Are NASCAR drivers athletes?

They had this as the topic on one of the Sports Talk Shows today….

Are NASCAR drivers athletes?

It got me to thinking pretty quick and my first thought was how can they be???

The first thing that came to my mind was the pilot of a jet airplane…..All they do is sit there and guide the ship/plane and are these pilots athletes???

And that is the same the NASCAR driver is doing….They fill the car up with gas, they check the tires, clean off the windshield and then the NASCAR driver, much an airplane pilot, steers the car and they drive it around the NASCAR track…

You got a man or woman, as in Danica Patrick’s case, sitting behind the wheel of a car and driving it around an oval track and the person whose job it is to keep the pedal to the metal and to keep the car going around in a circle, constitutes the same persona of an athlete????

I don’t think so….Some of these drivers are in their late 40’s and early 50’s and they are still out there going along for the ride….You don’t see football players or basketball players still able to be in the game at that age….

In a true sport with real live athletes, you will not see that….

That is why NASCAR drivers are not athletes and NASCAR is more of a hobby than it is a sport…..

And you know something else?????

Fishing is not a sport either….The fishermen just sit around and cast out their line into a pond, lake, stream, or some throw it out into the ocean….

Fishing is hobby and if we study it close, most would come to the conclusion that hunting is also just a hobby….

There is a fine between atheletes and hobbiests….They have often called such names as sportsmen, but in truth, they are just hobbiests….

You have to draw the line somewhere and where do you draw it??????

You have seen and noted my thoughts on this one and now maybe time for some more input from others….

We call it GreensboroSports and that is why you see most of the true sports on here and not hobbys….

Another deep and lasting subjest, as we hit the holdiay primer and many will go hunting on Thanksgiving Day and that is OK, but hope to be out there playing the true sport of football, if it is not too wet….

And if that is becomes the case, I may have to take the day off and go fishing…..

That would be the day the sport became a hobby and that has never happened before on my watch…..

Just a few to chew on, on this Tuesday…..


  1. Personally I don’t believe racing is a sport, and I love racing! I don’t understand why some fans get so offended when you suggest drivers are not athletes. It doesn’t mean it is not hard to do, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take skill and talent. Great doctors are not athletes, they don’t get offended if you tell them that though. Would you want Kareem Abdul jabbar operating on you because he is an athlete? Would you want Danica Patrick giving you a tracheotomy? Would you want Andy Durham performing a full cavity body search? I rest my case

  2. I would think a driver has to have more stamina than say, a golfer or a bowler. Endurance requires one to be in good physical condition. I would say, yes the drivers are athletes.

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