Word has it that ‘Free P.J.'(Hairston) billboards are going up around the state

There was talk coming out of Charlotte today, by way of several sources, that ‘Free P.J.’ billboards have gone up along the highway in Charlotte and there is talk that others will soon be popping up around the state of North Carolina…

What would this mean?

Certain individuals and particular groups feel that the NCAA is holding the Tar Heels’ returning top scorer from 2012/2013
hostage and that the NCAA is dragging their feet, in deciding what the outcome of the P.J. Hairston(Dudley HS) case will be…

The bottom line is that the Heels feel that the NCAA will not let P.J. play and that he may not see the light of day, in 2013 or in 2014, when it comes to playing time for the North Carolina basketball team….

The billboards are a sign and the point to a sign/signature statement that the NCAA is a SCAM, or at least that is what former Tar Heel John Henson was saying with his SCAM ‘t shirt’ in his most recent Instagram message, that said for the most part the NCAA is holding back P.J. Hairston and Leslie McDonald and that the NCAA has no intentions of letting Hairston or McDonald play basketball this season….

Don’t have any direct links for this one yet, but hope to have some later on today…..

CLICK HERE for the John Henson SCAM ‘T Shirt’……


  1. P.J. will be eligible to play again on January 1, 2014.

    Mark my word.

    He is coming back.

    The Insider knows about this one.

  2. PJ and Will sure are making a bad name for Greensboro and Dudley. I can’t believe weed is this good to forgo such bright futures….oh well…

  3. PJ is not being held out due to any of his legal issues (weed, speeding) as you state – Both PJ and Leslie are being held out for alleged “impermissable benefits”. Ask Johnny Manziel how long it took for him to be cleared of same.

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