one and dones. Ebron worked hard, stayed eligible and represented his school well. Good luck to him

  3. I am all for the concept of the student athlete, but Ebron is making a wise decision. His stock will never be higher and he needs to take advantage of this opportunity. He can always go back and get his degree. The 3 years of education at Carolina gave him the ability to make a wise decision.

  4. Hornet were you refering to your own statement.

    Your insulting the boards intel here. Every Division 1 full scholarship athelete aspires to 1 day make a living at the next level and that is exactly the process for both footbal and baseball 3 years withthe opportunity to move on if desireable.

    Am I missing something here or is hornet77 comments way off base.

  5. Hopefully Ebron will eventually finish his degree during summer sessions. I don’t think anyone can complain about the way he’s represented himself, his family, Smith HS and UNC in his three years of collegiate football.

    Well done Mr. Ebron, now go out and beat Dook and finish it off with a great bowl game performance.

  6. Footballfan needs a spelling lesson from a fan of THE university of North Carolina which is located in Durham.

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