New Hope Christian Academy girls crack Top Ten:NHCA now 10th ranked team in the Nation

The New Hope Christian Academy girls are the the #10 team in the Nation, in the new CBS/ Xcellent 25 Basketball Poll for the ladies…This is quite an honor/accomplishment for the young women that Delaney Rudd(Wake Forest University) coaches, over at Hew Hope Academy….

Here is a listing of this week’s poll courtesy of Jim Stoudt and his team at…..

1. (1) Incarnate Word (St. Louis), 1-0

2. (2) Mater Dei (Santa Ana, Calif.), 4-0

3. (3) Blackman (Murfreesboro, Tenn.), 6-0

4. (4) Shabazz (Newark, N.J.), 0-0

5. (5) Paul VI (Fairfax, Va.), 2-0

6. (6) Duncanville (Texas), 9-0

7. (8) Regis Jesuit (Aurora, Colo.) 3-0

8. (10) Riverdale Baptist (Upper Marlboro, Md.), 2-0

9. (9) Bedford North Lawrence (Bedford, Ind.), 7-0

10. (11) New Hope Christian (Thomasville, N.C.), 7-0

11. (12) Long Beach Poly (Calif.), 0-0

12. (14) Homewood-Flossmoor (Flossmoor, Ill.), 4-0

13. (16) Fairmont (Kettering, Ohio), 3-1

14. (19) Christ the King (Middle Village, N.Y.), 4-0

15. (18) Manvel (Texas), 14-1

16. (20) St. Mary’s (Stockton, Calif.), 5-0

17. (17) Riverdale (Murfreesboro, Tenn.), 7-1

18. (NR) Whitney Young (Chicago), 1-0

19. (21) Rock Bridge (Columbia, Mo.), 2-2

20. (22) Northside (Fort Smith, Ark.), 3-0

21. (23) Southwest DeKalb (Decatur, Ga.), 6-0

22. (24) Horn Lake (Horn Lake, Miss.), 9-0

23. (25) Lawrence North (Indianapolis), 6-0

24. (NR) Elizabethtown (Ky.), 1-0

25. (NR) Etiwanda (Calif.), 1-0

Dropped out: No. 7 Los Angeles Windward (Calif.), No. 13 Rolling Meadows (Ill.), No. 15 Saint Mary’s (Albany, Calif.).

Jim Stout
Media Manager, Eastern U.S.
CBS MaxPreps, Inc.
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Cameron Park, CA 95682

6 thoughts on “New Hope Christian Academy girls crack Top Ten:NHCA now 10th ranked team in the Nation

  1. I know this school is based in Lexington, but where do they play their games? I looked at the address on the website, but it doesn’t look like a school. I would like to see them play.

  2. New Hope Christian Academy is based out of Thomasville….

    They play their games at on the campus of the Baptist Boys and Girls Home of North Carolina located their in Thomasville…

    The school and the gym are on Watson Street there in Thomasville, just off of I-85 South and you can take the Boys and Girls Home exit from the highway/I-85….

  3. I cannot figure out why a kid and their parents would go to a school for basketball that they could not even tell you anything about the actual school prior to even hearing about the “school”. Kids in high school should always be in school for “school” first and sports second. It is the school work that will make them eligible,keep them on the court and provide for them beyond school. It’s their basketball, football or whatever skill that will help pay for their education. Can anyone please explain to me why a parent would put their kid in this situation? Don’t tell me this is to help these kids get recruited. All of these kids are playing AAU and will be seen by the same coaches which already know how to do their job. I would be surprised if any of these kids are still at their original college or ever finish at their college of choice. College is about learning at the end of the day. Too many kids are going to college and not finishing. The football programs are a mess and there is a wave of basketball misguides coming through the system as we speak. I doubt this program will exist 5 or 10 years from now and few of these kids will even have their college degree. Those parents evaluating their options better think twice about the life you are leading for your kids. Take the path that is proven to produce success over a path covered in verbal hope for the future. This school may over time provide what is hoped for but do you want your kid to be a part of the test package.

  4. Another idiot that don’t understand what really happens in the sports world!!!!!! Get the kids in college the best way you can. These kids that you are speaking about receive 4 year full ride offers, will you pay that for them? Last year this school sent 3 or 4 young ladies to D1 schools and this year they already have 3 signed. Stop hating and wish them luck.

  5. Who is the idiot?? Every one of those young ladies that signed D1 would have signed D1 whether they were at this school or another because their talents were still being displayed on the AAU routes. So you made it to Wake instead of Elon or State instead of UNCG. Guess What – the education is worth the same with either option because there is no real money after college for basketball in the ladies game. You said get the kids in college the best way you can – Are you stupid or just crazy? Kids need to be prepared to finish college not just get into college. Consider the fact that between 50-60% of all college students drop out within the first 2 years. I know your next statement would be “what really happens in the sports world”. Okay here is what will happen in the sports world. The college will red shirt the first year or put unprepared players in low level development classes. The remaining 3-4 years will be filled with low level classes (check UNC’s Africa American studies program) that will allow them to stay apart of the sports world but not be fully prepared for the real world after college (if they actually graduate after their eligibility is up). That is the real world of life that goes far beyond the sports world that we cheer. These college programs are leading far too many of our black youth down a dark path in life. Don’t get fooled by the fools gold of going to college without merit. I truly hope I am wrong but history tells us that parents and players should be carefully what they are chasing in life when the focus is on sports instead of the education that should be running directly beside it.

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